Freaky Footwork is a game released on the Monster High website on March 07, 2011. It promotes the Scream Uniform line and is the only Monster High fiction to do so.


At the start of the game, the player is asked to choose between three characters: Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein or Lagoona Blue. Gameplay is identical for each of them, except for what their combo entails.

The goal of each level is acquiring an amount of items by hitting them with a soccer ball and scoring as many points as possible doing so. The character is controlled with the left and right arrow keys, while the "A", "D" and "W" buttons respectively stand for a footkick, a kneekick and a headbutt. Items float in two rows above the character and it's up to the player to employ the right kicks to hit them.

The first level offers the player 2:00 minutes to hit 30 items. The second level then offers 1:55 minutes to hit 40, followed by 1:50 minutes for 50 items in level 3, and so on. Employing any sort of basic kick will most of the time not get the ball high enough to hit items from the upper row. To fix this, the player can perform a four-hit combo, which will energize the ball to hit the upper row with ease. The combos for each character are: "A"A"D"W" for Clawdeen, "A"D"D"W" for Frankie, and "A"D"A"W" for Lagoona. If performed, the combo also has the added effect that the amount of points gotten for each item hit with an energized ball will be doubled. Moreso, if a combo is immediately followed by another combo, the amount of points for each item hit by the double-energized ball will be tripled. And so on until the combo-string is broken and has to be rebuilt.

Lastly, in the upper row special items occasionally appear that are unique to each character: a blow-dryer for Clawdeen, a needle and thread for Frankie, and a waterdrop for Lagoona. Hitting such an item will cause a small aniamtion to play and the entirety of the onscreen lower and upper rows to be count as hit, ensuring a large amount of points. In the higher levels, it's even essential to hit a few of these items to meet the level's objective before time runs out.


  • Deuce Gorgon also has a Scream Uniform release, but he is not included in the game.
  • Frankie Stein does not wear her Scream Uniform outfit or haircut. Instead, her game model is her webisode fearleader animation model, with her 'Basic' belt sometimes added to the outfit. Meanwhile, Lagoona does wear her Scream Uniform outfit, but her haircut is from her 'Basic' look.