"Great Scarrier Reef" is the thirteenth TV special produced for the Monster High cartoon series. The TV special ties into the Great Scarrier Reef, Great Scarrier Reef - Down Under Ghouls, and Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish doll lines.


Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, and Lagoona are putting up the sign by the Monster High school: "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster", the old Monster High trademark signature phrase. When they put up the poster sign, the series now has the voice of narration by Clawdeen. Clawdeen narrates how it was almost summer, but how at Monster High, school was still in session. The TV special pins to a part where Cleo is telling Abbey she sometimes thinks she should go "full mummy". Abbey tells her: "Yeti have saying. Face is beauty, when heart is beauty" which Cleo doesn't understand but goes along with it anyway, not wanting to go full mummy after all. Meanwhile, Draculaura is still strongly pushing her "Vegetarian Vampires" club. Who comes by her is her boyfriend, Clawd, who she tells "Don't put the 'eat' in 'meat'." Toralei comes by, making fun of the way that Draculaura can't stand the sight of blood when she is Dracula's daughter. Lagoona comes over with her boyfriend, Gil, and she makes a comment about how Toralei should be declawed, while Clawdeen narrates that she and her boyfriend are getting along swimmingly for a pair of a freshwater monster and a saltwater monster.

Clawdeen narrates how Frankie was her "usual shocking self". And then Frankie sparks, which Clawdeen voices to, "literally". Frankie apologizes to Clawdeen and offers her one of her hands, to which Clawdeen responds: "Thanks" to. While the ghouls, Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Lagoona are in the halls, Deuce is playing casketball with Heath and Clawd, and throws the ball to (unseen, not shown) Heath, with Clawdeen narrating that they've been best ghoulfriends for such a long time, that they thought they knew each other inside out, and Heath unseen, says: "Heads up!" and as his voice says that, the ghouls duck; and Clawdeen says that but she guesses they didn't know everything, and that's where the trouble started.

Soon, Toralei is onstage telling the girls: "Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls!" and that they need to be fangtastic at the dance recital. She says she needs scary, she needs spooky, and she needs fun. Clawdeen then makes a side comment that she needs a break. Frankie asks who died and made Toralei boss. Draculaura then says it was Headmistress Bloodgood and asks "Remember?" Then she makes a comment saying it better be worth the extra deading. Soon, the ghouls are dancing. Toralei tells them how terrible they are dancing, and shows them the way. The three girls dance along with Toralei, and Draculaura asks if she's doing it right, and Clawdeen tells her: "It looks awful, so…yes." Lagoona happens to be passing by, and sees the three ghouls dancing. She tells them they're looking great. Frankie asks her to join, to which Lagoona says she's a swimmer, not a dancer. Toralei says if Lagoona wanted to dance, she should have auditioned, then says "killer" moves like hers need practice. Lagoona then says: "It's okay, ghouls. The stage is really not my thing." Then Toralei suggests she organize the rep party. She then says: "Nothing, just music, decorations and food for, like – the entire school." Lagoona agrees to it, but feeling a bit unease. Toralei then tells the girls she'll be there tomorrow for opening night. The girls, specifically Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen, along with Toralei leave the auditorium. When they leave, Lagoona goes up on the stage and feels like suddenly dancing, which she does. Soon she is dancing all the way, and Gil, unbeknownst to her, comes by and watches her. His helmet fogs after some cartwheels, and he wipes it off. Lagoona spins some twirls, and Gil applauds, clapping. This causes Lagoona to loose all her senses and freeze into what Toralei calls her "frozen fish stick" sort of state. Gil cries out her name and catches her. Lagoona asks him how long he was watching her, and he tells her it was long enough for him to see that she's a fantastic dancer. Then he says "Who knew?" and Lagoona tells him "Nobody! That was just a dance we did down under." Then she adds, "But that's ancient history. I don't dance anymore." But Gil says asks why and tells her that she should be in the show tomorrow. Soon, Robecca is steaming around, racing to them, which Lagoona and Gil dodge. Toralei, the nasty rascal, then seeks to cease an opportunity to laugh herself silly, with of course, Meowlody and Purrsephone by her side. The night of the show, Toralei, Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen are dancing, and Gil tells Lagoona behind the curtain that she should be out there. Clawdeen narrates and then Toralei slides for her big finish, with very little applause. She gets angry and stomps off backstage. Then Toralei spots Lagoona, while Clawdeen narrates: "And some people think the best way not be embarrassed is to embarrass someone else." Toralei pulls the curtain on Lagoona, and everyone sees her dancing, amazed. Lagoona quickly stops, slowly backs up, gets her leg wrapped around the rope, get hung upside-down and makes the face while people gasp. Toralei says "Look! Frozen fish stick!" and the werecat twins pull out their iCoffins to snap a photo of Lagoona's predicament.

