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Happy New Year, ghouls! Any resolutions? I'm dying to get more involved in ghoul activities like ASB (Associated Student Bodies) this year. January 01, 2011
CAPTURED: Lagoona showing off her scary-fast swimming skills to a certain tall, damp and handsome guy. January 07, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura midnight skiing the Transylvanian Alps with her dad. Lurks like they're having a fangtastic time on their family vacay. January 12, 2011
CAPTURED: Killer beats oozing from the Creepateria. Holt Hyde really knows how to spin a record – he's on fire! I hear a zombie flash mob is slowly making its way there. January 17, 2011
Tried to tackle a menacing stunt at Fearleading practice. At first I was a moaning ball of nerves, but Frankie lent me a reassuring hand. Thanks to her, we totally pulled it together! January 18, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura and Clawd at a Justin Biter concert. I'm dying to know if they're a couple.Gallery January 20, 2011
CAPTURED: Deuce showing off his stone cold moves on the casketball court. I hear Cleo is planning a special fear-cheer just for him. January 21, 2011
Off to the maul with Cleo! We're on a monster mission to find a furrrocious faux fur vest or totally tattered tights to wear on Friday night. Which should we get ghouls? January 26, 2011
Tonight's the night, ghouls. Midfright bowling with the freaky-fab crew...I'm crawling with excitement! I'm dying to show off my new totally tattered tights. January 28, 2011
CAPTURED: Clawdeen tearing up the soccer field at practice. She's the beast midfielder Monster High has seen in centuries! Can't wait to watch her totally kill it this season. January 31, 2011
Did anyone else see Draculaura concocting a love potion in Mad Science Class today? Hook me up, ghoul - Valentine's Day is just around the corner! February 02, 2011
CAPTURED: Cleo and the Fear Squad holding midnight practices all week! The new routine for Friday's pep rally is still locked in the coffin. I'm just dying to see it. February 07, 2011
Crawling with excitement from today's pep rally. Can't wait to see tomorrow's casketball game! Do you think the boys will win? We've got spirits, yes we do. We’ve got spirits, how 'bout you! February 11, 2011
Another one bites the dust! Deuce Gorgon knocks 'em dead and leads the casketball team to another vicious victory. February 13, 2011
Draculaura here (oh, I love guest posts). Wishing all my ghoulfriends the most fangtastic Valentine’s Day ever. Heart you all to death. Smooches!Gallery February 14, 2011
CAPTURED: Lagoona totally ripping on a gnarly wave. She'll definitely lead the MH surf team to fintastic frights this year. Plus, that wicked bite in her surf board gives her major monster cred.Gallery February 16, 2011
Can't wait to hang with my ghouls! Dirt chocolate fro-yo is my fave, but what to top it with? Mini sugar eyeballs or gummy fears? My stomach is growling just thinking about it. February 18, 2011
Cleo, Ghoulia, brain puffs and the latest scary human movie on DVD? Sounds like an uhhhnnn-believable ghouls night in! So jealous. February 20, 2011
High voltage tunes heard creeping out of Holt Hyde's garage. Think he and Deuce will rock their way into the MH Battle of the Bands? Knock 'em dead boys, you have my vote! February 22, 2011
The zombie flash mob has spoken. The winners of MH Battle of the Bands are - Deuce and Hyde! They seriously nailed a wicked version of "Shake, Rattle and Heads Will Roll." February 23, 2011
Frankie had a mortalifying fall out of a stunt at Fear Squad practice today. Luckily, the ghoul has a sense of humor – she gave herself a hand for nailing the landing. February 27, 2011
Ghoulia tackling an UHHHn-believably hard Biteology problem in Study Howl. Ghoulfriend has an awestacular study ritual that keeps her at the top of the class.Gallery February 28, 2011
CAPTURED: Cleo's new fearleading routine making its dynastic debut at a surprise spirit rally. Ghoul's got skills - the student bodies went mad when they saw it. March 02, 2011
Rumor has it Lagoona is a tadpole nervous about swimming in the meet today. No fear, ghoul - you've got a fintastic freestyle that will blow the competition out of the water.

