Draculaura - Meet The Ghouls is the first webisode of the Generation 2 cartoon series, and sets up Draculaura's character and backstory. It is meant to be a primer to the new franchise.


Meet Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, who dreams of a day when she can go to school with other monsters!


A vampire girl who introduces herself as Draculaura is on the camera when we watch the video. She welcomes us to her "little corner" of the Monster Internet. We see a bunch of gibberish writing appear on the screen, which is created by her spider Webby. Draculaura apologizes for her pet spider's behavior, and says she wants to tell a little about herself. She says she is 1,600 years old, a vegetarian vampire (she makes a side comment that being a "vegetarian vampire" is "weird"), and she says that she's not so good at flying yet, but that she's very close. Draculaura says that the place is where she lives with her father. She says he's a great father but that he does have his quirks and flaws, and she teases him and mimics him. A photo is shown of Draculaura alone, looking sad, with a chess board in her bedroom. She shows two more photos of herself by herself. Each one, she looks sad in. Draculaura then says that because she lives in a world of humans, that life can get pretty lonely. She then says that since her and her father's house is about to become Monster High, a high school of monsters where they can just be themselves. She makes a comment about turning into bats "just like the humans", forgetting if they can or not. We hear her get overjoyed for finally having ghoulfriends and she turns into a bat into her pet Webby's web.


  1. Draculaura
  2. Webby



  • Webby makes his cartoon debut.


  • Webby's size shifts throughout the webisode.


  • Draculaura lives with her dad in what is about to become Monster High and has no real friends before the events of Welcome to Monster High.
  • Draculaura can transform into a bat from the get-go in Gen. 2; whereas in Gen. 1 she couldn't do that until the events Frights, Camera, Action.