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Honey Swamp debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 3 TV special "Frights, Camera, Action!", which premiered on March 11, 2014. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 3

TV specials

Honey boards the Bijou on the Bayou to get footage for her student film about the famous boat. Aboard, she meets a group of Monster High students, who quickly get in trouble when someone hijacks the boat to capture them. Honey calls upon the alligators living in the bayou to form a bridge to the shore for them to escape over. It isn't until they're safely back in the streets of New Goreleans that Honey even learns why the others were aboard the Bayou Bijou: to find a letter left by Elissabat to Dracula. Since Honey was thorough in getting her footage, she just so happens to have a recording of an encased letter, which is indeed Elissabat's. It does not, however, help the Monster High students any further. Only a coincidental assumption inspires them to follow the trail to Hauntlywood, which is a place Honey will gladly join them to. She doesn't regret her choice at all when coincidence brings her in contact with her idol, Sofeara Gorepola, who hires her for a number of underwater shots. Honey's fortune isn't even limited to that, as she is also hired as the camerawoman for the new Vampire Majesty movie, which means she gets to work with many friends she made since boarding the Bijou on the Bayou. Frights, Camera, Action! Honey is invited to the movie premiere of the latest Vampire Majesty entry. Welcome to Hauntlywood

Volume 4

TV specials



Honey and the ghouls sail through the New Gorleans bayous, planning to attend a party. When Draculaura messes up with the map and the fireflies tell them to go to the closest house, Honey calms Draculaura's guilt by saying they can make their own party in there. Eventually, Draculaura opens a curtain that reveals the Moonlight Ghost Gorebilee and Honey makes a report on the ball. The report airs at Monster High. Just Ghost to Show Ya

Volume 6


Honey is seen doing marionette tricks in a flashforward. At present time though, Honey is filming Frankie at Theatre Class and witnesses Mr. Grundenson announcement of the cancelling of the art classes. She then proceeds to help the rest of the students store the materials at the Monster High storage room and they plan how to save the dance, until Gooliope shakes the whole room, alarming Honey and the ghouls. Listening to Gooliope's speech Honey claims she will join the fight for the art classes helping out with the circus. Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 2 Freak Du Chic Act 3



TV Specials


  • Her webisode model is missing her alligator theeth.

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