March 05, 2011

CAPTURED: Frankie and Ghoulia getting scary-cute mani-pedis at the maul. Wonder if they'll get glitter cobwebs over midnight black polish or creep it simple with a blood red color. Which would you get, ghouls? March 06, 2011
Fear Squad dilemma! Need monster advice, ghouls. Should Cleo back flip into the tallest fear-a-mid they've tried in centuries, or should Frankie pull together an electrifying thirteen spin basket toss? March 11, 2011
Major monsterista points to Clawdeen for having the guts to audition for America's Top Monster! The judges thought her test photos were furrrocious. March 13, 2011
CAPTURED: Hyde going berserk at a DJ Death Breath show. He was so excited to meet his haunted house music idol, he nearly lost his head! March 15, 2011
Ghoulia scared up a batch of blood red velvet cupcakes today in Home Ick Class. Absolutely to die for! Wonder what the cryptic ingredients are? March 16, 2011
Deuce just got his hands on the Rock Monster video game and has been playing all night! He's trying to capture the beast score possible. What song should he rock next, "Hit Me with Your Best Rot" or "Hungry Like the Werewolf"? March 18, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura interviewing Lagoona for the cover story of the MH newspaper! Hope she gets all the beast deets on Lagoona's victory in the last swim meet.Gallery March 21, 2011
Scary-bright lights, big encore! The freaky-fab crew totally ruled the stage last night with their rendition of "Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun". Rumor has it you can score the same karaoke machine at Toys "R" Us, ghouls.Gallery March 23, 2011
I hate to moan, but I can't decide which swimsuit to pack for Gloom Beach! The ghouls are already lurking their beast and I'm having a crisis. Guess it's back to the closet. March 27, 2011
That MP3 Player has been attached to Clawdeen's hand all week! For all the ghouls who have been moaning to me about where they can get one of their own, I hear Toys "R" Us is the spot.Gallery March 29, 2011
Lagoona has been splashing Frankie's locker message board with notes all week. Wonder if they're going shopping for new Ghoul Spirit gear?Gallery March 30, 2011
Afraid of Spring Break rays attacking your complexion? Then don't be caught dead without this new SPF 500 sunscreen. Even vampires will be walking on sunshine.Gallery April 01, 2011
Hyde's fingers are on fire! I captured him feverishly working on his music blog today, but he kept his work top secret. Share the deets, dude – I'm dying to know what's hot! April 03, 2011
Lagoona has been totally blue while packing for Gloom Beach. Her monstrous suitcase is only so big and she can't decide between her white zig-zag wedges with the sea foam blue strap or her pink bubble heel jellies. Thoughts, ghouls? April 06, 2011
I don't want to let the cat out of the coffin, but I hear the student bodies have captured the perfect outfits for the next reincarnation of Dawn of the Dance.Gallery April 07, 2011
CAPTURED: Frankie, Clawdeen and Cleo rockin' new threads. They always lurk drop dead gorgeous!Gallery April 08, 2011
CAPTURED: Frankie and Draculaura using these walkie-talkies all over the place! First the belfry, now this lurks like they're having a frightfully fun time. And if their walkie-talkies die, Frankie can always put a fresh spark of energy into them!Gallery April 09, 2011
Royal meltdown at Gloom Beach! Lurks like Cleo's fave lipstick is as gooey as zombie slime. Should she brave the beach without any makeup or demand the service of Ghoulia's lip gloss? April 10, 2011
Is that a new manster you're texting, Frankie? Would love the creeperific crush details, ghoul! Or is it locked in the coffin? Text me ASAP!Gallery April 14, 2011
Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie have been practicing their hearts out at Gloom Beach the past few days. Today I saw them attempting a scary-complicated fear-a-mid. Creep it up, ghouls – you can do it! April 16, 2011
You know Lagoona is head over fins for Gil, right? Unlucky for her, she was head over fins on the Screech Volleyball court today...and Gil witnessed the horrifying debacle! Dust yourself off and try again, ghoul. April 17, 2011
Cleo and Ghoulia have been dreaming of Furry Nuggets all day! They're on their way to capture some fast food now. Wonder if they'll pair it with a Mint Slime Shake? April 18, 2011
Draculaura hates the dreadful black capes her dad keeps passing down to her. Luckily she shed the gloomy garb and has been sporting her swimsuit all over Gloom Beach!Gallery April 19, 2011
Hi ghouls, it's me...Frankie (guest posts are so voltage)! It's my first Earth Day and I need your help deciding how to get involved. Should I organize a Gloom Beach clean-up or plant a monstrous amount of Black Oak trees? April 20, 2011
I can't believe it! Thanks to all of your creeperific advice, Frankie found a spark of energy to clean up Gloom Beach and plant a forest of Black Oak trees on Earth Day. The ghouls are so proud of all the voltage work she's doing for the community. April 22, 2011
Rumor has it Frankie tripped and electrified the pool where Cleo was tanning. It will be days before Cleo pardons her for that royal mistake. April 24, 2011
CAPTURED: Clawd and Draculaura rehearsing for Shakesfear's "A Midsummer Night's Scream." It's going to be the most fangtastic play of the year! I hear Ghoulia's directing a behind the screams look at the rehearsal process.Gallery April 23, 2011
