The Ghoul Chat line is a single 2-pack featuring Catrine DeMew and Rochelle Goyle as they spend the evening chatting on the phone. It was released in Early August, 2014 as a Kmart-exclusive.


Ghoul Chat was filed for trademark on February 14, 2014.


Ghoul Chat is part of the wave of doll lines consisting of a single multipack that hit the doll lineup in 2014, although the product description lightly relates it to Dead Tired. As Kmart-exclusive, it follows in a long line of 2-packs and succeeds the Music Festival 2-pack. It is a simple line, but reuses only few accessories.

Ghoul Chat doll(s) Accessory Other doll(s)
Rochelle Goyle Shoes Scaris: City of Frights Rochelle Goyle


No diaries came with either doll in this set.


Ghoul Chat has not been featured in any fiction.


Doll stockphotography - Ghoul Chat Rochelle and Catrine
Rochelle Goyle and Catrine DeMew