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Draculaura was trademarked on October 23, 2007 and again on September 08, 2008 and her first doll came out in Early July, 2010. As of August 01, 2014, her doll number totals 37 and makes up 11.89% of the entire Monster High doll collection. As a main character, there is a decent variety of other merchandise of her available.



Doll stockphotography - Basic Draculaura Profile art - Draculaura
Draculaura wears a pink vest with two gray buttons with fishnet sleeves ending in white frills. Her white jabot collar is adorned with a pink flower jewel necklace. Below waist level, Draculaura dresses in a short, white, frilly skirt with black lace underneath and slight pink stitching. She sports black fishnet tights matching her shirt, which at knee height becomes covered by her pink boots. Her boots are marked at the top with grey hearts, feauture black shoelaces and at the bottom are wind up in black ribbons. Her soles and heels are grey again. Draculaura accessorizes with light grey safety pin earrings. Her hair is in two pigtails.
The doll comes with a black and pink umbrella with a grey skull on top and a black bat at the handle, a Count Fabulous figurine, a real-life sized pink brush, a pink doll stand, and a diary.

Gloom Beach

Doll stockphotography - Gloom Beach Draculaura Doll stockphotography - Gloom Beach 5-pack I DraculauraatGloomBeach
Draculaura wears a black one-piece bathing suit with yellow-dotted pink straps and  three rows of pink hearts lined up vertically. Along the top is a line of white frills, and on the bathing suit's chest rests a pink bow. The lower part of the suit is yellow with pink dots, as well as pink frills running from one hip to the other along the back. Another pink bow decorates the surve of Draculaura's back. She finishes the look with a yellow waist wrap with pink dots (tied off with a pink bow with yellow dots), pink bow-shaped sunglasses with a tiny heart in the middle, yellow bow-shaped earrings, and black sandals with mirrored pink and yellow straps that either tie at the front of her toes or the back of her heels. Her hair is down; waist length, and she sports purple eyeshadow and light pink lips.
The doll comes with a yellow doll-size bottle of SPF 500 sun-scream, a real-life size black brush, a black doll stand, and a semi-real-life sized card addressed to Lagoona.
Draculaura's Gloom Beach doll has been released twice. Once as a single and once as a part of a 5-pack with Gloom Beach versions of Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, and Ghoulia Yelps; the latter of which is exclusive to the 5-pack. The 5-pack version of Draculaura lacks the card and brush.

Dead Tired

Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Draculaura 1 Profile art - DT(I) Draculaura
For her sleep-time look, Draculaura wears a pink blouse with white polka-dot puff sleeves. The rest of her shirt has a plain shade of pink with a black bow on a white lace collar. There is also white frill on the ends of the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt. Her pants have a light pink strip at the top and the pants are the same dark pink with white polka-dots like the sleeves, also ending in white frill slightly below her knees. Her slipper-heels have fuzzy, pink, heart-shaped bats with black wings, yellow eyes, and fangs. She also has a pink eye mask with white polka dots and a white lining. Her hair is in two high pigtails that stick straight up. She has softer shaped eyes with pink eye makeup and light pink painted lips, and is the first Draculaura doll to have her mouth closed so that only her fangs show.
The doll comes with a doll-sized coffin-shaped pink and black DVD case titled "Scary Human Movies", a real-life sized pink brush, and a pink doll stand.
Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Draculaura 2
For her second Dead Tired release, she wears a short pink sleeping gown with white edgings along the chest and dotted with tiny pink hearts with bat wings. She has a matching sleeping mask and bright pink Skullete slippers with wings on the sides. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail. She comes with a paper magazine.

