Instead of a regular diary, the doll of Ghoulia Yelps's that was released as the 2011 SDCCI exclusive came with a Dead Fast mini-comic. It does not represent an official comic, but a fancomic made by Ghoulia to show to Dead Fast's creators at Nekrocon. Written on the back of the doll's box is an official profile of Dead Fast.

Dead Fast's profile

Once J.B. was just an anonymous zombie in the meandering horde...daily shuffling through his duties as an intern of an apprentice laboratory flunky while trying not to shamble afoul of his boss, the diabolically sweet Dr. Igorable. Then one night while working the graveyard shift, he accidentally discovers the Doctor's secret plot to rid the world of zombies. Before he could escape with the news he was attacked by a giant irradiated hummingbird and thrown into an industrial cotton candy maker. Cocooned and left for undead in a laboratory dumpster, J.B. emerges from his sugary sarcophagus as Dead Fast - a masked zombie hero with the power of super speed! Now he un-lives to thwart the cloyingly sweet schemes of Dr. Igorable and his minions while showing the world it's impossible to outrun zombie justice.