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the Elementals  is a supernatural Power like earth water fire in the air and protective the earth and sky  without the elementals the witnesses and the earth would die you're also creatures there in Association was the world  

Or  translation  the  elementals or supernatural  or mythic being they help with the community 

Four Elementals 





there's a fire elemental who married another elemental of fire who got a monster high Heath Burns their (son) and his family  member his cousins Jackson Jekyll And Holt Hyde 
360px-John William Waterhouse - Undine

A water Elemental

Their  spirits  of Elementals 

(Gnome) earth

(Undine ) water

(Sylph) Air

(Salamanders ) fire in folklore and legend  and others spirits of elementals 

Other  adaptations to the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen the Little Mermaid Mermaids Are so in were water by cause a storm  and floods and tidal waves and Gorgons my being in associated with their 

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