It's the night of the big circus performance! Will the ghouls be able to raise enough money in time to save the art programs at Monster High?


Disappointed with the quality of the show, the students envolved in the fund raising activities sit inside the big tent, miserable over their failures. However, Gooliope comes forward and gives an inspirational speech claiming that a world without the arts is boring, and that the ghouls wouldn't want to be in such situation, calling the ghouls confidence back up. She then proceeds to tell them that what they've been doing wrong all this time was that, instead of focusing on the show as an whole and as a group activity, the ghouls were too worried on their own succeses.

The flashback ends, going back to present times, where Bloodgood presents the crew and shows the crowd how they can make donations to bring back the art program, using their iCoffins to raise money until midnight. The Freak du Chic starts, each student performing wonderful tricks, but helping each other while doing so, creating not just a group of small performances but a big performance.

The crowd is going wild and the fund raising goal is almost covered. Mr. Grunderson, not amused, interrupts the show, five minutes to the end, and claims that the show will never make it in time, the cuts are solely for the students own good. However his speech is stopped when a mild earthquake interrups the show, making Grunderson question. Frankie explains that its in fact Gooliope, who is wobbling since she is irritated by the accountant's words. Grunderson looses his balance and is trow around the tent by various circus objects, only to fall in Gooliope's trunk and be spitted afterwards, only he comes out fully dressed as a clown. The crowd cheers, making the troll confused, but happy, since he had never received so much love before, making him realize that the arts are indeed important. The donations boom and the arts program is safe. The crew celebrates and the crowd cheers.


  1. Honey Swamp
  2. Scarah Screams
  3. Rochelle Goyle
  4. Skelita Calaveras
  5. Draculaura
  6. Clawd Wolf
  7. Frankie Stein
  8. Elissabat
  9. Heath Burns
  10. Clawdeen Wolf
  11. Howleen Wolf
  12. Twyla
  13. Jinafire Long
  14. Toralei Stripe
  15. Gooliope Jellington
  16. Robecca Steam
  17. Abbey Bominable
  18. Venus McFlytrap
  19. Manny Taur
  20. Iris Clops
  21. Deuce Gorgon
  22. Cleo de Nile
  23. Jane Boolittle
  24. Viperine Gorgon
  25. Spectra Vondergeist
  26. Operetta
  27. Bloodgood
  28. Nightmare
  29. Invisi Billy
  30. Skullastic Superintendents
  31. Perfect Guy
  32. Grunderson
  33. Finnegan Wake
  34. Quill Talyntino
  35. Gilda Goldstag
  36. Gory Fangtell
  37. Neighthan Rot
  38. Hoodude Voodoo
  39. Abbey Bominable
  40. Rotter
  41. Marisol Coxi
  42. Gillington Webber
  43. Ghoulia Yelps
  44. Lagoona Blue
  45. Isi Dawndancer
  46. Clawdia Wolf




  • Isi Dawndancer makes her 2D cartoon debut (albeit a non-speaking role).