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G. Reaper is a 2011-introduced and fiction-only character. He is a skeleton and the guidance counselor at Monster High.


He has a sympathetic ear for pupils with troubles or worries. He also seems to have a problem understanding when a student is not happy. That, or he likes to see them unhappy.

Classic Monster

The Grim Reaper

A Western depiction of Death as a skeleton carrying a scythe

G. Reaper's name, outfit and contradictory happy persona play into the character of the Grim Reaper, a skeletal figure said to take people away at the time of their death.

Skeletons are, of all types of undead, the ones most used to represent death. In European tradition, this association particularly took off in the late 14th century, when war, disease and famine were the more likely alternative to living another day safe and sound. Around this time, the Dance of Death genre was introduced, which used skeletons in its imageries as transitional characters between the joys of life and the inevitability of death. From this are the representation of death as a skeletal entity, the Grim Reaper in English, who in the 15th century received his scythe and black hooded cloak attributes. The scythe comes from the fact that, in certain folklore, whenever one's soul was reaped, it sounded like a farmer slicing his scythe to reap his crops.


Volume 2


When Toralei Stripe had returned from math camp in "Back-to-Ghoul", she had apparently done well enough that G. Reaper took the liberty of enrolling her into every advanced math class Monster High had to offer. He seemed not to notice or care about her visible displeased reaction to the news.


  • G. Reaper is remarkably similar to Mr. D'eath, who's been featured in nearly every piece of fiction but the cartoon. In fact, issue #10 of the UK magazine conflates the two by mixing D'eath's artwork and write-up with G. Reaper's name. It's possible Mattel intends them to be the same character, though the exact situation is currently unclear.
  • Whereas G. Reaper only appeared in one webisode, the door to his office made a second appearance in "Monster Mashionals Part 1".

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