"Do our hearts not beat the same? Does not the same green blood flow through our veins?"

-Lagoona Blue in "Freedom Fight".

The frogs, sometimes nicknamed froggies, are a small army of amphibians Lagoona Blue saved from dissection and given a home in the Monster High bathrooms. If she needs help, she can call upon them.

Physical Description

Though simply called frogs, Lagoona's frogs are amphibians with three eyes and crests on their back. Lagoona possesses the ability to communicate with them.


Volume 1

Lagoona Blue met the frogs during Hackington's mad science class in "Freedom Fight". Hackington announced they were going to die-sect the frogs, a prospect that horrified Lagoona. With Frankie Stein's assistance, she created a diversion that allowed her to take the frogs away unopposed. Believing the girls' bathroom to be a suitable new habitat for her rescuees, Lagoona brought them there, much to the horror of the female students at Monster High.

In "Clawditions", Lagoona used the frogs to audition for a role in Hamlet: The Musical. Mr. Where wasn't charmed by it and called for the next candidate.

Freakout Friday - Bloodgood frog

Soon after receiving a new home, the frogs started to display their mischievous streak. In "Freakout Friday", one hopped off with Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's head, holding on to it even when the day's reign of bad luck was over.

In "Horrorscope", Lagoona called her frogs to help stop a boy Draculaura thought was to be her perfect match. They jumped out of the bathroom at once, causing chaos in the hallway, but failed to stop the boy.

In "Hatch Me If You Can", one of the frogs helped Lagoona keep the egg uncracked that she and Gil were assigned to take care.

Volume 2

Cleo de Nile tried to use one of her totems in "Queen of the Scammed" to get back on top of the student hierarchy, but instead she unleased "one of the several Egyptian plagues": a huge number of frogs appeared in Hackington's classroom. It's not clear whether these are the same frogs as Lagoona's or new ones, but nevertheless, Lagoona later fed a gnat to one to cheer her up after Gil again tried to get out of acknowledging he was dating a saltwater monster to his parents.


  • The frogs debuted in "Clawditions", one webisode before "Freedom Fight". This suggests that continuity-wise, "Freedom Fight" comes before "Clawditions".
  • The frogs are the protagonists of the Monster High website game Froggie Dash.
  • A toy of a three-eyed frog was included with Lagoona's Classroom doll.