Rumor has it Frankie tripped and electrified the pool where Cleo was tanning. It will be days before Cleo pardons her for that royal mistake. April 24, 2011
CAPTURED: Deuce sneaking off to refine his mad culinary skills. Lurks like he's working his magic on a new Greek Monster-Fusion creation. April 26, 2011
Ghoulia loves comic books so naturally she makes an UHHHn-believable super hero. Such a scary-cute look for you, ghoul! Can't wait to catch you showing off your monster moves at San Diego Comic-Con this year.Gallery April 29, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura watching Clawd play a mean game of street casketball. Wonder if they'll ever get together and capture the student bodies vote for scary-cutest couple? April 30, 2011
Break out those decomposition books, ghouls; you'll want to take notes! The next few weeks are going to be scary-busy around here with Friday the 13th coming up!. Rumor has it new student bodies will be haunting the MH halls any day now! May 01, 2011
Almost everyone on campus is dying to meet the Fleshman Class. Rumors are flying about what they'll be like. May 03, 2011
CAPTURED: Cleo having a monster freak out in the Creepateria (in front of Deuce – gasp!). I hear she's worried that the fresh blood on campus may try to steal her throne. May 03, 2011
Curses! I thought today's Biteology Class would be our first lurk at the new student bodies. Sorry ghouls, no new news. May 04, 2011
Oh my goth, this note I captured is so scary-cute! Draculaura and Frankie are charged up about making new friends.Gallery May 04, 2011
Let the countdown begin! One week until Friday the 13th. Prepare yourself ghouls. May 06, 2011
G'day ghouls! Lagoona on the web (guest posts are so fintastic) letting you know that scaly skin isn't a monster problem, it's a blessing. I might need gallons of monsturizer on dry land, but under water these scales protect me from gnarly problems! Wouldn’t have my scaly skin any other way.Gallery May 06, 2011
Clawdeen here (that's right ghouls, it's a guest post). The rule around school is fitting in is SO out – and it's true. Some may think my thick mane is hard to handle, but I love it! Freaky-fierce style and a look that's all my furrrocious.Gallery May 07, 2011
Anyone remember last Friday the 13th, when a new chapter in our Biteology textbook suddenly appeared? Wonder if another text will be unearthed this time around. May 07, 2011
CAPTURED: Confidential note from Headmistress Bloodgood to Facilities found today! Lurks like the new student bodies will be here Friday. Prep the lockers, they're coming...Gallery May 08, 2011
Hyde here (this guest post will be smokin', ghouls). My fiery personality makes me the life of the party... or the end of the party...sometimes on the same night. But what can I say? I dig my flames.Gallery May 08, 2011
This is Ghoulia, writing to you from study howl (guest posts are simply UHHH-mazing). The fact that I can only speak zombie sure can get in the way, but I love who I am - even if normies cannot UHHHn-derstand what I am saying sometimes.Gallery May 09, 2011
Draculaura guest post time (yay)! Reflections may make getting ready a bit easier, but I think I manage to put together a fangtastic look without one. Trust me, who you are on the inside is totes more important than what you see in the mirror anyway. Smooches!Gallery May 10, 2011
Deuce is on the mic (translation: computer keyboard) and ready to rock this guest post. Sometimes turning my friends to stone can be a drag, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's a cool trick I share with my mom, and it also helped me form my signature look – rockin' the shades.Gallery May 11, 2011
Friday the 13th is so close ghouls! I hope you're prepared for the freaky-fabulous things that may happen. It's definitely the most creeperific day of the year! May 11, 2011
Roll out the gold carpet, ghouls. Cleo here, with my inaugural guest post (you'll be totally wrapped up in it)! The secret is out: I'm afraid of the dark. Who wouldn't be after being locked in a sarcophagus for thousands of years? No matter, the student bodies still worship me (as they should) – and I think it makes me royally unique.Gallery May 12, 2011
CAPTURED: Ghouls have reported experiencing an icy chill when creeping past the room where the new student bodies are having orientation.Gallery May 13, 2011
Hi ghouls, it's me – Frankie (guest posts are totally voltage)! Being stitched together means having limbs come flying off at the worst moments, but I can say that I'm truly one of a kind. And that's something that doesn't make me spark at the bolts. I think being unique is freaky-fabulous!Gallery May 13, 2011
This just in - I convinced Headmistress Bloodgood to give me access to the MH security cameras. It's not much, but I'm sure it will spike your interest.Gallery May 13, 2011
New student body sighting in the Creepateria! Draculaura risked the sight of fresh blood to capture this photo.Gallery May 13, 2011
I thought this day would never come! Here she is, in all her spooktacular glory...Spectra Vondergeist, Daughter of the Ghosts! (Word is ghouls will be able to capture this doll in stores this June).Gallery May 13, 2011
