When the competition for a dance solo gets too fierce for Rochelle, InvisiBilly helps make her dancing screams a rock-solid reality.


Mr. Where is holding auditions for the lead role in an upcoming dance performance. Five girls are striving for the part, but that doesn't stop them from being supportive of one another. Operetta's and Howleen's attitudes are the most competitive and become swiftly aimed at Rochelle Goyle, who, due to her weight, is not secure about her dancing skills.

The first round of the auditions has all five girls dancing on stage at the same time. A combination of her downed confidence, her own clumsiness, and Howleen and Operetta impulsively deviating from the prescribed choreography to draw attention has Rochelle performing awfully. Robecca helps her up and off stage while Lagoona is asked to stay as the first candidate for the second, solo round. The others prepare for their own calls, but not Rochelle, who is crying. Invisi Billy, one of Mr. Where's assistants, tries to cheer her up. Rochelle laments she is too heavy and clumsy to have any chance at the role of lead dancer, but Invisi Billy disagrees and comes up with a plan.

When Rochelle is called up, Operetta and Howleen speculate on how bad she'll perform this time. What they don't know is that Invisi Billy has invisibly gone on stage with Rochelle. Rochelle starts dancing, aided by Invisi Billy for extra balance and strength. Mr. Where is impressed, remarking that Rochelle defies gravity, and giver her lead role. Rochelle thanks Invisi Billy for all his help, who leaves quietly to enjoy the disbelieving look on Howleen's and Operetta's faces.


  1. Howleen Wolf
  2. Mr. Where
  3. Venus McFlytrap
  4. Lagoona Blue
  5. Rochelle Goyle
  6. Robecca Steam
  7. Invisi Billy
  8. Operetta



  • When Operetta joins the other dancers baskstage, Lagoona suddenly wears her 'Basic' bracelet. And on the wrong arm to boot.
  • Even taking into account that Rochelle is putting her own strength into her movement, she is a creature made of stone and well-established to be very heavy. It is not likely that Invisi Billy possesses the strength to lift Rochelle up that often and that high.


  • The webisode was announced on the Monster High website as "All That Spazz". "Spazz" is an offensive, ableist word in the United Kingdom, so likely that's why the webisode was released under a different name. The original title is a reference to the song "All That Jazz" from the 1975 musical Chicago.
  • It's nice that Rochelle got herself the lead part, but she couldn't have done it herself nor will she be able to do it herself any time soon if at all. Invisi Billy helped her display skills she does not possess, which can't not come back to bite her.
  • This webisode ties in with the Dance Class doll line.