Gloom and Bloom is a series of five party-themed dolls, divided in three regular dolls and two store-exclusive releases. The celebration in question is held in honor of the once-in-1300 years blooming of the Corpse Flower. The series includes Jane Boolittle, Catrine DeMew, and Venus McFlytrap as the regular line-up, which hit stores Mid November, 2014 and Jinafire Long and Cleo de Nile as exclusives to Target.


Gloom and Bloom was filed for trademark on December 09, 2013.


Gloom and Bloom is a party line that likely follows on Zombie Shake. As such, it is a deluxe doll series that at its debut came with only new accessories.


Venus, Jane and Catrine all come with sketchbooks displaying the makings of their dresses, designed by Jinafire. Cleo come with a full on diary and Jinafire comes with an hybrid of sketchbook and with a diary.


These dolls' looks were featured in the webisodes The Agony of D'Feet, Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 and Gloom and Bloom, Part2.



Doll stockphotography - Gloom and Bloom Venus Doll stockphotography - Gloom and Bloom Catrine Doll stockphotography - Gloom and Bloom Jane Doll stockphotography - Gloom and Bloom Cleo
Venus McFlytrap Catrine DeMew Jane Boolittle Cleo de Nile
Doll stockphotography - Gloom and Bloom Jinafire
Jinafire Long

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