This photo is great, but I'm dying to know more! Can't somebody capture a picture of this new ghoul?Gallery May 13, 2011
Oh. My. Goth. More photos of our newest student (thanks Clawdeen)! I wonder where she's from?Gallery May 13, 2011
Finally, a freaky-fabulous photo worth talking about! Meet the Daughter of the Yeti, Abbey Bominable! Can't wait to chill with you, ghoul. (Don't fret; my sources confirm this doll can be captured in stores this August).Gallery May 13, 2011
Is anyone else dead tired from such an exciting Friday the 13th? It was an insane day, but so glad I could spend it with all of my freaky-fab beasties! May 13, 2011
Ghoulia and Sloe Moe have been playing a grueling round of lightning chess in the park for nearly 13 hours! They've both got mad skills, I wonder who will win? May 14, 2011
The Monster High hallways can be such a labyrinth! Rumor has it Abbey got lost on her way to the Creepateria today. Don't fret ghoul, just ask any of the student bodies and they'll be happy to lend you their hand. May 17, 2011
So howling cute! Clawd and Clawdeen have been babysitting the rest of their wolf pack all afternoon. Their pup siblings are so adorable when they play dead. May 22, 2011
The Werecat Sisters and Torelei have been seen taunting Cleo all over campus. Thank Goth Cleo has the guts to take a stand and tell them they're being royal pains. Plus, she knows her ghouls always have her back. May 25, 2011
Fintastic news! Lagoona got along just swimmingly at the Swim Banquet and was awarded "Best Anchor." I'm a tadpole jealous – I've always wanted to win an award like that! May 29, 2011
CAPTURED: Frankie and Draculaura making good on their promise to take Abbey and Spectra to the maul. Curb that sweet fang craving and grab a coffinccino with whip while you're there! May 31, 2011
Frankie captured my fearbook this morning and has kept it all day! Wonder what she's writing in it? June 01, 2011
Frankie here and totally charged up to be guest posting live from The Great Dismal Swamp (a way voltage time-share crypt community). Summer vacation has been shocking so far, and I wish you all could be here! Muck mud facemasks at the spa, screech volleyball and my family that's way tighter than stitching! June 04, 2011
CAPTURED: Abbey and her pet wooly mammoth, Shiver, carving frosty ice sculptures in the park. Lurks like she's taking requests – should she make an arctic polar bear or a wicked cool saber tooth tiger? June 05, 2011
Spectra is a great ghoul (we share a monster love of gossip), but I'm finding out so many phantasmic new things about her. Like did you know her favorite color is a freaky-fierce violet? June 06, 2011
Cleo may lurk like a tough ruler, but she knows how to treat her closest ghoulfriends to an exquisite time. She planned a superior summer picnic in front of her pyramids for the ghouls. Absolutely divine! June 10, 2011
Hey ghouls, Draculaura here! Some monsters like to revamp their vacay spots, but Dad and I are total diehard fans of the Transylvania Alps. We're here now and it's absolutely fangtastic! You bet your fangs we've been midnight hiking and bat watching with my cousins all week. Miss you all to death! Smooches! June 12, 2011
Ghoulia is camping out at the comic book store right now trying to be one of the few lucky monsters to meet the creator of Deadfast! Fingers crossed for you ghoul, I know you're dying to meet him. June 15, 2011
E-Gore Blast: lurks like Spectra's pet, Rhuen the ghost ferret is loose again on school grounds. Keep a close eye on your Dead Languages summer school term papers. I hear homework goes mysteriously missing when he’s nearby! June 17, 2011
What's the new summer dish to die for? Sushi of course! Rumor has it Lagoona and her mom made a splash at sushi making class today. Pass the Dragon Roll, ghoul, I'll help take a stab at it. June 18, 2011
CAPTURED: Hyde and Deuce building a rock solid Go-Cart for the Monster Derby. Hope you scorch the competition boys! June 20, 2011
CAPTURED: Clawd turning in summer job applications at the maul. Where do you think he should work – Little Pet Shop of Horrors or the Slimy Smoothie kiosk? June 24, 2011
Frankie and Draculaura are off boo-berry picking (so jealous)! Let's grab a bite when you get back ghouls, I'm dying to sink my fangs into a boolicious berry pie. June 26, 2011
The latest "Oh My Oracle" column came out today and it's sending sinister chills all over the student bodies. Everyone's just dying to know who the anonymous author is. Anyone have any clues? June 27, 2011
Monster sleepover with the beasties! Think the ghouls will play another thrilling game of Truth or Scare? Or maybe they'll just stick with good old-fashioned ghoul talk.Gallery June 28, 2011
G'Day Mates! Lagoona here, and totally stoked to tell you all about my summer vacay to Atlantis. If you've never been, you definitely have to get down here! Paddle boarding each morning, underwater polo in the afternoon and electric eel light shows every evening! June 29, 2011
Mutant mice have destroyed the MH media closet (that's where they hide the new webisodes)! Ghoulia assures me this mess will be cleared, but new webisodes may be UHHHn-available for a while. I hear the first one won't be unearthed until July 14th. Rats! June 30, 2011
These parks of amusements I hear the talk about by the monsters. So strange! I don't understand why one would twirl around fast in the cars so many times it makes one sick. But the snow cones (mmmmm), now these give me, Abbey, lots of amusements. July 01, 2011