School's Out

Doll stockphotography - School's Out Draculaura and Clawd I Doll stockphotography - School's Out Draculaura and Clawd II N
Draculaura wears a white balloon sleeved shirt with pink lining at the wrists and a pink bow tied at the collar and below decorated with pink heart polka dots. She wears a pink ruffled knee length dress while the front is a pink, black, and yellow plaid pattern with yellow buttons at the sides. Her hair is in two high ponytails tied with pink bands. She also wears yellow tights with pink polka dots with pink, yellow, and black striped shoes with yellow buttons on the sides and pink button stacked heels. She has yellow button earrings with pink chains and heart-bats on the ends, and her eye makeup is two shades of pink with a peach color and silver glitter, and she has slightly dark pink lipstick.
The doll comes with a pink umbrella with black cobweb-style decoration and a pink bow on top and a bat-winged heart at the handle, a black coffin-shaped purse with pink heart print, a diary, a real-life sized pink brush, and a pink doll stand.
The doll was only sold in a 2-pack with the 'School's Out' Clawd Wolf doll.

Killer Style I

Doll stockphotography - Killer Style I Draculaura Day at the maul single draculaura by shaibrooklyn-d4fdss6
Draculaura wears a long sleeved white fish-net turtleneck under a black short sleeved sweater with dark pink lining and little pink hearts, with a white strip down the middle lined in pink frill. She wears a two layered frilly pink skirt with black lace beneath each layer while one layer is lighter than the other. She also wears fish-net tights under black knee-socks. Her shoes are entirely pink with bow ankle straps and wedge heels engraved with hearts. She wears her hair down with her bangs brushed to the side. She finalizes her look with pink bow-decorated skullette earrings hanging down along her cheek.
The doll comes with a Count Fabulous real-life sized keychain, a real-life sized pink brush and a pink doll stand.
A more detailed version of the outfit was released in the Day at the Maul clothing pack. The keychain was also released as part of the Freaky Ring & Mirror series.

Day at the Maul

Doll stockphotography - Day at the Maul 3-pack Draul
Draculaura wears a long sleeved white fishnet turtleneck under a black short sleeved sweater with dark pink lining and little pink hearts, with a white strip down the middle lined in pink frill. She wears a two layered frilly pink skirt with black lace beneath each layer while one layer is lighter than the other. She also wears white fish-net tights under black above-the-knee socks, which have dark pink bows on them. Her shoes are pink with bow ankle straps that tie in the back and silver wedge heels engraved with hearts. She wears her hair down with her bangs brushed to the side and a pink heart-shaped barrette to the other side. She finalizes her look with pink bow-decorated white skullette earrings hanging down along her cheeks.
The outfit comes with a pink heart-shaped purse with three pink bows down the center and a black bow strap, a pink drink with a black lid and two pink straws, and two shopping bags, one of M&H and one of XIII.
The outfit was sold in a pack with clothes and accessories for Frankie Stein and accessories for Clawdeen Wolf. Draculaura's clothes were also released in simplified form as part of the 'Killer Style I' line.

Dawn of the Dance

Doll stockphotography - Dawn of the Dance 3-pack
Draculaura wears a pink-sparkled, grey, and white-striped strapless dress with pink ruffles at the top and additonal white ruffles below. She wears a pink shawl around her elbows, which is tied in a bow behind her back. Her accessories include a white loose collar with a pink button, a white heart-shaped top hat with a silver band and bow and a black veil, pink heart-and-bead-themed earrings, and white loose manchettes with pink buttons. Her shoes are black with shiny pink heart-shaped inverted heels. Her hair is tied in one ponytail to her left that masks her bangs. She has black eye makeup with pink glitter and black lipstick.
The doll comes with a pink purse in the shape of a bow, a real-life sized black brush and a dark pink doll stand. Published on the back of her box is a diary excerpt.
Draculaura's Dawn of the Dance doll has been released exclusively as part of a 3-pack featuring the Dawn of the Dance versions of Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein.

Go Monster High Team!!!

Doll stockphotography - Go Monster High Team!!! first 3-pack Profile art - GMHT!!! Draculaura
Draculaura wears the basic fearleading outfit, with long white mesh sleeves with a pink lining at the wrists and pink fish-net leggings underneath the dress. Her hair is shorter, tied up into two buns that puff out some of her hair. Her eye makeup is a bright pink with silvery-white glitter, her lips are pink, and she has pink skullette earings. She comes with two pom-poms in Monster High colors, a black brush, and a black doll stand.
This doll was only sold in the ToyRus exclusive 3-pack featuring Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps.

