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Quotation1 When your initial mourning period is over, about 4 years, you will have the confidence to love again. Quotation2
Hoodude Voodoo in the Gory Gazette'

Template:Infobox MHsiteprofile Hoodude Voodoo is a human-sized living voodoo doll, created by Frankie Stein to be her emergency boyfriend. For this reason, he has a major crush on her. He was introduced in the webisode "HooDoo You Like?" and is voiced by Cam Clarke.


HooDoo victims

Hoodude is a kind soul, but with a penchant for melodrama. His main concern in life is being loved by Frankie, but he pursues it passively rather than actively. As a voodoo doll, he doesn't experience physical pain and seems oblivious to it, as such harm done to him is instead felt by any monster near him or is felt by the owner of any item he is holding at the time of being harmed.

Classic Monster

Hoodude is a human sized Voodoo doll. Traditional Vodou which has it's origins in Haiti does not have any form of doll incantation within it. It's variations Louisiana Voodoo and Hoodoo from which Hoodude gets his name both have sympathetic magic. In Louisana Voodoo a gris-gris (a magical item) is usually used for a blessing. For example to cure sickness or helping with romantic issues. Aspects of this may have tied into Hoodude's sweet nature. Hoodoo is a set of magical practices that mix African and Native American traditions. Hoodoo uses supernatural influences to empower the practising individual. Incantations can be used to bring power, improve health or for revenge. There is also a basis for the Voodoo Doll in European magical practices such as the poppet which can be used for casting against a friend or a foe.

In media Vodou, Louisiana Voodoo and Hoodoo are often coupled together. Films such as The Serpent and the Rainbow and Live and Let Die include Voodoo doll uses. On a more positive spin there is Mystringdolls who are little keyring dolls who are meant to bring luck or a particular positive aspect to the owner.



As a simulacrum, Hoodude does not have family in the same way natural creatures have. He and his creator, Frankie Stein, do not view each other as family, though Frankie's parents do believe themselves to have responsibility for Hoodude's well-being.

For a short while, Hoodude lived with the Steins, but Frankie's parents eventually needed him out of the house for Frankie's sake. Mr. Stein arranged for Hoodude to live with Ms. Kindergrubber.[1] Kindergrubber already had another adoptee of sorts, Robecca Steam, but it is unknown how Hoodude views her.


Despite that Heath Burns is a pain-magnet and Hoodude is just the same - only he passes on pain to others near him - Hoodude and Heath hang out occasionally and are on good terms with each other. This can be seen in webisodes such as "Zom-Beach Party" and "Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do".

Hoodude is good friends with Scarah Screams, who has a locker near his. Scarah likes Hoodude because he is a good listener, and Hoodude, being a sensitive soul, just appreciates all positive attention he gets.


Hoodude was made for the sole purpose of being Frankie's boyfriend when she thought she needed one to connect with her friends. Frankie tried to bring him to life the same way her father had done for her, but it didn't seem like it had worked. So, Frankie brought Hoodude along to school the next day, badly pretending he was alive. When her friends told her she didn't need a boyfriend to hang out with them, Frankie "broke off the relation" by putting Hoodude with the trash. At that moment, Hoodude revealed he was alive after all, running away while crying that Frankie didn't love him anymore. Later, in "Ghostly Gossip", he read in the Ghostly Gossip that Frankie was dating three boys, one of them yet to be revealed. He assumed that was him and went to look for Frankie, finding her only when she was explaining what a ridiculous rumor it was that she'd be dating three boys.



SDCCI merchandise

  • Line: SDCCI merchandise
  • Release: July 2012
  • Assortment number: None
  • Model number: X0590
Hoodude will be available at SDCCI in 2012 along with Scarah Screams in a limited edition 2-pack.


Meta Timeline


  • Hoodude has two differently colored eyes, just like his creator Frankie Stein.
  • In the webisodes, Hoodude normally only wears a Monster High jacket. In the 3D specials, Hoodude's model is composed of his head and a generic boy body, meaning he wears pants and shoes in the 3D specials.
  • It is shown in "Undo the Voodoo" that he is immune to fire and electricity, despite being made of different types of fabric, yarn, etc.


  1. Hoodude Voodoo's SDCCI diary, 21 of May

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