Hauntlywood, or Howlywood formerly, also called Hollywood (in Monster High's webisode: "Road to Monster Mashionals" of Monster High webisodes Howlywood) is a play on Hollywood and one of the biggest, most famous places in the world, located in Snarlifornia. (California). (Unknown if that is the monster-universe name of California). It is located in Las Fangeles, the monster version of Las Angeles, in California. It is large and the location of well-known big-time monster movies. One of the most famous actresses there is Veronica Von Vamp, who is secretly Elissabat (whose real surname or family name is not Von Vamp at all).

Veronica Von Vamp (or Veronica von Vamp) is a big time actress in Hauntlywood, only to be discovered to have the real name Elissabat! This leaves big trail in Hauntlywood, as it makes it more popular and more famous. Hauntlywood is known as the most common film-setting place in the Monster World in the Monster High franchise.

It only gets bigger and better in popularity over time. Hauntlywood is well-known by monsters, but also known by humans.


  • The name of "Hollywood" was originally "Howlywood" according to "Road to Monster Mashionals".
  • It is unknown if it is located in California or a monster pun on California.

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