Hissette is Cleo de Nile's pet cobra.

Physical Description

Hissette is a light blue Egyptian cobra, with all sorts of funky jewelry on her neck, a small crown on her head, and a small ring on her tail.

Bio Description

"Her hiss is, honestly much worse than her, er, somewhat poisonous bite"




'Basic' Hissette is curled up in a sitting position.


Monster Cross

Hissette's Monster Cross toy comes packaged with Crescent. Her skeleton is green.


Hissette is one of the second three Friends plushies released and is packaged with Cleo de Nile.


  • In The Ghoul Next Door, Hissette was a gift from Deuce, to Cleo. Deuce said that Hissette was his mom's "first gray hair". Also for a good part of the book, she was turned to stone, and Cleo wore her around her right bicep. However, in Cleo's diary, and thus the doll universe, it says that she was sent from Egypt.


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