Flara Blaze is a Fright-mare who inhabits the Dream Pastures, a secret place within the walls of the Monster High Catacombs, a place where the monster's dream collide. She was born when a phoenix had a dream that collided with a Nightmare from the Dream Pastures, resulting in Flara.

In the comics, her monster type is a cross of a nightmare and a fire elemental, rather than a phoenix.



Flara is just like fire, who she has a big connection with, chaotic and unpredictable. One moment she can be peacefully dosing off, in the other she can be causing chaos where she goes, one of her favourite things to do, so she can mostly be seen doing the latter. Though not necessarily evil, Flara is definitely hard to keep track with and difficult to handle, as she is extremely active most of the time, always scheming for whats next. Despite this, the herd of the Fright- Mares accepts her as is, and recognize her as one of their own, even with her distinctive personality.


Flara is centaur-like, with a mustard upper body and blood orange flowy hair, with yellow lowlights and a thread of purple feathers in the middle of her head. Along with her purple eyes, she also sports a pair of feather golden wings, on her back. Her horse part is a deep purple-maroon colour, with fire markings in her legs and rear, as well as a fiery orange tail.

Dream Bending Tactic

Flara, like the others of her kind, is only able to channel dreams to the monsters of the type she is crossed with, that being phoenixs (or in the comics: fire elementals).

Her unique way of dream bending revolves around temperature and unbalance, as she "can change from a warm comforting dream to a towering inferno" with little effort.