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On August 04, 2010, the Monster High Facebook account was taken into use. Its host, a so far unidentified student, and her pet were introduced.


Story Date
Hey, ghouls! My name is ... actually, let's keep my identity locked in the coffin. For now, just think of me as your inside hookup to all things Monster High. Dying to know more? Creep back often! August 04, 2010
Monster High's freaky-fab five – the coolest ghouls in school!Gallery August 04, 2010
Crushing on a new boy, Lagoona Blue? Text me all the killer details!Gallery August 04, 2010
Ask Draculaura to scare up her fave vegan recipes sometime. She's a frightfully good cook!Gallery August 04, 2010
Frankie Stein always looks put together. (Even when she's falling apart!)Gallery August 04, 2010
Anyone else want to raid Clawdeen's closet? She's a major monsterista!Gallery August 04, 2010
Cleo wouldn't be caught dead without her iCoffin. She's got all the ghastly gossip.Gallery August 04, 2010
Captured: Ghoulia Yelps haunting the Monster Maul Bookstore. Think she's lurking for the new Monster High book but it's not out till Sept. 1. I'm trying to dig up an underground copy asap. I hear it's deadly good!Gallery August 06, 2010
Grim news! Draculaura's pet bat, Count Fabulous, broke into the school computer lab and ate some wires. (Bad bat!) That means is on the fritz. But don't freak, ghouls - it'll be up again soon. Will spread word when it is. Pinky swear on my iCoffin!Gallery August 09, 2010
Here at Monster High, fitting in is OUT. (At least according to Frankie Stein and yours ghouly.) How about your school? Plenty of ghoul pride among the student bodies? August 10, 2010
Unearthed: The ghoultimate list of freaky-fab phrases/slang. Want to learn the killer lingo? Be sure to study the Creeptionary! It's a total scream.Gallery August 11, 2010
Crawling with excitement around here. Friday the 13th is less than one fright away! I plan to pet tons of black cats and walk under a frightening number of ladders. Dare to join me? August 12, 2010
Captured: Ghoulia Yelps drooling over the latest blog post from Lisi Harrison. (Beast author ever!) August 13, 2010
Dying to learn the Fright Song dance! Did you catch the flip at 2:20? Deadly ghoul. Clawdeen and I plan to practice all creep-end. Monster High Talon Show here we come! August 13, 2010
Overheard: Yours ghouly humming the Monster High Fright Song at the maul. Can't get the oh-so-voltage tune out of my head! August 14, 2010
Captured: Cleo de Nile charming the crowds at Shakesfear in the park. I hear she was a real scream as Lady Macbeth. Obviously, she really wrapped herself up in the part!Gallery August 18, 2010
It's a monster mystery! Someone plastered the creepateria with a bunch of scary-cute MH pics. Aren't they to die for? Need to grill the student bodies and find out who this ghastly artist is.Gallery: August 04, 2010 August 20, 2010
Captured: Draculaura frosting pink vegan creepcakes. They smell scary good! Bet they're for Frankie and Clawdeen. Or, maybe...there's a cute manster in her life?Gallery: August 04, 2010 August 27, 2010
Captured: Frankie Stein cleaning up eerie mystery spills in her dad's lab. Rumor has it she's trying to scare up enough allowance for the new Monster High book. Any other ghouls saving up? August 31, 2010
Beast news of the week: Lisi's going on a Monster High book tour! Isn't that ghoul? All the deadly details are posted on her blog. I'd give my right arm to be there. (Thank goth, I have a few extras!) September 01, 2010
Guess what ghouls! is back to normie. Count Fabulous? Not so much. He's got a killer bellyache. (Eating wires will do that to a bat!) But never fear- Draculaura says he'll be flying fine again by the next full moon. September 02, 2010
Monster dilemma, ghouls! Can't decide if I should go surfing with Lagoona or help Cleo redecorate her tomb. What would you do? September 07, 2010
Captured: Cleo & Deuce holding hands in the creepateria. Apparently, Cleo thinks they've got "Beast Couple" in the bag. But I wouldn't stake my life on it- more monster romance is bound to brew!Gallery September 09, 2010
Captured: Clawdeen Wolf howling at her brother Clawd outside the mad science lab. Guess he ate her homework again. Good luck explaining that one! Headmistress Bloodgood is a fierce stickler for deadlines.Gallery: August 04, 2010 September 22, 2010
At the maul food court w/Frankie and the crew. We're famished! What should we devour? Lagoona says sushi, but Clawdeen's dying for a big juicy steak. September 24, 2010
Isn't having a killer group of ghoulfriends the beast? Ghastly to know someone's got your back. What do you <3 most about your BFFs?Gallery September 27, 2010
Uh-oh. Drama in the creepateria! Somebody threw a monster meatball and hit Cleo in the face. Not sure who it was, but she's royally ticked off. Heads are about to roll, ghastly! October 01, 2010
Headed to the creature shop, ghouls! The parental units finally said I can get a pet. Striped owl, white hamster or pink mini-dragon? October 06, 2010
Oh, rats! I've got a monster case of the hiccups. Who should I call to come scare me out of it? Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeen? Any other ideas? October 12, 2010
Thanks for your advice, ghouls! Got the pink mini-dragon. Isn't he fangtastic? A ghoul's beast friend! Any ideas for a killer name?Gallery October 20, 2010
Gorgeous gloomy day! Must get out and soak up some fog. Lagoona invited me swamp boating, but that'd mean missing Draculaura's vegan BBQ. What's a ghoul to do? November 05, 2010
Stuck at home and dying of boredom, ghouls. Need to kill a few hours before Ghoulia comes over. Any suggestions for a creepy-cool arts & crafts project? November 16, 2010
CAPTURED: Frankie and Watzit playing dead in the park. They're scary-cute! Frankie's really got him wrapped around her little green finger. November 30, 2010
CAPTURED: Deuce rocking out to the latest Monstallica album. His air guitar was scary-good. December 15, 2010
Fearflakes, scalding-hot chocolate and killer gifts – oh my! So many frightful things about the howlidays. What do you like beast? December 25, 2010
CAPTURED: Cleo and Ghoulia sipping coffinccinos outside the maul bookstore. Wonder what ghastly gossip they're conjuring up? Don't be afraid to share, ghouls! December 27, 2010
Draculaura just sent me a scary-cute picture of her latest Monster Makeover. Her make-up is to die for, especially since she can't see her own reflection! December 28, 2010
Scared up a dreadfully decadent dress with monster glitter. Can’t wait to watch the haunted ball drop at midnight! What are your NYE plans, ghouls? December 31, 2010


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