Summer sucks if you can't enjoy a little sunshine! Draculaura is practically coffinbound because her SPF 500 has gone missing. Could Count Fabulous be the culprit? July 03, 2011
Cleo is overseeing the organization of the summer gems in her jewelry closet today. I'm dying to know where she got her sapphire snake charm bracelet. So exquisite! July 05, 2011
Spending the day flipping through some freaky-fab albums from Gloom Beach (ahh the memories)! Dying to get back ASAP.Gallery July 09, 2011
Clawdeen and Frankie are at Dairy Scream, cooling off on this treacherously hot day. What're you getting ghouls, Spookies and Scream or Booberry? July 10, 2011
CAPTURED: Lagoona showing Abbey her mad skills on the surfboard. Think of it like snowboarding, Abbey, and you'll be a fangtastic surfer in no time! July 13, 2011
CAPTURED: A sketch of Cleo's older sister, Nefera's most recent modeling gig. I heard she posed for 13 hours so that the artist could make her eyes just the right shade of blue.Gallery July 14, 2011
Cat got your tongue, ghouls? I'm dying to know what you think about Toralei's look! I'm totally digging this new picture of her purrrfect summer fashion statement.Gallery July 14, 2011
Spectra here on scare-cation at Stonehenge. Did you know ginormous stone blocks were placed here centuries ago by indigenous monsters with no technology (you heard it here first)! Or was it aliens? Shoot. Don't fret – I'll be sure to get to the bottomless pit of the story before I return. July 15, 2011
Quality time with Draculaura's family doesn’t bite! She and her dad sure know how to turn a midnight stroll into a scary-sweet time. July 17, 2011
Ghoulia here- I'm on my way to San Diego Comic-Con today. Despite my parent's misgivings about mingling with so many "normies" I convinced them that if there were ever a place where the appearance of a zombie would either go unnoticed or be celebrated, it would be at Comic-Con. I shall post pictures and additional updates after I arrive on the convention floor.Gallery July 20, 2011
Which ghoul should be the next MH doll? Capture a lurk in the "Scary Scrapbook."Gallery July 21, 2011
Ghoulia here. Sadly my zombie physiology limits my ability to propel myself rapidly upward with enough momentum to become airborne. Translation: I cannot jump. In my heart, however, I am leaping tall buildings in a single bound because I have finally arrived at SD Comic-Con! Please excuse this outburst but, I AM TOTALLY GEEKED to be here.Gallery July 21, 2011
Ghoulia here. I must say that I am quite surprised by this display. Why would "normies" care about the freakishly fabulous lives of high school monsters? This bears a closer investigation, right after I attend the panel on "Zombies: Fabulous or Fiction?" Of course I already know which answer I would choose.Gallery July 22, 2011
Ghoulia here. Imagine my surprise to find these action figures, I mean dolls, that look just like Spectra, Abbey and Toralei! Whoever designed them must be a genius. I am beginning to wonder if a copy of the Monster High Fearbook has fallen into the hands of a "normie."Gallery July 23, 2011
Ghoulia here. I wonder if my MH student ID will get me in here? I hope so because I am dead tired and I just purchased the current issue of Deadfast. This ghoul needs a little "me time."Gallery July 23, 2011
Ghoulia here. This is certainly UHHHn-believable! The "normies" have resurrected an incredible likeness of Cleo's older sister, Nefera. To be honest, I am still left a bit speechless by the whole thing.Gallery July 24, 2011
Ghoulia here, reporting live from Comic-Con. Mobs of people are dying to get their hands on anything (and everything) Monster High. So proud to be a monster right now!Gallery July 25, 2011
Yo! Deuce here, rocking my summer vacation, family style. Mom brings me to Greece every year to reconnect with my aunts. It's always a wild time, especially when Aunt Stheno and I hit the kitchen for a good ol' fashioned cook-off (of the Greek-Monster Fusion persuasion)! July 25, 2011
CAPTURED: Frankie and her parents are charged up after a family dinner at a new four-gore restaurant. Frankie had the blood sausage salad with sweet and sour dressing. Voltage! July 28, 2011
The ghouls and I finally got the guts to brave the mobs at the beach! If only we could decide what to do: have a screech volleyball tournament or build haunted sand castles. Thoughts? July 29, 2011
Our day at the beach yesterday was absolutely wild! Who knew building haunted sand castles would be so drop dead amazing. Thanks for always lending a friendly hand, ghouls! July 30, 2011
Clawd here, howlin' at ya from the Football Hall of Fame (seriously, I've wanted to come here since before I was housebroken). There was no way I could sit and stay at home all summer so here I am scratching elbows with the greats - Scary Madsaw, Grim Brown and Howlie Long! July 31, 2011
Frankie and the ghouls are totally charged up for the local street scare today! Witches' brewed trucks and a free concert by DJ Death Breath - totally voltage. August 02, 2011
Toralei lurked positively dreamy today, catching a quick catnap in her favorite shady tree. It's the purrrfect spot to conjure up drama and daydreams. August 04, 2011
