Fierce Rockers is a doll line of five dolls what released in Late January, 2016. The series includes Toralei Stripe, Catty Noir, Clawdeen Wolf, Jinafire Long, and Venus McFlytrap. Catty and Toralei are released as 2-pack and Clawdeen, Jinafire and Venus are released as 3-pack.






Doll stockphotography - Fierce Rockers Catty and Toralei I Doll stockphotography - Fierce Rockers Catty and Toralei II Doll stockphotography - Fierce Rockers 3-pack
Catty Noir & Toralei Stripe Catty Noir & Toralei Stripe Venus McFlytrap, Jinafire Long & Clawdeen Wolf

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