The next day, Lagoona walks quietly in the hallways with Gil while monsters just stare. In the Creepateria, the ghouls, Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura are on their ICoffins phones, looking at their iCoffin phones and looking at the photo of Lagoona, until Lagoona comes and asks what's up then put they put their cell phones down. Frankie says absolutely nothing is up, and Draculaura adds that they are definitely not watching the video from last night of her on FrightTube, and Draculaura adds "Nothing", then asks Clawdeen and Frankie "What?" when they try to silence her. Lagoona is about to take Draculaura's iCoffin smartphone, which at first she gives her a look, picks up the phone, and looks at it. She is distressed to find out the number of views is over 6 billion (although it is specifically 6,000,000,012). Draculaura says she's sure it's one or two monsters watching it 3 billion times each. She says she's going to "shut her fangs now", taking her iCoffin back and sits down. Clawdeen says it gets worse, and Frankie tells Lagoona she's a monster meme. She swipes through the phone's pictures. Lagoona realizes that it's a nightmare and that she's sunk, so she swipes the phones from Draculaura, Clawdeen and Frankie. Gil calls for her but Lagoona keeps running, stealing everyone's iCoffin phone in sight. But when it comes to Wydowna Spider, she can hold up to three different phones, which Lagoona confiscates all three iCoffins from her. Lagoona is outside the school with all the cell smartphones, and she gets a message on her own iCoffin, seeing that it's another meme picture of her, which is her in water about to be swallowed by a shark. Lagoona turnsit off angrily and suddenly says the situation is all Toralei's fault, and she angrily says after all she did to make the party a good one. "How would she like it if she felt like the fish out of water?" says Lagoona. Then, Lagoona scrolls down on her iCoffin and personally un-invites Toralei to the party. Later that day, Toralei is in the ghouls' bathroom, putting on lipstick, when she realizes that she can't find the party. She goes down to the Catacombs, only to be swiped up by a bunch of bats. Toralei then looks up the attic and finds an evil-looking, flashing mirror, then more bats come up in her face. Dirty and grimy, with her hair messed up, she goes in the halls and gets an idea that maybe Lagoona put a paper invite in her locker. Somehow, bats come to her again. Later, at the party, everyone is having a good time, especially the DJ, Holt Hyde, and people start dancing. While the monsters are dancing, Draculaura tells Frankie how fantastic the party is. To make the rep party better, Ghoulia has brought in some cupcakes (or as they're called, creepcakes), and Frankie and Draculaura have some. Cleo and Abbey each get a creepcake, and they join in the party. Cleo says it's a killer party, which Abbey objects, which her reasons make Cleo say that's what makes a killer party. Then Toralei shows up, screaming out Lagoona's name. Toralei tells Manny Taur to step aside, which makes Spectra says "sorry" and that she doesn't see her name on the invite list. But Toralei, with Spectra's being a ghost, walks right through her literally, and marches right over to find Lagoona. Frankie tells her she was glad she decided to show, which Toralei tells her she wasn't even invited, and shows Frankie her