Fawntine Fallowheart is a Fright-Mare who inhabits the Dream Pastures, a secret place within the walls of the Monster High Catacombs, a place where the monster's dream collide. She was born when a deer had a dream that collided with a Nightmare from the Dream Pastures, the creating unique being, Fawntine.



Fawntine is a centaur, that is half her body is of a deer. Her skin is a mauve color while her deer body is dark brown, with fur and big hooves, and a tattoo of green vines in her flank and a small deer tail, which fades to white. Her eyes are mossy green, and she has green freckles, as well as antler shaped eyebrows. Her hair is platinum blonde with green highlights in the back, long and straight, and in the top of her head she has big brown antlers with white skeleton, bird-like hands on them.