The Freak Du Chic - Noir is a doll line and comprises of two characters dressed with dark circus style. They are Twyla and Clawdeen Wolf, which both of them will be a Target exclusive.


Freak Du Chic was trademarked on April 16, 2014. The "Noir" subtitle isn't printed on the packaging, but it is present on store listings, such as Argos's.


Twyla and Clawdeen Wolf display special features, as both of the dolls have grey skin instead of their default color. Clawdeen also comes with her pet Crescent with a fake mane and Twyla includes her pet Dustin.


Dolls come with the poster.


The "Freak Du Chic" is prominently feature the Freak Du Chic - Noir line.


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Clawdeen Wolf Twyla