phone, which her iCoffin photo has a big X over it. Draculaura says Lagoona wouldn't do that, and then says "Right?" to make sure. Lagoona then says she invited Toralei, then she un-invited her. The whole crowd gasps, and Toralei says how dare she un-invite her to her own party, which Lagoona comes back with "embarrassing her in front of the entire Monsternet." Toralei then says that it was just a joke, which Lagoona then objects and states that jokes are funny, which Toralei says: "Well, I laughed." The pool water bubbles which Ghoulia notices and Toralei tells Lagoona that she should thank her for making her famous. Lagoona comes back with: "Thank you?" and then says that's now a joke within itself. Toralei says, "Yeah, six billion laughs and counting." The girls then cross eyes, and start dual with calling each other names. Frankie gets in and gives the two creepcakes each and Lagoona then goes on about hogging them and that Toralei only thinks about herself. Toralei says "Maybe I'll hide them all and not invite anyone else to have some." Ghoulia moans and points to the bubbling water. The two girls then say they know where to fit the cakes, which each says in simultaneously: "In your big mouth!" Toralei is about to shove a cupcake into Lagoona's mouth, which is projected in slow motion, but Toralei misses and falls into the pool. The water rushes around her, pulling her in, and Frankie's voice says: "But she can't swim!" so Lagoona goes in and tries to get her, which then results in Gil pulling his hand in to grab Lagoona's hand, which then he does just pulls him in too, and Clawdeen tries pulling onto Gil's leg to keep him from falling in, and Draculaura is also holding onto Clawdeen, which has Frankie hold onto Draculaura. Ghoulia and Cleo try to help, too, but Frankie's stitches when Ghoulia is holding her hand just come loose and the pool water swirls them all in, not including Ghoulia or Cleo. Frankie's hand waves goodbye to Ghoulia to reconnect to Frankie, and Ghoulia is concerned. The six girls and Gil find out they've taken mermaid-like-looking forms and can now (except for Lagoona and Gil as they could already breathe before) can breathe underwater. Toralei then exclaims "Who's ever heard of a catfish?" Toralei says it's her worst nightmare and tells Lagoona to do something, which Lagoona responds to her what's she supposed to do. Lagoona then finds sea mares, which have come to her. Soon, the group finds themselves down in a beautiful, mysterious place when they remove the stalk of seaweed. Toralei wants to be changed back immediately, which brings up a voice from the deep of the water. She says her name is Posea, and that she's daughter of Poseidon and that she's also the guardian of the sea, and she keeps watch over all creatures of the deep, great and small. But when she says "Behold", a pack of Sea Mares throws a sea-star starfish at her, and she pulls it off, telling them to she told them to behave when she's holding her "goddess thing". She pulls back the starfish, throws it and tries to fix her hair. Lagoona says "Hang on" and asks that she brought them down here. She tells Lagoona that she brought her and that she can control the waters at her whim, and then side comments that her friends "a bit of an accident" (bringing them down there). Her bubble of water bursts, and she says who is she kidding, and that she's still in the goddess kiddie-pool.

