Volume 3, Episode 14: Toralei gets close to Hoodude to use his powers to torture the student bodies, until the ghouls figure out how to beat this conniving kitty at her own game.


Heath's passing a flirt to Scarah while walking through the hallways, unaware when he accidentally drops his notebook. Hoodude picks it up and runs after Heath to give it back, much to the latter's horror. Indeed, Hoodude trips over another student's tail and falls down the stairs, causing Heath to do so as well. Once they've recovered, Heath explains that as a voodoo doll, Hoodude should not touch other people's stuff, since whatever happens to him while he holds them happens to the person who owns the item.

Toralei, Meowlody, and Purrsephone overhear this and Toralei gets an idea. She flirts with Hoodude in order to use his powers to torture Frankie and her friends. Her first act gets Hoodude to ask Draculaura for her pen, so he can 'write down Toralei's number'. Meowlody trips Hoodude, which causes him to fall down the steps. Draculaura feels Hoodude's pain because of this. Next, Hoodude is made to ask Frankie for her spoon at lunch, at which point Purrsephone makes him slip on some water. Hoodude falls hard on his back, a fate that gets transferred to Frankie. The third victim is Clawdeen, whose notebook is borrowed by Hoodude. Toralei pushes him in the fountain, where he is attacked by tentacles, which Clawdeen ends up feeling the hits from. Fourthly, Lagoona's frisbee is borrowed, which Toralei in a pretend-game throws into a cactus field for Hoodude to catch. Needless to say, Lagoona felt the needles.

Lagoona goes to her friends and relays what happened to her and Frankie points out she had a similar experience. Draculaura questions why Toralei has been hanging out with Hoodude, and the ghouls get their answer when Toralei pushes in one of Hoodude's needles as he holds Cleo's Biteology book, causing her chest pain. Lagoona then gets an idea and, after giving Hoodude Toralei's bracelet, lets him practice off the high dive of the pool as a test for Swim Team membership. This causes Toralei to get splashed with water for the next three hours.


  1. Gilda Goldstag
  2. Hoodude Voodoo
  3. Scarah Screams
  4. Heath Burns
  5. Toralei Stripe
  6. Meowlody
  7. Purrsephone
  8. Draculaura
  9. The short lunch lady
  10. Frankie Stein
  11. Quill Talyntino
  12. Clawdeen Wolf
  13. Lagoona Blue
  14. Cleo de Nile
  15. Bram Devein
  16. Gory Fangtell




  • Normally, Hoodude's voodoo doll effect works automatically and affects only the male monsters in the vicinity. In this webisode, his powers don't seem to work automatically (since the dinosaur boy was unaffected by his fall down the stairs). Instead, Hoodude has to hold onto another's possession and whatever happens to him then happens to the other, no matter their gender or distance from him.