Frankie - Meet the Ghouls is the second Generation 2 webisode, and sets up Frankie's character and backstory.


You won’t believe the fangtastic results of this ghoul’s science experiment! 


A Frankenstein's monster girl named Frankie introduces herself to us. Frankie tells us about how her family created her at the power station, and how they needed to have places to hide away from the humans. She talks about how fate brought her to the power station and how the door was locked, but then says that anyone who knows her knows she never gives up. She also talks about how the station was the perfect place for a "ghoul" (girl) brought to life by electricity. She says thankfully, there was someone who loved to read who left books behind for her, but laments she soon read all the books at the station. She then perks up about how one day, Draculaura brought her to Monster High, where she can never stop learning. The result of her experiment is revealed to be popcorn. After eating some, she states she loves science, before realizing she needs to get it upstairs for "Ghouls' Night" (girls' night). She then dashes upstairs and wishes us good night.


  1. Frankie Stein



  • This is Frankie's first webisode where she's voiced by Cassandra Lee.
  • Here, Frankie has black hair with white streaks instead of white hair with black streaks.
  • From the looks of this webisode, the Monster High lab is now bright white.
  • Frankie making personal popcorn in a science lab at night goes along with Monster High now being a boarding school.


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