My summer vacay is totally superior, of course. Dad, Nefera and I are spending a luxurious week on Uncle Tut's yacht (The Nile is exquisite this time of year), sunbathing and enjoying spa treatments. Royally Yours, Cleo. August 06, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura and Clawdeen staying nearly invisible the past few days. They’re working their fingers to the bone piecing together scary-cute friendship bracelets. August 09, 2011
Break out those floppies, ghouls, Lagoona's throwing a pool party! Tadpoles beware, she's invited the whole MH swim team and they're sure to make a monster splash of an entrance. August 11, 2011
Ghoulia here. After all of the excitement of Comic-Con, relaxing in the MH forest is downright delightful. I am filling my days searching for long extinct species of bugs. Most notable is my discovery of Hygrotus Argus (aka a type of beetle). Come to think of it, Cleo's sister, Nefera, has a soft spot for beetles. Perhaps I will secure a specimen for her collection. August 12, 2011
Deuce and Clawd have been attacking the halls lately with spontaneous casketball games. These bloodies really know how to have a screeching good time.Gallery August 16, 2011
I always feel so alive when I get my hair done! Lurks like Spectra feels the same way. She's been haunting the salon all afternoon making sure her hair is phantastic for the first day of school. August 17, 2011
The Fear Squad is already mad serious about their routines this year. Rumor has it they're at the MH gym right now working on a new fear-a-mid! August 18, 2011
Who needs a vacation abroad when you can relax at home and convince the 'rents to unload some dough on a sick new sound system? This is Holt Hyde coming at ya and dropping some monster beats on the new Death Breath 3000. Scorch ya later! August 19, 2011
The first day of school is almost here and I am nearly dying from anticipation! What freaky-fab activity are you most charged up about – voting for Homecoming Scream Queen or the first school dance of the year? August 20, 2011
Dying to get back to school? I hear Clawdeen is so howling excited, she's resurrected a freaky-fab wardrobe plan for the first three weeks of classes (that's 15 totally furrrocious outfits)! August 23, 2011
Drama at the maul! Draculaura is dying for your help, ghouls. She can't decide between a black cardigan with pink ribbon belt or a fangtastic pair of white wedges with pink and black swirl detail. Thoughts? August 26, 2011
I hear Abbey's on a mission to capture an A+ in Dead Languages this year. She's already working hard and brushing up before classes start. You go, ghoul! August 27, 2011
Did you sign up for your MH electives yet? I'm trying to decide between Screech Class, Monster Lore and Medieval History. Or maybe I'll sign up for The Ethics of Haunting! August 29, 2011
Clawd is totally salivating over the recently published creepateria menu. Grilled fleas and bacon, chicken fried snake and dragon tenders, just to name a few! August 30, 2011
Another summer bites the dust! Clawdeen and the ghouls cleared their busy schedules tonight to make time for a back-to-school ghoul friend dinner. So scary-cute how close they all are. September 04, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura convincing Clawd to make a pass at a veggie burger. She'll have him howling for healthy food in a heartbeat! September 07, 2011
So excited to announce that Lagoona is making a huge splash in the MH pool lately! Ghoul is back on a practice schedule and planning on taking the swim team to new depths this year. September 10, 2011
Cleo's always been superior at bossing people around, but now she's honing her skills at a leadership seminar. Way to make yourself even more freaky-fab, ghoul! September 10, 2011
CAPTURED: Toralei fishing in the MH swamp after school. Sorry ghoul, it lurks like the cat's out of the bag on your secret hang out spot. September 13, 2011
Frankie is totally the ghoul to call when you feel like things are falling apart!Gallery September 15, 2011
Deuce really knows how to stonewall a broken vending machine. He's been craving a Bloodyfinger Bar all day but he can't seem to lure one out. Try the creepateria, I hear they have a rock solid new menu this year! September 16, 2011
Check out this exclusive first lurk at the newest ghoul at Monster High! Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera and I hear she rocks loud enough to wake the dead.Gallery September 17, 2011
Anyone else have a crazy smart pet that can help you with your homework? Ghoulia's owl, Sir Hoots-A-Lot, is so UHHHn-believably smart he can do Biteology homework with his eyes closed. September 17, 2011
Abbey and Draculaura are such good ghoulfriends! They're exploring the maul and trying out the new Forever Immortal boutique today. Let me know if you find anything scary-cute, ghouls. September 18, 2011
Now that summer has totally vanished, Frankie and Spectra are going through vacay withdrawal. It's cool, ghouls...only 275 days until summer reappears again. September 19, 2011
School is back in sesh and the ghouls are already hard at work in their electives! Frankie stitched together this totally voltage dress in Home Ick the other day!Gallery September 20, 2011
I seriously have the chills, ghouls. Can you believe how freaky-fierce Operetta lurks in this close up? She's so good at hitting high notes with her style.Gallery September 21, 2011
