Looks Gil-ty - Finn on screen

Finn is a 2015-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is a merman who lives in Rotland and he used to date Lorna McNessie.



Finn is a muscular merman with cyan skin, dark cyan fins, and green eyes.


Finn is not much of a talker, to the point he broke up with Lorna by text message. Given he was rather well-dressed for his one appearance, he might be of a well-to-do family like Lorna.



In "Looks Gil-ty", Finn and Lorna were getting help from Gil in how to deal with their parents because, like Lagoona and Gil, Finn is saltwater and Lorna freshwater, as Loch Ness, being a lake, is a freshwater area. Despite the help, he broke up with Lorna in "Gloom and Bloom, Part 1".


  • January 29, 2015: Finn makes his 2D debut in the webisode "Looks Gil-ty".


  • Since it is only spoken, it isn't clear how Finn's name is spelled.

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