Gory Gazette - Grimmily

Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper is a 2012-introduced and fiction-only character. She is a water monster, specifically a descendent of the Loch Ness inhabitants and the Monster High identity of Emily-Anne Rigal, the founder of the WeStopHate movement. She is a celebrity among the Monster High student body.


In the English version, Grimmily Anne is voiced by Emily-Anne Rigal.



Above all, Grimmily Anne is kind and considerate. She wants people to get along and be mindful of both their own flaws as those of others without judgement. To this end, she started the WeStopHate campaign to spread her message of self-care as the basis of being a pleasant person. She has become a teen celebrity because of this, but she remains humble and thoughtful.


A Loch Ness Monster-type creature, Grimmily Anne possesses robin egg blue skin and purple and pink hair. She is broader than average and has dark brown eyes. Her fashion sense is outspoken and playful, as it contains bright colors and frilly details. Grimmily Anne never leaves her home without her signature pink bow.



We Stop Hate - group shot

Grimmily Anne is to pay an official visit to Monster High, but she chooses to walk around the school incognito first to see what it's like for the average student. As such, she witnesses Draculaura being treated inconsiderately by her friends and her in turn doing the same to Ghoulia. Grimmily Anne consoles both girls and upon revealing herself uses their example to teach the Monster High student body that they are great, but still can do better. We Stop Hate



  • Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper's name is a play on Emily-Anne Rigal's name and her internet nickname, which is Schmiddlebopper.
  • Rigal took inspiration from the Loch Ness Monster, because there's an amusement park near where she grew up in Williamsburg, VA that has a ride by that name. She also made sure to include her signature pink bow.