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Gigi Grant was trademarked on September 26, 2013 and her first doll came out in Early July, 2013. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 3 and makes up 0.88% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


13 Wishes

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes Gigi Profile art - 13 Wishes Gigi I
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Doll: Her makeup consists of teal and gold eyeshadow, pink lipstick and her hair is styled in a braid that resembles a pink scorpion's tail with a bright yellow streak. She also has markings on her neck appearing to be a scorpion necklace, that are of a deeper shade than the pink of her skin.
Clothes: Gigi wears a turquoise and pink top with black trimming, angular sleeves and a V-neck. Her knee-length black pants are baggy with elaborate gold curlicues shaped as various arachnids along the sides.
Accessories: She wears pink wedged babouches with curled toes and gold motifs. She accessorises with gold ornamental jewelry such as matching scorpion bangles and dangling scorpion earrings and a gold lantern with skulletes and scorpions on it.
Extras: She comes with a life-sized diary and her purple pet scorpion, Sultan Sting, who has black cat eyes and white sclera.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this fashion pack's availability or stockphoto.

New Scaremester

Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Gigi Profile art - New Scaremester Gigi
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Doll: Gigi wears her hair in an updo similar to her first doll, but it is much simpler, with the orange part of her hair left loose. She wears very light pearl eyeshadow with blue eyeliner and bright blue lipstick.
Clothes: She wears a black v-neck shirt with pink and blue sheer 3/4 length sleeves and printed with a gold scorpion design. The pink and blue motif is repeated on her ruched skirt. Sheer leggings and gold scorpion-shaped shoes complete the ensemble.
Accessories: Gigi wears black drop earrings with a lantern-like shape. This motif is repeated on her gold chain-like belt.
Extras: She carries a blue folder and a folder-like handbag in pink and blue with a gold handle. The doll comes with the standard black brush and doll stand and diary.
Notes: {{{5}}}

Freaky Field Trip

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Field Trip Gigi Profile art - Freaky Field Trip Gigi

Doll: This Gigi's hair is worn loose and is mostly pink, save for a section of orange hair tied into a small ponytail in the front of her scalp. She wears blue eyeshadow with gold eyeliner and dark pink lipstick.
Clothes: She wears a dark purple minidress with a constellation print and a bit of blue tulle in the front. Her shoes are gold and feature star and scorpion designs on the laces. Her heels are shaped like telescopes.
Accessories: She wears a large gold necklace with star and scorpion designs as her only piece of jewelry.
Extras: She comes with a golden telescope and a dark purple lunch bag.

Maul Monsteristas

Doll stockphotography - Maul Monsteristas 5-pack
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Doll: This time around, Gigi has mostly champagne hair, pulled back and parted to the side, with thick blue and pink streaks in the back of her hair. Her lipstick is soft pink and she has powder blue eyeshadow.
Clothes: This Gigi wears a long strapless maxi dress with Northern African inspired prints, arranged with lines, scorpions and layers of other imagery
Accessories: She is wearing teal shoes with a molded scorpion around the feet, holding a tall platform.
Extras: The 5-pack comes with 4 more dolls and three varied shopping bags, one with a melting skullette, one with a symbol of M&H and lastly another one with a XIII icon.
Notes: This doll is only available on a 5-pack.

Geek Shriek

Doll stockphotography - Geek Shriek Gigi

Doll: Gigi wears her hair loose and curly, apart from a strand of champagne hair around her head that acts as an headband and is tied in a little ponytail in the top of her head. She also wears gold lipstick.
Clothes: She wears an empire-waist dress with notebook pattern and sketches printed in it. The top of her dress consists of a jacket shaped cloth, in blue and black stripes.
Accessories: She is wearing fake glasses in blue that feature long eyelashes. She wears a pink tie shaped statement necklace. Her shoes are a take on sport shoes, but they are gravity heels with molded socks and laces. They also have a little spike in the front, like genie shoes. They are solid blue.
Extras: This doll does not come with any extras.

Budget Basic

Doll stockphotography - Budget Basic Gigi I Doll stockphotography - Budget Basic Gigi II



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