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All the ghouls are just dying to know: what are your hopes and screams for 2013? January 02, 2013
I've screamed about becoming a fashion designer ever since I was the smallest pup in the pack! I always channel my idol, Mme. Moanatella Ghostier, when I'm in need of some freaky-fierce inspiration. - Clawdeen.Gallery January 07, 2013
In preparation for the upcoming SKRM season, Robecca has shifted into full maintenance mode! She's gearing up her balance module schedule to ensure she doesn't rust up on the course.Gallery January 13, 2013
Did you know Transylvania is Latin for "across the woods?" Just one of the freaky-fab facts Draculaura shared during her class presentation on her often misunderstood homeland. January 14, 2013
Frankie is totally plugged in to all of the excitement over the upcoming SKRM season. She's sparking to lace up her skates and take on all of the MH Nightmare's biggest competitors.Gallery January 16, 2013
Be still my heart! Deuce and Cleo were spotted brunching with her royal family this morning. Is Cleo's dad finally accepting his daughter's exquisite taste in boyfriend material? January 20, 2013
Study Howl can be the purrrfect time to dream up furrrocious new screams! Clawdeen spent the hour drawing freaky-fierce new ensemble ideas in her design sketchbook. January 23, 2013
Scaris, the city of UHHH-ltimate frights, sounds like the most epic place to visit! Rochelle's class presentation on her hometown had guys and ghouls on their feet screaming "trés monsterfique!"Gallery January 30, 2013
If you missed last Friday's SKRM season opener then you missed a thrilling matchup. Robecca got off to a shaky start, but she was determined to dust of the rust. Luckily, the MH Nightmares pulled ahead for the win just as the final bell tolled. February 04, 2013
Happy Chinese New Year! 2013 promises to be a lucky one so I scream to be better at anything I can improve on (think spicy new fashion designs and a temper that's a little less combustible). – Jinafire.Gallery February 10, 2013
Frankie's recharged and ready to bolt into the new Himalayan SKRM track with everything she's got! She's been prepping for the upcoming season with marathon tournaments on her 3DS. After all, high powered practice makes perfect. February 13, 2013
Now is the time to celebrate the strength of a bond, for true love doesn't always stem from an arrow or wand. Happy Valentine's Day, my lovely listeners! - Cupid.Gallery February 14, 2013
Happy Birthday to the one and only Draculaura and cheers to a screamy year worth remembering!Gallery February 14, 2013
I'm dying to take our team to the championship in 2013 so I'm gonna really bring it on the caksetball court this year. Oh and I can't leave my ghoul out in the cold, so weekly date-nights with her are a must. – Clawd.Gallery February 18, 2013
Oh. My. Oracle. I'm ready for 2013 to be absolutely phantastic! My scream is for the Ghostly Gossip to become even more popular this year than it already is. With my story digging skills, it's bound to come true. – Spectra.Gallery February 23, 2013
Date nights with Cleo (my one-and-only ghoul) are awesome, but sometimes I just want to relax and fang out with the guys. In 2013, I’m going to work hard to make sure I rock at doing both! – Deuce.Gallery February 27, 2013
If stylish new ghoul Catrine DeMew offers to sketch your portrait, be warned. She's a purrfectionist whose biggest pet peeve is monsters who don't sit still.Gallery March 02, 2013
Howleen is so screeching excited for today's hip-hop dance class. She's debuting her new routine to the epic classic "Rapper's Deadlight" by The Sugar Eyeball Society.Gallery March 05, 2013
Bros' night in is starting to lurk pretty thrilling! Deuce is hosting a rock solid video game tournament tonight and all the guys are letting their competitive sides run wild. March 09, 2013
Pardonnez moi, ghouls, but I am in need of your help. I am lurking for the new suitcase to buy, but do not know which color is most fangtastique – le pink or le black? – RochelleGallery: January 30, 2013 March 12, 2013
Our newest student body is turning heads all across campus! Wish you knew more? 500 likes will unearth another freaky-fierce photo.Gallery March 13, 2013
Rumor has it tight spaces are not on this new ghoul's list of freaky-fave places. I'm dying to grant you further insight into this scary-cool ghoul, but only if this photo gets 800 likes.Gallery March 13, 2013
Creeperific screams really do come true! Officially introducing Gigi Grant, the new ghoul with a wicked awesome habit of granting epic monster wishes.Gallery March 13, 2013
Packing up the royal chambers with a week's worth of spring break attire can feel absolutely dreadful! Thank Ra Cleo is skilled in the art of tight wrapping.Gallery March 13, 2013
Skelita's been haunting her closet all afternoon trying to decide what to pack for her spur-of-the-bone weekend trip to Hexico. Don't fret, ghoul, anything works when you're visiting la familia.Gallery March 15, 2013
Reuniting with my lost love Garrott Duroque in 2013 would be très monsterfique! Is there anyone you're dying to reconnect with this year? - Rochelle.Gallery March 16, 2013