School Clubs

Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Draculaura Profile art - SC Draculaura
The fashion pack includes a light pink skinny-striped shirt with puffy elbow-length sleeves, black suspenders with hot pink puffy capris, and white tights with pink newspaper print designs on it. Her shoes are black ankle boots with pink coloring that resembles the look of gaiters and pink heels. She also wears a little pink reporter's hat with a dark pink lining and a white paper strip.
The outfit comes with a black and pink camera, a black and pink roll film, and a club description.

Sweet 1600

Doll stockphotography - Sweet 1600 Draculaura Draculaura PNG 1
Draculaura wears a black, shoulderless party dress with a metallic pink heart and skullette pattern. The flouncy skirt is accentuated with a layer of bows, frills, and lace around the bottom. She has a pink bow-shaped band around her waist. The top is adorned with a lace shawl, which has a black batwinged heart on it, and a white netted heart stitched over Draculaura's chest. Her shoes have pink wedge heels that are made to look like cake through the appearance of black frosting dripping down the side. The shoes also are decorated with black bows alongside the ankle straps and batwinged hearts on the tips. She has long, pink earrings stylized to read "Sweet" and "1600" and a pink tiara to match that puts her hair into a large poof, with the rest of her hair down and natural, and has pointed bangs. Her eye makeup is two shades of pink with silvery-white sparkles and pink lips. Her heart-shaped beauty mark sports the text "1600" in white writing.
The doll comes with a pink sparkly fanged lips-shaped purse, a black and pink birthday cake with the black dripping frosting, an extra skirt, a coffin-shaped invitation, a real-life sized black brush, a black doll stand, a code to unlock special content at the website, and a real-life sized pink key to unlock the Sweet 1600 app on iPhone or iPod Touch.

Skull Shores

Doll stockphotography - Skull Shores Draculaura Doll stockphotography - Skull Shores 5-pack SunLovingDraculaura
Draculaura wears a one-piece pink and white striped swimsuit with shorts, displaying sailor accents that include a pink bow tied in the front, a mesh gray accent lined with white on her collarbones, a black sparkly translucent wrap with tiny pink umbrellas, beachballs, and suns on it, and pink sandals with anchors for the heels and rope-like straps that meet at a small heart in the front. Her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail with pointed bangs and two chunks of hair hanging down on both sides of her face. Her eye makeup is bright pink with white glitter and her lipstick is pink. Accessories include a pair of pink anchor earrings, a pink anchor chain bracelet, and a tiny white sailor hat with "MH" written on the top. The doll comes with a pink flower glass of tomato juice with a white umbrella and straw, a teal brush and stand, and a map of Skull Shores. This doll has been released twice, first by herself and re-released in the Target exclusive Skull Shores 5-pack. There are notable differences between both dolls: the exclusive doll has a pink stripe on her sailor hat, lighter brown eyebrows, wider eyes, darker pink lipstick, and she's smiling with her mouth opened instead of closed. The re-release doesn't come with the stand, brush, card, or drink.

Ghouls Rule

Doll stockphotography - Ghouls Rule Draculaura
For Halloween, Draculaura wears a pink spider-webbed collared dress with black corset styled ties across the dip of the collar. The blouse is white and ribbed, with black fishnet sleeves that go to her elbows and trail down. Her skirt is made into 3 layers, one translucent and black with fuzzy black heart-bats, the second a sparkly pink, and the third a pale pink. She also wears pink tights that fade to black at her ankles, gray translucent shoes with curved black heels and a black spiderweb design that have pink on the sides with a heart above it accented with a black corsette design, a translucent cape from her skirt that is black on the back but decorated with pink heart-bats on the inside, and large, intricate spiderweb-like wings that fade from black to pink making a black corset on her back that meets on a pink bow. Her hair is permed and large, mostly black and filled with black tinsel with a only a separated portion containing her signature pink highlights, and her eye makeup is pink covered with a black spiderweb design and her lips are a bright pink. She also wears thick pink earrings that look like dripping hearts.
Her accessories include a swirly pink mask in a bat shape with black batwings on the top, a pink trick-or-treat bucket with her vampire skullette symbol on the front, a small skeleton with two detachable pink bows, a card with her CGI artwork, and a black brush and stand.

