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Volume 3, Episode 13: Frankie uses her mad skills to impress Mrs. Kindergrübber on her Home Ick project.


The webisode begins with a mad science lab-like scene and Frankie going a bit mad, making the scene looking like something out of the movie, Frankenstein itself, what with the trusty 'sidekick' of Jackson and Frankie being the creator. During all this, the power blows and Frankie uses herself as a power source and finishes her creation, which turns out to be a life-size gingerbread man who can talk, and as cannibalistic it may be, takes a bite out of himself.

In short, it all turned out just to be Home Ick finals and the webisode ends with Cleo and Clawdeen discussing on how serious Frankie took the assignment.


  • In this episode Gingerbread man appears for the first time as the main dish. This is his second appearance.
  • Dough lands on both Frankie and Jackson's clothes. It disappears little by little as the episode progress.
  • Despite Jackson putting on his goggles, as he looked away, his goggles appeared to be still on his head. But when he looked back at Frankie, his goggles are on his eyes.
  • When the Gingerbread Man is finished, he already have unfinished icing on his clothes, but neither Frankie nor Jackson put icing on him.
  • Frankie is shown to have made a gingerbread man only by shaping. She didn't even use a mold or gingerbread man-shaped cookie cutter, which is commonly used for making a gingerbread man.
  • This is Ms. Kindergrubber's first appearance.

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