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Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood
Doll stockphotography - Frights Camera Action! - Hauntlywood Viperine
Name Status: Official
Release Date(s): Mid November, 2013
Late December, 2013
Mid February, 2014
Assortment Number(s): BDD84
Model Number(s): BDD85 — Viperine Gorgon
BDD86 — Honey Swamp
BDD87 — Elissabat
BDD88 — Clawdia Wolf

The Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood doll line consists of five characters, all new faces. They are Elissabat, Viperine Gorgon, Clawdia Wolf, Honey Swamp, and Operetta. The line sans Viperine and Operetta was released in Mid November, 2013, with the other two respectively following in Late December and Mid February.


The name Frights, Camera, Action! appears on the boxes, but no such trademark exists (yet). Hauntlywood is an existing trademark from May 20, 2013.

Assortment relations


Each doll comes with a diary and their bio is printed on the back of the box.


The 2014 TV special "Frights, Camera, Action!" will prominently feature the Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood line.

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