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Headless Headmistress Bloodgood debuted in the books in Ghoulfriends Forever of the Ghoulfriends book series, which premiered on September 05, 2012.



After being hit by lightning, Bloodgood can't keep her thoughts straight anymore. This is inconvenient with the school year about to start, so she hires Sue Nami to assist her, with her main jobs being keeping the students in check and remembering the subjects of Bloodgood's speeches. Another staff memeber new that year is Sylphia Flapper, the new teacher of Dragon Whispering 101. With the extra help, Bloodgood's lack of clear thought is no problem at first, but then Ms. Flapper starts putting students and teachers alike under mind control. Unable to notice anything wrong, Bloodgood herself ends up under Flapper's control. On her command, she quits her job as headmistress and transfers the authority to Flapper, which increases her power. Fortunately, Venus, Rochelle, Robecca, and Cy manage to break the spell and Bloodgood gets her job back. Because Flapper manages to convince everyone she herself was mind-controlled into her actions, Bloodgood allows her to stay as a teacher. Ghoulfriends Forever Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun Who's That Ghoulfriend? Ghoulfriends 'til the End


Hopes and Screams

The editor-in -chief of the Gory Gazette needs a break, so Bloodgood appoints Frankie as temporary managing editor. She promises the girl that if she does the job well, she can become a permanent part of the Gory Gazette staff. Hissy Fit Several days later, the new edition of the Gory Gazette is ready. The last one to add her contribution and therefor the one responsible to put it online is Ghoulia, who daydreams away over her Dead Fast sketches during her editing. Bloodgood gently snaps her out of it and, after taking a look at her sketches, advises Ghoulia to ask the editor-in-chief to feature her fancomics in future editions. Ghoulia asks if it's Bloodgood she should be asking this, but Bloodgood just smiles and invites her along to the Gory Gazette student celebration party. There, she holds a speech about the importance of the Gory Gazette as a tool to bring monsters closer by sharing points of view and her joy when she sees her students workhard to make it a success. As promised, she announces that Frankie has done a good job and gets to be managing editor permanently. Scream All About It!

I Only Have Eye for You