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Fangelica VanBat is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. She made her first animated appearance in Calling All Ghouls. She's the sister by affiliation of Draculaura. She was born on October 11th, according to the Junior Reader's book; Fangelica's Fangtastic Friends. Although she was born to the VanBat family, Dracula took her in and adopted her.


In English she is voiced by Cristina Milizia. She was supposed to be voiced by the late Hiromi Hayakawa in the Spanish language, but due to Hiromi's passing; she has yet to receive a voice actor for the Spanish version of the series and thus, has not yet appeared in the version of Spanish speaking countries.




Vampire Family

Fangelica and her new family by affiliation, Dracula and Draculaura.

At first she is very shy, not revealing herself to the rest of the Ghoul Squad, but after seeing Clawdeen and Draculaura preform the secret vampire handshake she quickly makes friends with all of the ghouls at Monster High. Since she is younger than most of the other students, she seems to have a large curiosity in the customs of these teenagers.


She is a lot younger looking than the rest of the ghouls. She is shorter and has pink skin, with a pair of large purple eyes. Unlike any other vampire in-universe, she has bat wings and ears at all times, probably justified as a symptom of her younger age and therefore unexperience with vampire powers (be noted that she can, however, fully transform into a bat at will).


Fangelica posesses most of the same abilities as other vampires.


In Adventures of the Ghoul Squad, she previously lived with an unnamed mother and father. Their wherabouts are unknown. In the Monster Family line she is presented as the adopted daughter of Dracula.


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