Playset: Powder Room

Doll stockphotography - SSP Powder Room 2-I Doll stockphotography - SSP Powder Room 2-II Doll stockphotography - SSP Powder Room 2-III Package artwork Draculaura
Draculaura wears a black robe decorated with pink heart-bats which is tied at the waste by a pink sash, and black slipper-heels that resemble the heart-bats. Her hair is permed, and pulled up into a ponytail. Her eyeshadow is silver and light pink, and her lips are a shimmery pink with her mouth closed. Depending on location, the doll's bow-shaped earring may be either bright pink or yellow.
Her Powder Room includes a tub, a vanity, a Count Fabulous figurine, and other items synonamous with the bathroom.

Scarily Ever After

Doll stockphotography - Scarily Ever After Draculaura Profile art - Snow Bite
Draculaura, as Snow Bite, wears a light green ballgown with puff sleeves that extends into the skirt where it cuts off with a dripping effect to reveal a pink skirt decorated with several Skullete themed apples, which has another black translucent layer underneath it. Her shoes are black heels decorated with pink bows, and the heels are made to look like apple stems. She has a large white bow, decorated with pink apples on her waist, and a poison apple hair clip and earrings. Her hair no longer contains her signature pink streaks, rather the pink being on the underside of her ebony hair, and her makeup consists of lime green eyeshadow and deep red lipstick.Her accessories include a purse styled to look a green, poisoned Skullete apple, the Scary Tale booklet of Snow Bite, a black stand, and a brush of like color.

Dot Dead Gorgeous

Doll stockphotography - Dot Dead Gorgeous 3-pack
An exclusive Dot Dead Gorgeous Doll set to Walmart includes a Draculaura doll sporting a pink top that stays in place thanks to a black bow that wraps around her neck, white lace adorns the top of the dress, which is patterned with white hearts and black dots. She also wears a pink Victorian style short skirt patterned with love hearts, pink and black dots and skullettes. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, her earrings are tiny pink bow shaped earrings, and her shoes are pink & black pumps which are styled somewhat after bleeding hearts. She also comes with a pink and black icoffin. This set also includes Abbey Bominable and Ghoulia Yelps.

Playset: Roadster

Doll stockphotography - SSP Roadster Profile art - Draculaura and Roadster
A JC Penny's exclusive re-release of the 1600 Roadster contains an exclusive Draculaura doll. She wears a dress with the same pattern has her Sweet 1600 dress, but in a different style. The dress is slimmer, and contains a translucent fabric along the hem and along the top with a pink bow on her neck. Her hair is flipped up, and she contains the same glasses as her Gloom Beach doll. Her shoes are black recasts of Lagoona's School's Out shoes.

Playset: Coffin Bean

Doll stockphotography - SSP Coffin Bean 2
A second release of the Coffin Bean playset exclusive to Costco includes an exclusive Draculaura doll. She wears a pink blouse with vertical dark pink stripes and a pink bow on the chest, a black skirt with pink bat and stripe decorations and black tulle on the ends, and her shoes are bright pink heels that resemble the Killer Style and Day at the Maul shoes. She accessorizes with pink skullette earrings. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail and kept slightly to the side, and her eye makeup is bright pink, as well as her lips. Her eyes aren't as wide as previously released Draculaura dolls and her mouth is closed, showing only her fangs.

Picture Day

Doll stockphotography - Picture Day Draculaura PictureDayLala
For her fearbook picture, Draculaura wears a sailor style top with a black-over-white net design with a black collar lined with white lace, a pink bow across her chest, and a pink skirt with black Victorian-esque designs and tulle across the bottom. Her shoes are black, knee-length wedges that tie like ballet shoes with a black bow in the back, and with white skullette designs at the end of the straps. Her hair is down, save for two small buns of either side of her head, and she wear a pink Alice bow in her hair. She accessorizes with two pink locket-styled earrings with white skull and crossbones designs, and a pink heart-shaped purse with two black bats on it. Her makeup consists of dark black and pink eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. She comes with a life-sized fearbook, a doll sized pink binder with a Victorian-esque desgin, and a black brush and stand.