Frankie gets fascinated by the flowers asking what they are, and says they're gorgeous. Posea tells her that every sea creature has a plant to represent them in her seabed, and that it's how the sea protecters (such as herself) watch over sea life. She shows Lagoona's, which she announces in her goddess form sparkling, that her flower is in grave danger. The group gasps, and Posea says maybe not grave, but it's definitely a little wilted. Posea asks Lagoona what troubles her, to which Lagoona tells her the only thing "troubling her" is her friends and she being fishnapped (kidnapped), and demands to Posea she'd change them back. Posea then says that's not how sea magic works, and tells Lagoona that must face her fear. Lagoona asks what she's talking about, and Posea tells her that's for her to know and Lagoona to find out. Especially for her to find out. Then Posea says in goddess state, "Face your deepest fear" and that the choice is hers, to sink or swim. The Sea Mares give them a swimming lesson, and they soon find out on their own. They also find some new abilities, such as Draculaura's ability to levitate through small spaces and shrink her original size like a squeezing sponge, Frankie's ability to use electricity (though she's had this before in her original state) like an electric eel but more powerful than before, Clawdeen's camouflage ability, and Toralei's ability to set out wings or a whole set of spiky things out of her back. Frankie apologizes to, says to Clawdeen she didn't see her, and says to Clawdeen "Cool camou". Toralei flexes out her mermaid-like wings and says "Jazz hands!". The ghouls and Gil then start swimming along and are happy with their new abilities. Toralei also says "Toralei approves". Clawdeen says to hold the seahorses, and asks where they come from here/(there). The Sea Mares give a clue, which does nothing, and Draculaura says: "Look at all that open water." Lagoona says she has a sinking feeling about this, and says Posea said she needs to face her fear. Then they set out into the vast ocean, and they see whales along the way. Later on, it gets dark in the waters and Lagoona gets kind of sleepy. She sees something that to she thinks looks so familiar. The girls and Gil get closer, and see a ray of lights flashing all over. The lights are all around them and a vision of a two-headed monster/monsters comes swishing by. The monsters in one body are dancing in the lights, but the ghouls and Gil can't see them. Soon, a purple-skinned monster comes into visual, and there is a crowd behind Gil and the ghouls cheering. The two-headed monsters and the other ghoul which the purple ghoul are dancing, and they are dancing so gracefully and so fast. Once the purple-skinned girl with blue and orange hair has been done dancing, the crowd cheers loudly. Lagoona says the girl's name, which is Kala, and she looks at Lagoona. Kala tells Lagoona it's been forever and says her new look "beats her 'two-legger' look." The girls whose body is one together push Lagoona up front. Lagoona visions back to when she and Kala were young girls, and the young ghouls were in a dance performance together. That day, Lagoona had froze up on stage, kind of like now. One of the two-headed girls with the white hair laughs at Lagoona's predicament, while her twin sister is fearing otherwise. Kala then says: "Just like old times." Lagoona falls down with Gil catching her, and he and ghouls take Lagoona with them. Later that day, they are swimming together and Clawdeen asks her ex-friend, calling her a poison pufferfish without asking who the girls with the two heads were, which Lagoona responds that it was Kala and her ghoulfriends, Pearl and Peri. Draculaura asks "Someone like that has ghoulfriends?". Then Clawdeen just says she's not one of them. Frankie asks what was Kala doing and if it was some sort of dance. Lagoona tells her it's a classic aquatic dance they do down here. She says she used to love performing it, and that Kala was a big part of the reason she left the Great Scarrier Reef. And came to Monster High. Clawdeen asks "What happened?" and Lagoona says it's ancient history and what matters how is getting everything back to normal. Lagoona then states that tomorrow they'll find Posea and make her send them back. Toralei says how finally, some monster backs sense, and then shoos away the finish, saying she's "swimming here." She then hisses at another fish, and Lagoona asks the group what they think of her hometown. Lagoona then brings them to her old house to meet her whole family. They swim up to the old house and Lagoona says, "Hey, everyone. Surpriiiise." Lagoona's father comes up to scoop her up in a big hug, and the rest of her family follows him. Lagoona's friends meet the family, and her father jokes about a new haircut when it is actually Lagoona's tail that is different about her. Meanwhile, Kala, Peri and Pearl are shown spying on the whole group including the family. Peri and Pearl fight a bit, and Kala tries to silence them. Meanwhile, Lagoona is home and her little brothers are playing ball.

