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Shockumentary - horned girl

Gilda Goldstag debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 webisode "Fear the Book", which premiered on June 02, 2011. None of her voice actors are known so far.

Volume 2


Fear the Book Daydream of the Dead Nefera Again Frost Friends Ghostly Gossip Here Comes Treble Monster Mashionals Part 1

Special webisodes

Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

Fright On!

Volume 3


Ghosts with Dirty Faces No Place Like Nome Unearthed Day Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do I Know What You Did Last Fright Best Ghoulfriend Aba-Kiss Me Deadly Hiss-toria The Need for Speed Scare-born Infection Boo Year's Eve No Ghouls Allowed Ready, Wheeling and Able Creature of the Year Party Undead Student Disembodied President Angry Ghouls Playing the Boos

Special webisodes

We Stop Hate Fashion Emergency Super Fan

Volume 4


Eye of the Boo-holder Creature Creepers Adventures part 1: Bat Dialing Disaster Scream Spirit Tales from the Script Monsters of Music Just Ghost to Show Ya Zombie Shake Just One of the Ghouls In Plain Fright

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