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Elle Eedee was trademarked on May 07, 2014 and her first doll came out in Early April, 2015. As of Augist 01, 2016, her doll number totals 2 and makes up 0.00% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends

Doll stockphotography - Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends Elle Profile art - Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends Elle
Monster-high-boo-york-elle-eedee-10-5-doll-mattel-toys-42 73749.1461372823

Doll: Elle wears lilac lipstick and a light blue fading eyeshadow. Her hair is black with purple and dark blue thin streaks, and it is styled in a side high ponytail with two swirls of hair knotted around the ponytail.
Clothes: She wears a short tube dress, with technological patterns and dark blue fabric in the sides of the dress. The neck cut is around the shoulders, where a thin, but long, sheer fabric cape falls, with circles and circuit patterns.
Accessories: She wears a big body piece around her waist, consisting of a belt with a big silver buckle and falling crystals, in silver. She also wears a big satellite and crystal headpiece, in blue, securing her ponytail. Her shoes are translucent, with crystals in the heel and a gap between the bottom of the shoe and Elle's feet. They are icy blue.
Extras: This doll comes with her very own diary, a styalized stand, with crystals, and an equally styalized brush.

Boo York, Boo York - City Ghouls

Doll stockphotography - Boo York, Boo York - City Ghouls 3-pack Profile art - Elle Eedee

Notes: Elle is only available in a three pack with Mousades King and Luna Mothews.


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