One of Lagoona's brothers asks "Wanna play ball?" to Toralei and throws it, hitting her pointy fish-wing. Meanwhile Lagoona's little brothers are playing with her boyfriend, and Lagoona herself tells them not to be so rough with Gil. Soon, the latter looks sad, and is frowning, but Kelpie comes over to her and tells her she missed her. Lagoona tells her she missed her too and hugs her. Lagoona's father is in the kitchen in the morning and says there's another Kraken sighting, and the rest sit down to hear. Soon, they find Posea and she tells Lagoona that she needs more patience. While they are playing swimming golf, they find Kala and she taunts more Lagoona and her friends. Kelpie comes by, telling Kala she's her biggest fan and asks Lagoona to dance in tomorrow's upcoming Siren of the Sea Talent Show. Lagoona tells her it's complicated and Kala asks is it or is just afraid to take her on. Lagoona takes her challenge. Kala says she can't wait to see what Lagoona comes up with, or in other words, "bellyups" with. The ground is shaking and Lagoona, her friends and Kelpie leave just in time before the Kraken arrives. There is a Kraken photo that next day in the newspaper. Lagoona asks Kelpie if she has any ideas on what dances to do, which Kelpie does give her some. Then Toralei tries to help Lagoona dance, and the latter dances along with Toralei and the rest without going 'bellyup'. Kala watches from a stone saying how terrible they are, while Frankie shocks them, and Peri suggests to help them do better, which Pearl does not agree with. Then, while Kala watches and laughs, Peri tries to tell Pearl how she's a bully. But Pearl just won't listen to her sister. Kala then tells them to clam up. When Clawdeen suggests to maybe take five, Lagoona doubtfully says: "Yeah, 500 years." Frankie thinks to use her phone and record to see where they need work, but Lagoona swims over saying that "No phones, no recording." Frankie apologizes, saying she didn't even think, and Draculaura tells Lagoona that Frankie would never embarrass her, she's her friend, to which Toralei says they're all her friends. "Sometimes," she adds, when the group gives her looks. Lagoona then apologizes saying she's so sorry, and swims away. Later that night, Peri comes over to Lagoona to warn her about Kala and to look the Kraken in the eye to never fear anything again. When Peri leaves, it turns out Pearl and Kala were hoaxing her the whole time. The next day, Lagoona discusses to the ghouls her plan to get over her stage fright. The girls object, to which Lagoona says all right to. She later swims out on her own to seek out the Kraken. The girls find her and Lagoona tells the Sea Mares. They bubble over and bring out Posea with their bubble magic, and Lagoona talks to Posea. Posea tells her that it's dangerous, and Clawdeen says they know, the Kraken. Posea tells them not everything is as it seems. Then she says only with seeing with the heart can bring them home. Posea leaves, and then Clawdeen says her mom always said if all of her friends jumped off of a cliff, would she jump, too. She then swims down the cliff with Lagoona and the gang while apologizing to her mother out of nowhere. While Lagoona and the girls are down there, they find themselves in the dark. Draculaura announces she's scared, to which Frankie says she has her hand. Once it is made clear she is holding no one's hand, the girls scream swimming away from the angler fish. They soon find a place that has lights looking like Kala. The ghouls keep swimming and find a huge boned rib cage. Lagoona swims through fiery blasts of things that look like colorful fire, asking her friends to forgive her. The friends decide to help Lagoona, and all swim to get her. They tell her that'd never let her do it alone, and use their skills to bounce a rock off to get through. Once Lagoona and they are through, they head out swimming. They get scared, and Lagoona looks in a mirror to practice looking the Kraken in the eye, which soon the Kraken comes up, Lagoona saw his eye, and the ghouls all start swimming away.

