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Emily-Anne Rigal is the founder of WeStopHate and is teaming up with Monster High to stop bullying and she insipred the character Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper.

Hi, I'm Emily-Anne Rigal... and I wear pink bow headbands.

  • Founder and Director of WeStopHate
  • "Teen-Esteem" Speaker & Panelist
  • Internet Personality on YouTube
  • Blogger for The Huffington Post & The Daily Beast
  • Former Intern at Seventeen Magazine &
  • Future student of Barnard College

I enjoy many things like ridiculous reality TV, color-coded wall calendars, and eating ice cream with a fork. Sounds strange? Well I'd rather be honest than impressive and I am to be three things: bold, free and truthful. I believe gratitude is the key to happiness and my goal is to be happier than a bird with a french fry.

My best friend tells me I'm "full of nonsense." But that's okay, the best people are. I think normal is an urban myth anyways; we hear about it all the time, but I've never seen it.

I hope to be described as the girl who believed she could, so she did. I choose to see the world in bright, bold colors. My goal is to inspire others to dream big. You only live once, so make the most of it. If anything, you owe it to yourself. We all deserve to have the confidence to go after what we want. Chances won't wait forever and if we let everything pass us by, we will never find out how wonderful this life can be.

I'm all out of clever things to say. But I want to thank you for reading all this. You certainly have other things you could have done. So to you, or anyone who has spent time on me in some way - reading my tweets or watching a video - thank you. I love you like I love pink bow headbands. And that's real love.

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