Froggie Dash is a game released on the Monster High website on September 12, 2010. The game's plot is the midquel to the webisode "Freedom Fight", though the game's story is not in line with the webisodes' continuity. The protagonists of Froggie Dash are the frogs Lagoona Blue saved from dissection, and who still need to escape the Monster High building.


After Lagoona saved the frogs, they still need to reach the toilets to escape Monster High through the sewers. However, the toilets are flooded and piranhas have claimed the bathroom their terrain. As such, the goal of Froggie Dash is to get the frogs safely to the toilets, rescuing five per level.

The game is played with the arrow keys and the playfield is divided in two segments: one on land and one on water. The land segment comes first and requires the player to guide the frog through heavy traffic composed of miscellaneous items, such as eyeballs, Frankie Stein's bolts and Draculaura's parasol. Being hit by anything costs one of the three chances the player gets at the game.

The water segment's gameplay is opposite of the land segment's: instead of avoiding objects, not stepping on the books and stuff floating in the water means the loss of a chance, because the frog will fall into the water and be eaten by piranhas. The frog automatically falls off if the object they sit on disappears to the right or left side of the field. The water segment is further spiced by the presence of a golden frog, which is a major contributor to the points that can be earned per frog.

Points are awarded for four things. For each higher lane reached, the player is awarded ten points, good for a total of 120 points per frog. If the toilets at the end of the playfield are reached, a bonus of 100 points is awarded. Additionally, the player can try to reach the golden frog and take them on their back, as well as try to catch the fly zooming around the toilets. If either of these objectives are met, the bonus when reaching the toilets becomes 200 points. If both are met, the bonus becomes 400 points.

Every five green frogs, the player advances to the next level, which gradually become harder. Traffic and floating objects move faster, floating objects are shorter and certain ones rhythmically sink and resurface.


  • Froggie Dash is an adaption of the 1981 arcade game Frogger.
  • The piranhas in the intro sequence use Neptuna's model, though logically none of them actually is her.