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Volume 3, Hickmayleeun: Cleo mesmerizes Operetta with charm school lessons, but the ghouls soon learn that being yourself is more important than trying to impress others.


When Operetta is inquired upon her giddy attitude, she replies that she won a contest to meet her favorite opera singer, Crescenda von Hammerstone. Cleo, slightly intrigued, tells Operetta that she should take lessons from her to learn to be a proper lady, so as not to embarrass herself.

Operetta learns her first lesson when a plate of biscuits and gravy are set before her. When asked the proper way to eat them, Operetta goes at it. However, Cleo admits that it was a trick question; true ladies NEVER eat biscuits and gravy. The next lesson involves Operetta maintaining perfect balance by carrying a vase over her head, which of course results in a lot of shattered vases.

Though it takes all night, Operetta has gained perfect manners by morning. Making their way to the Von Hammerstone's room, the two find out last night's lessons are not meant for socializing with the opera singer. Cleo exclaims, almost breathless, "" at Crescenda's preference for southern terms and informalities. Operetta only is too happy.


  • The title is a reference to the 1912 play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, in which a Victorian dialect expert bets that he can teach a lower-class girl to speak proper English and thus be taken for a lady. This play was made into the 1964 film My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn. This is evident when the background music when Operetta trains to become a lady when the background music playing is "I could have danced all night"
  • The title can be read as "Hick may learn". The "hick" in the title is a reference to Operetta's Southern origins; the term is a slightly derogatory way to refer to someone with a rural or low income upbringing.
  • This Webisode does not appear on the Monster High website.

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