The next day, Lagoona feels ready, and her whole family is very proud of her bravery. Kala comes over, asking how the trip was, Clawdeen asks how she knew, Peri says she didn't know it was a trap saying Pearl and Kala got in her head, and Lagoona realized she was tricked. Kala asks Lagoona if she was terrified and Kala said he's quite hideous as everyone likes to remind people. Kala tells her there's no magic in the Kraken's eye and that she's still the same fish she's always been. She commands Peri and Pearl to go with her and the three leave. Her ghouls encourage her to still have courage at the dance talent show, everyone is cheering her name. The ghouls start dancing in the light, Lagoona comes up, but when she does, she freezes again. Kala says: "Look! Frozen fishstick!" in a very mocking manner, and Toralei feels very bad for Lagoona. While Lagoona is sinking, her friends and Gil go to catch her. Everyone is booing which Gil orders them to stop. Lagoona's friends talk them into it and when it is Kala's turn, they are all chanting "Lagoona Blue" still. Kala gets applauded, and starts calling Lagoona a fluke. Wade, Lagoona's father, tells her to calm down and that they're leaving right now, and then Kala backhands him with yelling at him that he's not her father. They are still cheering Lagoona's name, and Kala says "No!" and says that it's her turn. She then yells that they are all trying to keep her out. Lagoona tells her that no one's trying to keep her out, and suddenly she lets out a horrible, piercing, very loud scream or wail. It turns out the scream was a call for the Kraken, and they all swim away screaming. Kala follows Lagoona and her friends, while Peri and Pearl are stuck. Kala leaves them behind, but they rely on each other and soon get out themselves. They find Posea and Lagoona tells her to send them back now. She still objects because Lagoona didn't face her fear, and Lagoona warns her that there's a Kraken chasing them, to which Posea says if she goes back now, her fear will only follow her. Lagoona begs and orders now, and Posea says so be it, and sends them back up, to which the whirlpool that sent them up is still running and Kala and the Kraken get taken with them. Ghoulia is enjoying seeing what's in the pool water and Purrsephone and Meowlody talk to each other saying that Toralei always "hogs the conversation". Soon, Ghoulia sees the ghouls coming up flopping onto the school grounds, and they and Gil are up on land again. Clawdeen tells Toralei she thought cats always landed on their feet, to which Toralei then tries to comment back but then realizes that she has and is glad that she has feet. Frankie asks if everyone is all right, and Lagoona says they made it. But the Kraken came shortly behind. The girls and Gil start running, and Kala demands that Lagoona come and face her. Soon the Kraken breaks through the school and everyone runs away screaming. Jackson is still working on the schoolwork and the Kraken looks down to him which causes Jackson to say eyes on his own paper which the Kraken screams out at. Soon Jackson along with the rest of the Monster High students are running too. Draculaura and Frankie run into the Creepateria and find Clawd about to eat a steak, when Frankie and Draculaura come over and Draculaura slaps the steak into the air and tells him the school is under attack. Clawd and Heath ask in unison who to fight. In the Creepateria, Kala is already there and asks where Lagoona is. Heath then says she shouldn't look so tough, to which Draculaura says: "Not that" and then says that when the Kraken comes bursting in through the wall. Clawd and Heath say together that that looks too tough, and they all run away screaming. They run onto the stadium stage, with Abbey with them, and they try to come up a plan: convincing Kala to call off the Kraken. Clawdeen asks is she serious, and when Kala comes in, Abbey says she's afraid of nothing but yak milk shortage. They group hands in, and when Kala comes by and removes the curtain, they are gone. She gets furious and takes her Kraken outside. They try to use Deuce to freeze the Kraken, but the Kraken pulls a shield over his eye and it turns Deuce into stone. Lagoona jumps up on the Kraken and starts climbing while Gil cries out to look out. All three, Clawdeen, Deuce and even Abbey are stuck in Abbey's ice. Soon Frankie and Draculaura are throwing creepcakes at the Kraken and soon they finish. Draculaura says