Driver's Dread! is a game released on the Monster High website on February 14, 2012. It promotes the Sweet 1600 line, the 'story' centering on Draculaura getting her driver's license.


The player assumes the role of Draculaura as she tries to navigate her way through the six courses that make up her driver's dread test. Mr. Hack is the supervisor and judges the player's performance based on several criteria. Each course can be done again if the player is not satisfied with the performance and the best score is the one kept to.

The main goal of each course is to get to the designated parking spot and park the car properly over the coffin-shaped mark. For accomplishing this much, the player receives one of four stars on their driving performance and can move on to another course. The other three stars are handed out for not bumping into obstacles or have obstacles bump into the car, for hitting all the course arrows, and for finishing the course within a set amount of time. From course 1 to course 6, these times are: 200, 250, 300, 400, 550, and 600. The game does not indicate how much time is left.

The stars themselves mean little, but for the most part they represent an amount of points earned in a specific way. For parking the car, the player is awarded 500 points if done normally, but reverse parking will earn the player 1000 points. If the car hasn't collided with anything upon parking, a bonus of 500 points is handed out. For one collision, the bonus is reduced to 250 points. For two or three collisions, the bonus dwindles to 100 points. Four collisions yields no points at all. Following the outlines course and hitting the arrows earns the player 50 points per hit arrow. And lastly, points are awarded equal to the amount of time left upon parking.

Extra points can be earned for finding and hitting the fuzzy dices Count Fabulous holds up. Each pair of fuzzy dices is worth 500 points.

The course is littered with obstacles, some unmoving, some moving. Unmoving ones include traffic cones, the parking lot's borders and parked cars. Moving ones include zombie students, other cars and tentacle arms reaching out of booths. On the bottom of the screen is a scale, which shows how many times the player has hit obstacles. If a collision has occurred four times, the scale will blink red in warning. If a collision has occurred five times, the course is failed automatically and the player has to try again from the start.


  • The menu background screen is from the TV special "Fright On!", when the ghouls are waiting for the students from Belfry Prep and Crescent Moon High to arrive. As a result, Draculaura can be seen in the background despite ostensibly sitting in the car.