Frankie definitely needs a high voltage recharge this spring break. She's been sparking for a chance to unplug and totally relax.Gallery March 17, 2013
With just a touch of Ghoulia's mad programming skills, Clawdeen's fashion website launch is sure to be a furrocious success.Gallery March 19, 2013
Oh my oracle, Spectra's blog has been hacked! I hear the site will be down until midnight as the administration investigates the mischievous activity.Gallery March 23, 2013
Did you feel the heat at lunch today? Holt's surprise concert in the creepateria really lit up everyone's dreary Thursday afternoon.Gallery March 28, 2013
Don't dread this weekend's study sessions for Monday's Mad Science exam! Ghoulia's got you covered with her study guide for the Periodic Table of Monsterments.Gallery March 29, 2013
If you haven't heard, Toralei won today's annual MH Easter Egg Hunt! Her prowess and mad hunting skills are totally unsurpassed.Gallery March 31, 2013
Have you heard the rumor? The final bell has tolled on Deuce and Cleo's relationship. April 01, 2013
iCoffin Alert: April Fools' joke shocks student bodies! Deuce and Cleo are still the reigning royalty of MH couples. April 01, 2013
Look upon me with amazement, ghouls! This year I've planned the most superior spring break trip to the secluded (and totally exclusive) beaches of Barbooda. – Cleo April 05, 2013
Clawdeen is definitely in the doghouse this time! Mr. Hackington caught her doodling in her fashion sketchpad during Mad Science and sentenced her to a week's worth of Deadtention. April 09, 2013
Beauté is in the eye of the beholder, ghouls. Always remember to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster, et voilà! – CatrineGallery April 10, 2013
The newest ghoul to haunt the halls is a bit shy, but 500 "likes" will help you capture another brief, but breathtaking, lurk at her!Gallery April 12, 2013
Here's another peek at our dreamy new ghoul! 600 more "likes" will finally unearth her secret identity.Gallery April 12, 2013
Introducing Twyla, daughter of the infamous Boogey Man! Thanks for all your fangtastic help luring her out from the shadows, ghouls.Gallery April 12, 2013
My sweet and shy personality ensures that your most creeperific nightmares will always be safe with me, ghouls! - Twyla.Gallery April 12, 2013
Don't just sit there like a potted plant, get out and help save our planet! What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day, ghouls? – VenusGallery April 22, 2013
Lurks like my Boo Year's Scream is about to come true! I have a freaky-fab new assignment that's sending me to an enchanted place to help others follow their true heart's desires! – CupidGallery April 23, 2013
Howleen is lurking more UHHH-mazing than I ever could have screamed!Gallery April 24, 2013
HooDude and Scarah deserve a hand! Their volunteer work with Squeals on Wheels is helping monsters all over the community.Gallery April 24, 2013
Lagoona's splashing a new set of fresh water fins that any monster would die for!Gallery April 25, 2013
Frankie nailed it like a coffin! Her high-powered philanthro-party friendship bracelets are going viral and raising money for electricity shortages in third world countries.Gallery May 02, 2013
Today's Cinco de Mayo fiesta is reaching epic heights! Each ghoul brought a signature dish from her monster scaritage, including Skelita's abuela's famous al-bone-digas.Gallery May 05, 2013
Excitement over Venus' philanthro-party is sprouting quickly! The ghouls can't wait to decorate their own watering cans to support a clean and healthy planet earth.Gallery May 06, 2013
If I've learned anything from the halls of Monster High, it's that secrets can't stay locked in the coffin for long, ghouls.Gallery May 07, 2013
500 likes will reveal the MH student body responsible for leaving this mysteriously sizzling note.Gallery May 08, 2013
Nothing ignites Heath Burns like someone he's crushing on! 800 more likes to reveal the flame fatale who has hold of his heart.Gallery May 08, 2013
When it comes to fire and ice, these freaky-fab opposites definitely attract. Perhaps Heath has finally melted Abbey's cool exterior?Gallery May 08, 2013
Operetta is possessed with getting top grades this scaremester. Lurks like she's already on her way to an A in Biteology! May 09, 2013
Creep over to Cupid's radio show to capture her latest musings on unlife, love, and turning the next page of her epic hiss-tory!Gallery May 10, 2013
Be careful when texting in Mr. Where's class, ghouls! Rochelle nearly died of embarrassment today when he made her read her texts (to Garrott!) aloud to the entire class. May 24, 2013
Has Heath finally melted Abbey's heart? Today they were spotted lurking awfully happy while sharing a snow cone in the park. June 11, 2013
Like clockwork, Robecca's already gearing up for the next SKRM season. She's rallying the team with a frightfully good, pre-season "We Are Monster High" chant! August 06, 2013
Robecca and Cy's ice skating date almost took a spine-chilling turn when her jet pack began to melt the ice! Thank Gore Cy had an eye on the situation and saved the day before Robecca could rust. December 06, 2013


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