sorry, all out, and Toralei distracts the Kraken with her old dance moves with the werecat twins holding the boombox radio. The Kraken turns it off to which Toralei says "Hey!" to and he takes the roof off the school. He puts it down, and Lagoona screams "Kala!" to which Kala angrily says "Lagoona!". Lagoona asks her to call off the Kraken, and Kala tells her she can't always run from what scares her. Then Lagoona says she didn't, she ran to it, to Kala. Kala then asks "You're afraid of me?" to which Lagoona says of course she is, she followed her. Kala then says "Maybe that's because the entire town bullied me!". Lagoona says she doesn't understand to Kala, to which Kala replies of course she doesn't, and that no one does. Lagoona says but she wants to and please call off the Kraken. Kala then goes on about how isn't it terrible to see the people you love be chased away in fear and Lagoona asks why is she doing this, and then Kala says she'll never understand to what's it's like for someone to hate you for what you are, to judge you for what you look like, or to push you away because you scare them. Lagoona then asks who's done that to her, and Kala says everyone, to which Lagoona say she's destroying a place that doesn't do that and that Monster High is different. Then Kala tells her she doesn't believe her and has her dangling upside down by her ankle in the Kraken's tentacle. Lagoona tells her no one is an outcast here, they celebrate everyone's freaky flaw and that there's a place for every monster. Kala asks at Monster High, she won't be judged for her flaws, and Lagoona says as long as she doesn't judge herself. One of the flyers of "Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be a Monster" comes to Kala's body and she grabs it and looks at it. Kala then starts to see, to look down at all the monsters down behold watching up and starts feel this might be the place for her. Then, everyone's shock, Kala says to the Kraken, "Put her down, Dad." Everyone shouts out "Dad?!". Kala's father the Kraken puts Lagoona down, and Kala then says: "Dad, this is my childhood friend, Lagoona. Lagoona, Dad."

Later that day, Clawdeen then says: "So? The Kraken is your dad?". Lagoona asks "And that stuff we saw in the dark? That was yours?". Kala says it was her bedroom. Frankie asks about the pictures on the rocks and Kala tells her they're her father's drawings of her. Lagoona then asks "So when Peri told me you had looked the Kraken in the eye…" to which Kala replies: "I look him in the eye all the time. He's my dad." Lagoona then says: "But, the rest of the town…" "Thought he was evil, just because of his looks." Lagoona then says: "Including…me." Kala finishes: "They didn't know that he taught me how to roller surf, and that he makes an amazing kelp burger!" Kala then explains that when she was Lagoona with her big, happy family, the kind that no one ran away from, she was so angry, she was ashamed that he was her dad; but it's really her fault. If she'd just told someone, she says, if she had explained, if she had shown them that her father just looks scary. Kala tells Lagoona that she would really like him if she got to know him, to which Lagoona replies that she and her father should join them here, and says that they accept everyone's freaky flaws. Kala apologizes to Lagoona for making fun of her for going belly-up. Lagoona then says don't be, and that the past made her who she is today. And that she likes who she is, freaky flaws and all. Clawdeen then says: "So in the end, not only did Lagoona face her deepest fear. She even made friends with it. If there's one thing we all learned down under, it's that things are not always what they seem." At the celebration party, Heath slids down Mr. Mer'ri's tentacle to the pool. At the party, Gil says that it's such a nice party. Lagoona tells him one sec and goes over to Toralei. Lagoona then tells her she's invited and that every monster is. Kala asks "Every monster every monster?" and Frankie says of course, so she brings up Peri and Pearl. The ghouls love Monster High, and they dance along into the party. Toralei says she doesn't know if two heads are better than one, but they sure yap twice as much. The narration has Clawdeen say back to normal, freaky flaws and all. At the end, Gil says "Looks fintastic" and Lagoona says "I think so too." They had put a poster sign of Lagoona's frozen face, that says: "BE YOURSELF. BE UNIQUE. BE A MONSTER."