Wild hearts can't be broken, especially if you're as scary-sweet as Draculaura.Gallery September 22, 2011
Monsteristas like Clawdeen know how to work a freaky-fab outfit, head to tail.Gallery September 24, 2011
Reputation is everything to Cleo, especially since she has to live up to it for thousands of years!Gallery September 27, 2011
This photo is seriously casting a spell over ghouls everywhere! If you haven't already done it, save this wicked awesome photo in your own Facebook album then start tagging your friends. They'll be crawling with excitement when you're done.Gallery September 27, 2011
Fall is finally here, so Lagoona and Draculaura are already getting into the Halloween spirit. They're spending the day on the hunt for a boo-licious pumpkin. October 01, 2011
Spectra always captures an elusive story, no matter what it takes.Gallery October 02, 2011
This creeperific photo of Gil and Lagoona just surfaced and it is already making a huge splash around campus. They are totally the cutest couple this side of the barrier reef.Gallery October 04, 2011
You can always count on Clawd to be good to his bloodies.Gallery October 07, 2011
I hear Ghoulia is an UHHHn-deniable fan of Saturday morning cartoons. Hope she's catching the monster marathon that's on today! October 08, 2011
CAPTURED: Cleo is a blogging fiend! She can't seem to rip herself away from the world's top fearleading blogs. I'm sure she's researching for the upcoming mashional competition. October 09, 2011
It's not easy being green, but Lagoona knows how to make a big splash for the environment.Gallery October 11, 2011
Toralei was plotting alone at lunch today. Her tuna sandwitch totally cleared the creepateria with its strong odor - even the Werecat Sisters wouldn't keep the kitty company! October 12, 2011
If you're anything like Ghoulia, you're the smartest ghoul in school and totally UHHHn-derstanding!Gallery October 14, 2011
Captured: Spectra and Abbey chatting in the MH halls. They're practically joined at the hip these days!Gallery October 16, 2011
"Rock-On" is practically Deuce’s middle name.Gallery October 18, 2011
Clawdeen is out of control, ghouls! She lost her iCoffin and she’s gone full-moon wild. Keep an eye out; I'm sure she'd be your beast friend if you were to find it.
Update: Clawdeen finally found her iCoffin (she left it in bite-ology)!
October 21, 2011
You don't have to hail from Abbey's mountain-top to make a striking first impression.Gallery October 22, 2011
Operetta here... I heard some of y'all been twisted up like string around a tuning peg over why I don't have a French accent like my papa. So here's a little sneak-peek of my permanent record on file in HH Bloodgood's office. See y'all real soon! Laissez les bon temps roulez!Gallery October 23, 2011
Hyde may seem like he's always on fire, but most of the time he's just warming up!Gallery October 24, 2011
Nefera loves dining out at trendy places, but I'm having a tough time swallowing her latest craving. She's at Foreign Dragons now enjoying a spicy starfish appetizer. October 26, 2011
It's not always easy to curb a monster craving. Help Draculaura decide her next transformative bite: Scary-Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Pie or Flaming Pineapple Upside-Down Cake? October 29, 2011
Lagoona seems to be getting along just swimmingly this school year. I can't wait until she starts competing again! November 02, 2011
Lagoona has been haunting the maul all morning. I hear she's testing the waters for a fintastic new monsturizer that will keep her scaly skin glowing. November 05, 2011
CAPTURED: Ula-D composing a wildly cute love letter to Clawd. They're seriously the beast couple on campus!Gallery November 06, 2011
Cleo has been such a charming friend lately. She even saved an UHHH-mazing pair of geek-chic glasses from a zombie flash mob when Ghoulia accidentally dropped them in the hall. So legendary. November 07, 2011
Hanging with Daddy-O in the catacombs has some monster perks. I hear Operetta has been down there all day with him and they're totally rocking out. Gallery November 09, 2011
CAPTURED: Clawd trading lunches with Deuce in the creepateria. Cleo and Draculaura are in for a surprise if they find out their boyfriends are swapping snacks. It's cool boys, your secret's safe with me. November 11, 2011
So howling excited to introduce you to my ghoul, Howleen. You captured a glimpse of her in "Fright On!" and now she's causing a wild scene all over MH! Move over Clawdeen, there's a new freaky-fab wolf on campus.Gallery November 12, 2011
Purrrfect style doesn't come easily for every monster, but this duo of cool cats really knows how to make an entrance!Gallery November 13, 2011
Frankie here - I'm totally sparking to share my newest Teen Scream findings. Apparently a trip to the zoo is a voltage first date idea. I guess it is kind of electrifying to see a cute boy go gooey over the wild piranha exhibit. November 13, 2011
Jackson here – headaches plague monsters and normies, but they don't have to cripple you. I suggest subduing them with an alternate hot and cold treatment. Trust me; the dual nature of this therapy heals instantly. November 15, 2011
Ghoulia and Abbey are attacking their math problems this afternoon. With devotion like this they're sure to whip Abbey's grade into shape in no time. November 18, 2011
