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Deuce Gorgon - Gillington "Gil" Webber

October 1

It's game week! I'm trying not to get too excited, because you never know how things like weather, or an illness, or an injury might cancel the game or knock a player out of the competition. I'm just going to cross my fins and hop every monster is at full strength when it's go time! Especially since this encounter is going to be a test of all our strength and skill.

October 2

We only had a half-day at school today because all the teacher had to attend some kind of seminar or something, which was clawsome because that meant I could take Lagoona out for lunch and a matinee movie. I think she was a little frustrated that I've been so focused on the game this weekend, and I think she was also hoping that we'd spend the whole time together. I actually used one of her 'Lagoona-isms' on her - "Let's enjoy the time we have instead of focusing on the time we don't". She gave me a look that, I'm sure, is reserved for surf monsters that drop in on a wave and cut her off. Lagoona really is as kind and gentle a monster as there is in the entire monsterverse, but she's as tenacious as a rip tide when she wants to be. I was really conflicted about the weekemd because I wanted so much to make the game and I knew if I didn't, the bros would be a player short against some really stiff competition, but I also didn't want to hurt Lagoona's feelings; but she never once said, "It's just a game," or "Can't the other guys play without you," or "If that game means more to you than me," or any of a hundred ther things to make me feel guilty. It's why she's the beast ghoul any manster ever had and why I love her, no matter how much my parents don't understand our relationship.

October 3

Barely averted a major catastrophe today. My parents started worrying about me being at home by myself for the whole weekend and were talking about taking me with them. Nooooooooo! I had to think fast or I'd be missing the game and spending the whole weekend at my parent's high school reunion in the 'Land of 10'000 Boredoms." I knew if I played the 'I'm 16 and responsible' card I'd get trumped by the 'You need to pack your bag, you're going with us' answer.So i cast out an unlife line out to Deuce and hooked up big time. Before the conversation between my parents and me went over the falls in a barrel, my mom's phone was ringing, and Medusa was on the line, offering to let me stay at their house for the weekend. My mom usually takes a lot of convincing, but Deuce's mom can be pretty charming when she wants to be, so I won't be missing the game after all!

October 4

Mom's been busy packing for the trip and putting meals together for me so I don't 'starve' while they're gone, even though I'll be spending the weekend at Deuce's house. I told Mom not to worry about it, but she said, "You never know, you may get homesick and there'd be nothing here for you." I know better than to argue with Mom about this. Dad's been watching that channel that keeps track of weather and current worldwide water conditions just in case some freak storm descends out of the clear blue forecast and they have to take an emergency detour. Dad already had five planned out. That's my parents, though. When I was just a small fry and we'd go on vacation, it always looked like we were preparing for an expedition into the deepest part of the abyss. I guess Dad never forgot his koi scout training. "Gillington, my boy," he would say, "you've got to be prepared for whatever kind of killer rapids or stretches of dead water you might encounter." How he and Mom were able to pack and stow out entire luggage is still a mystery Mad Science has never been able to solve. Of course, I have been left a checklist to make sure I am prepared as well.

  • Lock the doors
  • Feed the catfish
  • Leave a light and radio on when you leave the house so it always lurks/sounds like some monster is home.
  • Thank Deuce's mom for letting me stay.
  • Don't date Lagoona. They didn't actually write that. I just know what they're thinking. Actually, we don't really talk about that directly very much anymore. We kind of just agree to disagree, especially since Lagoona was wished into a freshwater monster and back again. I think they saw how miserable I was during that whole time, and I believe it made some kind of an impact.. hopefully.

October 5

I spent tonight working on my character for the game this weekend. I've been playing a paladin - Brave, chivalrous, and deadicated to rooting out injustice and evil everywhere. In this case the root that needs removing is a sorceress that kind of reminds me of a certain older sister that has been making life difficult for the Kingdom of Deuce and Cleo. We've been playing this particular campaign for a year now, not every weekend unfortunately, since there always seems to be something that gets in the way. It's hard to get Clawd, Heath, Deuce and me all free at once. It used to me that Heath could always be counted on to show up, but since he's been dating Abbey his weekends have been kind of 'booked' lately as well. This weekend it'll all come together, and even though Deuce is a tough game master, I'm sure the mansters will be able to prevail!

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