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Story Date
This new hybrid gallops with fierce style! Meet Avea Trotter!Gallery August 07, 2014
The sun is about to set on summer, but that doesn't mean the ghouls can't fit in as much beach time as possible before heading back to Monster High! August 08, 2014
Just a little furrrocious advice for any monsters nervous about heading back to school this scaremester!Gallery August 11, 2014
She's so clawesome, we could scream! Meet one of the new Hybrid transfer monsters, Bonita Femur!Gallery August 12, 2014
"Now I know better than any ol' monster that getting the perfect shot can be tough. Even my perfectionist spirit wore thin on today's grueling shoot!" - Honey SwampGallery August 15, 2014
"Nothing is more nerve-wracking than the fear of melting under the hot set lights! Can we get a cold air machine, how do you say, chop chop?!" - Abbey BomindableGallery August 15, 2014
"It's my mission to plant the seeds of eco-friendliness on set before today wilts away!" - Venus McFlytrapGallery August 15, 2014
"It was difficult frightening up the energy to be around all of the ghouls on set. Fang goodness my claustrophobia went away when I got my own screen time!" - Jane BoolittleGallery August 16, 2014
"I know it's not traditional craft services food, but would it have killed anyone to provide a spicy dish or two on set this week?" - Jinafire LongGallery August 16, 2014
"I can feel greatness in my bones every time I step on set! Something creepy cool is coming soon!" - Skelita CalaverasGallery August 16, 2014
"Pardonnez moi, but I must brag, this set is pure artistic purrrfection. Our video is going to be tres monsterfique!" - Catrine DeMewGallery August 16, 2014
"You'd think I'd have a reputation on Hauntlywood sssets by now. Can you believe no one knew about my monstrous makeup obsesssion?!" - Viperine GorgonGallery August 17, 2014
"My brain must have rusted over last night when I set my alarm! Can you believe I was nearly 13 minutes late for my call time this morning?!" - Robecca SteamGallery August 17, 2014
"Sometimes it sucks not being able to see your own reflection. Luckily, I have scary-sweet friends who make sure I look vamptastic on set!" - DraculauraGallery August 17, 2014
"Working on a Hauntlywood set is totally wild, but it's really taking a bite out of my regularly scheduled maul time!" - Clawdeen WolfGallery August 17, 2014
"Nothing gets me sparking like seeing my beasties looking totally voltageous on set!" - Frankie SteinGallery August 18, 2014
Fall head-over-tombstone all over again when you capture each of your favorite ghouls at freaky-fab prices!Gallery August 19, 2014
Who's ready to blow the lid off this casket and get the scaremester started off fright?!Gallery August 20, 2014
Because weekends were made to let your freaky-fab flag fly!Gallery August 24, 2014
From Freshmeat Year to Senior Spirit, every Monster High student is thrilled to be heading back to school!Gallery August 26, 2014
Now you can decide which background character is ready to creep into the spotlight and become your next Monster High doll! Voting begins now, so drag your bodies over here!Gallery September 02, 2014
Will Finnegan Wake make a huge splash as Monster High's newest doll to come to life in 2015? Don't forget to vote before the coffin closes forever!Gallery September 03, 2014
Will the competition bite the dust in favor of Gory Fangtel? Only you can decide her fate! Vote now!Gallery September 03, 2014
Fresh blood or not, Quill Talyntino is making one creeperific first impression on the masses at Monster High! Drag your bodies over and vote now!Gallery September 03, 2014


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