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Quotation1 Being a perfectionist doesn't mean you do it right the first time, every time—it just means never giving up until you're satisfied, even if that means you have to do it a hundreds times Quotation2
Honey Swamp in her "Frights, Camera, Action!" Diary

Honey Swamp is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a swamp monster, specifically the daughter of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, native from New Goreleans, Louisiana, Boognited States of Scaremerica, who aspires to be a cinematographer. That is, she's already one, and good at what she does, but she has yet to make it in Hauntlywood and beyond. Having come into contact with the movie star Elissabat and the director Sofeara Gorepola has moved her career along greatly, but, being a perfectionist who knows that time is an investment, Honey seeks to grow bigger still. She's also a girl of many talents besides photography and filming, such as cooking and swimming. There is a possibility of her swamp monster years age adding up to 15 years, since it is 115, ending in the number fifteen.

Website Bio Description

'I’m a proper Southern ghoul from the swamps of Honey Island. My mama always taught me if you work hard and follow your screams, you can be anything you want to be. Well, I want to be a world-famous cinema-togre-pher in Hauntlywood.'


She is voiced in English by Laura Bailey.



Honey is a Southern Belle born and raised in New Goreleans. She is an aspiring cinematographer. She is sweet and caring for others, always willing to help. She's very feminine, and social, as well as a perfectionist. Incredibly polite, Honey is a hard working monster that, even though she is sweet and delicate in her actions, she won't allow anyone bring her down, being the strong, opinated young monster that she is.


Honey has medium aquamarine skin and dark green and white afro. She had a blue blouse with a matching billowy skirt that has throne flower designs and pink heels that have water monster designs that look like dripping wax.



Honey refers to her mother as Mama Swamp. She has a fascination for vampire royal history.


Honey is close friends with her movie crew: Clawdia Wolf, Viperine Gorgon, and Elissabat. In addition to them, she has also bonded with Operetta, who is from the nearby Gnarlston. Their grandmothers are childhood BFFs.


  • Her Birthday is January 28 and her Zodiak sign is Aquarius.



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