Howleen frights to get Romulus to notice her but fails to see that another friend finds her totally furrr-iffic.


It's the first full moon of the Lunar Leap Year, a romantic time for werewolves. Many of them hook up or pay special attention to their significant others. In this atmosphere of romance, Howleen Wolf considers her own chances. Clawdeen tries to talk her out of it on account of Howleen's age, which doesn't so much convince as agitates her. In her anger, she fails to get her locker open. Romulus notices as he passes by and helps open it, igniting Howleen's lingering feelings for him. Clawdeen disapproves.

Later, at the Full Moon Sports Day, Howleen hangs out with Lothar and talks with him about her love troubles. Lothar, who secretly has feelings for Howleen, listens patiently and tries to give her romance advice. His first piece of advice is to get Romulus to notice her by doing the things he likes. Howleen concurs that that is a good plan and goes looking for a stick to play fetch with Romulus. She finds a good one at a bonfire Heath just lit and throws the stick at Romulus, despite Heath's objections. As it turns out, the stick works like a boomerang and guides Romulus right into the bonfire. Howleen quickly fetches a bucket of water to throw over him.

Not ready to give up yet, Howleen considers trying to howl along with the other werewolves. Encouraged by Lothar, she tries to howl when Romulus is nearby, but only produces a few yaps. Romulus fails to even notice her as he walks by, making his way to another werewolf who can howl properly. Howleen concedes defeat, but Lothar assures her that it is Romulus who is the loser here. This helps Howleen deal with the rejection a little better and so she thanks her friend. But as she turns away, Lothar leaves out a sigh at his own problem that Howleen herself doesn't notice his crush on her. At the same time, Lothar is oblivious to the slug girl behind a tree who is looking longingly at him and is equally heartbroken that he doesn't notice her.


  1. Draculaura
  2. Clawd Wolf
  3. Dee O'Gee
  4. Lothar
  5. Howleen Wolf
  6. Clawdeen Wolf
  7. Romulus
  8. Lagoona Blue
  9. Hoodude Voodoo
  10. Gory Fangtell
  11. Don of the Dead
  12. Operetta
  13. Jackson Jekyll
  14. Sloman Mortavitch
  15. Manny Taur
  16. Heath Burns
  17. Cleo de Nile
  18. Frankie Stein
  19. Buzz Wingman
  20. Slug girl
  21. Brocko




  • Full Moon Sports Day first is shown to take place at the Monster High outdoor sport field, then all of a sudden is held at the cemetery.
  • Perhaps giving another his flea collar is romantic, but doesn't Dee O'Gee need it himself to remain a prim and proper date?
  • Romulus helps Howleen open her locker but when Howleen says wow her locker is shut.


  • The scene of Romulus helping Howleen open her locker closely resembles the scene in "Back-to-Ghoul" in which Clawd helps Draculaura close her locker.