Department of Monster Vehicles - Fenderbender vs devil

Fenderbender is a 2013-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is an unspecified kind of monster and a driving instructor many of the students of Monster High have met when attempting to pass the road test. In general, he does not leave a positive memory.



Fenderbender has a reputation for being a tough teacher. He is capable of lashing out harshly at those who've failed the road test, but in his defense, he seems to suffer a lot of physical injuries due to incompetent driving. Those who pass the test get to see a much more pleasant side of him.


Fenderbender has green skin and brown eyes.


Both the devil boy and Frankie Stein try to get their driver's license while supervised by Fenderbender. The devil boy goes home empty-handed, but Frankie passes the road test. Department of Monster Vehicles

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