Spectra's eyes are hauntingly beautiful but Scarah is about to make them breathtaking. She's teaching Spectra the ins and outs of phantastic eye makeup! November 19, 2011
Oh my gore! I just heard that Deuce won a monster fusion recipe contest. The dish that scored him a rock solid win? Dragon Eggs Benedict with Spicy Potato Fingers. November 20, 2011
Dying to give thanks to all my scary-sweet beasties this Fangsgiving! Coffin loads of love to all my ghouls. Smooches, Ula-D! November 22, 2011
MH webisodes may have passed on for now, but I will continue to bring you the most creeperific campus gossip, so don't disappear. November 24, 2011
Charged up to wish each and every monster out there a Happy Fangsgiving! Stay fangtastic and remember to always Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. November 24, 2011
Rather than fall into a Fangsgiving food coma, the ghouls have conjured up a legendary Black Friday shopping extravaganza! 13 mauls in 13 hours. I can't wait to see what goodies they capture. November 25, 2011
CAPTURED: Frankie totally bolting from the Biteology Lab to avoid Hoo-Dude. Lurks like she's still malfunctioning from having him in her unlife! November 27, 2011
Hyde always knows how to pull the heat from old music. Today he's been flaming on classics from The Goons and Death Trap. I can't wait to see how he spices them up! November 28, 2011
Rumor has it Toralei missed her purrrecious cat nap today because she accidentally got her tail caught in her locker. Careful ghoul, you wouldn't want to lose a limb! November 29, 2011
Abbey is practically bursting with excitement because winter is finally here! Hook me up with some snowboarding lessons, ghoul, I'd love to learn your otherworldly tricks.Gallery December 01, 2011
Jackson and Holt had another one of their epic battles today. I hear they were arguing via notebook until Frankie stitched things up and took the book away. December 02, 2011
I hear Deuce has been captivated by music videos on FrightTube lately. It's never too early to start preparing for the next Battle of the Bands so keep rocking and find your next song! December 03, 2011
It's been an epic day. The first snow has finally fallen and now we can officially get into the spirit of the howlidays! December 04, 2011
Choosing between two gore-geous winter outfits is always such torture! Lagoona and I are at the maul, trapped between a sea foam peacoat and a scary-cute pair of eco-friendly fin warmers. Which should Lagoona buy, ghouls? December 07, 2011
Frankie and Abbey challenged Cleo and Ghoulia to an after school snowball fight. Who do you think will capture the victory? December 09, 2011
I'm dying to take a bite out of this creeperific cookie exchange! Lagoona made Snicker-boo-dles, Draculaura brought Gingerdead Men and Operetta conjured up Oat-squeal Cookies. So scary-cute! December 10, 2011
Hello ghouls, Abbey here to bring you the winter time funnies. What does one get when crossing a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite! You are welcome for the joking. December 11, 2011
Frankie knows how to put a spark of energy into ice-skating! She shocked the whole pond when she fell into a puddle while adjusting her skate. She's been sparking at the bolts ever since. December 13, 2011
Clawdeen can't stop howling over the number of gifts she has to buy for the pack this winter. Slow your growl, ghoul, I'm sure you’ll get it all done before the next full moon. December 16, 2011
UHHHn-believable! Ghoulia and Cleo are braving the horrific mobs at the maul. They're on the hunt for superior gifts for their beasties. December 18, 2011
Gil and Lagoona are making a big splash over at Piranha Sushi! They went for a romantic dinner for two and ending up teaching the chef how to make a fintastic Amazon River Roll. December 19, 2011
Abbey is melting my heart! She made snowcones for the student bodies, but she's getting the cold shoulder because it's so chilly outside. I'll take one, ghoul, they lurk delish! December 20, 2011
Howliday tunes have been drifting up from the catacombs all week. Operetta has been perfecting her version of "All I Want for the Howlidays Is You."Gallery December 21, 2011
Monster High has closed its doors for Winter Break! A zombie flash mob formed in celebration when the final bell tolled. December 22, 2011
Thrilling the tree is a Monster High tradition! Frankie and the ghouls were up all night piecing together freaky-fab decorations that show their friendship. December 23, 2011
Uhhhn-believable howliday spirits are taking over! Ghoulia led a zombie flash mob in carols while handing out eek-nog at the maul today. December 24, 2011
Dying to wish you all Happy Howlidays, ghouls! Have a fangtastic day and many terroriffic nights. December 25, 2011
Spectra takes pride in the quality of her haunting chains. She shines them daily to make sure they're in phenomenal shape for her next spook. December 27, 2011
CAPTURED: Draculaura and Clawd exchanging gifts at Coffin Bean. He lurked so excited when he saw his brand new fur comb and she loved her new sparkly umbrella. December 28, 2011
Only Nefera would have the guts to return all of her howliday presents. She was spotted at the maul today with a royal army hauling loads of new items she exchanged her gifts for. December 29, 2011


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