The fearbook is an iconic component of the Monster High franchise, existing as a piece of fiction, a piece of media, and a piece of merchandise.


Picture Day

Though Picture Day is a 'Signature' assortment, its dolls do not come with doll logs, but with miniature fearbooks.


FearbookFearbook2PMAT1-8191767 alternate2 v380
PMAT1-8191767 alternate3 v760

There are two releases of the Fearbook: the Mid September, 2010 Fearbook release and the Mid October, 2011 Fearbook 2.0 Journal release.

Mattel Shop description:

So many creepy secrets and scary surprises! Use the freaky skull key to open the Fearbook and access a specially locked section, where you can write secret messages with a "magic reveal" pen. Another lockable compartment is perfect for hiding your pen and marker, composition book, and ultra-icky stickers. Wanna personalize it? Press the button inside to record a special message that you can play back!

  • Cool, colorful cover features the whole boo crew
  • Makes frightastic sounds every time you turn the key
  • Includes three sheets of fun facts, gossip, and info
  • Comes with composition book, sticker sheets, “magic reveal” pen, and marker
  • Stores everything inside for on-the-go play

This toy has been nominated for the 2011 Toy of the Year Award.

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