  1. Lagoona Blue
  2. Frankie Stein
  3. Draculaura
  4. Clawdeen Wolf
  5. Spectra Vondergeist
  6. Cleo de Nile
  7. Abbey Bominable
  8. Clawd Wolf
  9. Toralei Stripe
  10. Meowlody
  11. Purrsephone
  12. Gillington "Gil" Webber
  13. Jackson Jekyll
  14. Robecca Steam
  15. Jinafire Long
  16. Mr Hack
  17. Deuce Gorgon
  18. Heath Burns
  19. Eyera
  20. Venus McFlytrap
  21. Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch
  22. Hoodude Voodoo
  23. Manny Taur
  24. Ghoulia Yelps
  25. Iris Clops
  26. Neighthan Rot
  27. Scarah Screams
  28. Wydowna Spider
  29. Sirena Von Boo
  30. Skelita Calaveras
  31. Holt Hyde
  32. Rochelle Goyle
  33. Twyla
  34. Gigi Grant
  35. Operetta
  36. Johnny Spirit
  37. Gory Fangtell
  38. Avea Trotter
  39. Nerd boy
  40. Sea Mares
  41. Posea Reef
  42. Kala Mer'ri
  43. Peri Serpentine
  44. Pearl Serpentine
  45. Wade Blue
  46. Kelpie Blue
  47. Dewey Blue
  48. Squirt Blue
  49. Tadpole Blue
  50. The Kraken
  51. Andy Beast
  52. Bonita Femur
  53. Howleen Wolf
  54. Don of the Dead



  • Deuce gets turned to stone by his own stare for a third time, but not by a mirror.


  • The movie's title is a referee to the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral system located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queenland, Australia.
  • "Scareable" is a play on terrible.
  • Gil's helmet fogging up is probably a version of a blush such as "someone blushing, their cheeks turning red."
  • "Eek-vite" is a play on "invite".
  • The Great Scarrier Reef was previously mentioned in earlier special Escape From Skull Shores.
  • Lagoona brought up her home, the Great Scarrier Reef in Volume 2 of Monster High in the webisodes where she called it Great Barrier Reef when the Ghouls won the trip to Gloom Beach.
  • The Deep End of the school pool was previously mentioned in Abyss Adventure.
  • Though unknown if so, Lagoona's meme of a shark is probably a reference to Jaws.
  • When Toralei looks in the attic, the mirror's image of the Evil Queen from Ever After High can be seen briefly.
  • In the talent show dressing room of the stadium you can see a poster of Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter from Ever After High on the wall in the background.
  • "Eek-vite list" is a play on "invite list".
  • "MonsterNet" is a play on "Internet".
  • "Fishnapped" is a play on "kidnapped."
  • "Fearious", used by Clawdeen when she asked Lagoona if she was when they were hiding onstage behind the curtain from the Kraken is a play on "serious".
  • When Lagoona and her friends have faced the Kraken, and they are shown in the dressing room, the song playing is "Mermaid Party" from "Barbie: The Pearl Princess".
  • After the post-credits scene with Posea, there is a note dedicating this special to a Make-A-Wish Foundation child who passed away on August 12, 2015.


  • This TV special looks as if the events of Escape From Skull Shores never happened. Which saying this makes sense including that there were many Krakens in "Escape From Skull Shores" and one was released.
  • How can Gil wipe the fog off his helmet if it is obviously on the inside?
  • Lagoona and Draculaura say "billion" when really the number is million.
  • Lagoona didn't actually take anyone's iCoffin but Draculaura's.
  • Toralei says "6 billion laughs and counting" when actually 6,0000,000 means million as 0000,000 typically means million.
  • Why does Lagoona's father, Wade speak with a Scottish accent when he is native to Great Scarrier Reef, which is Australian, not Lake Loch Ness which is in Scotland, and in fact, freshwater at that?
  • In fact, why do the rest of Lagoona's family have Scottish accents?


  • This is the last TV special shown in its original CGI format.
  • The DVD of the special contains an edited version of the Way Too Wonderland special from the spin-off series, Ever After High.
  • "Great Scarrier Reef" has Clawdeen as the narrator instead of Frankie.
  • Lagoona's eyebrows, which are usually purple appear grey in the film rather than purple except when she's in her "Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish" look with a tail, but in her 'Basic' outfit.


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