Scaris: City of Frights

Doll stockphotography - Scaris City of Frights Draculaura Profile art - Scaris Draculaura
Draculaura wears a shoulderless hot pink shirt with black spider web chandelier designs and black elbow-length sleeves; a pastel pink denim miniskirt with printed pink and black stitching, trimmed with black tulle at the bottom. Her accessories include pink bleeding heart earrings, simple black wedges, and a two-toned round pink handbag with stitching on the edge, a bow and her skulette on the front. She has fading pink and glittery white eyeshadow, hot pink lipstick and her lips are closed. Her hair and bangs are curled and styled in a low side ponytail.

To Howl For

Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Draculaura Profile art - THF Draculaura
Following the pattern of the fashion packs being inspired by the characters monster home, we can assume Draculaura's outfit is inspired by Transylvania. Draculaura wears a sundress with baby pink lace straps and lace flounce at the hem. The dress is black with vertical stripes of pink skullettes, crossbones, bows and hearts, and is accentuated by a hot pink bow at the neckline. Her accessories are all recoloured from previously used accessories: a pink top hat from her 'Dawn of the Dance' doll, her 'Dawn of the Dance' shoes which are now pink with black soles, and Howleen's pink and black 'Campus Stroll' bangles.

Make a Splash

Doll stockphotography - Make a Splash Draculaura Profile art - Make a Splash Draculaura
Draculaura wears a black and white stripe distorted pattern on her strapless swimsuit, which is printed with pink outlines of bats. Around her waist is a translucent plastic pink belt. Around her neck are some signature pink ruffles which go from her neck to the belt. She also has pink fabric across the hem of the legs. Her shoes are a light carnation pink and are literally dripping. She carries a pink purse which is rectangular like a satchel, patterned with cobwebs and zigzags. She again comes with her SPF 500 which is now pink with a darker pink heart label on. She has a pair of sunglasses which have lenses that are akin to bat wings, and are translucent pink. Her towel carries the same design as her swimsuit. Her lipstick is bright pink while her eye make-up is light pink and dark grey. Her hair is tied into two small bunches which are flipped at the ends, with prominent streaks of pink, especially in the bangs, where it is almost all pink compared to her other dolls.

13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah Draculaura
Draculaura wears a black hi-low hem dress with pink skulletes down the sides and the bodice tied a styled to resemble a corset with pink ribbons, the straps are pink with black spiderwebs and run down the sides of her dress. Her skirt comes in two layers, one a pink skirt with black bat winged hearts and spiderweb hearts patterned on it, the other a dark pink and black mesh skirt. Her shoes are golden sandals with pink spiderweb straps. She accessories with golden jewelry, including a bat necklace, 2 spiderweb cufflets, heart earrings and a bat and spiderweb headdress. Her hair is down and the back tied into a high ponytail. She wears light pink eyeshadow and lipstick, and her signature heart is now gold. Her sole accessory is a translucent pink lantern, adorned with scorpion motifs much like the other Haunt the Casbah dolls.

Playset: Die-ner

Doll stockphotography - SSP Die-ner 1-I Doll stockphotography - SSP Die-ner 1-II Doll stockphotography - SSP Die-ner 2


Music Festival

Doll stockphotography - Music Festival Draculaura and Clawd
For her music festival date with Clawd, Draculaura sports a bright pink dress under a pink sheer layer with pink bat wing skullettes and a black long-sleeved sheer top. She also wears a black belt styled to look like bat wings, and pink earrings styled in the same respect. Her shoes are pink wedges with cut out hearts in the wedge part of the heel and a bow on top. Her makeup is pale pink and her hair is tied back into a high ponytail. Like all the other dolls in the same line, she also wears a V.I.M. pass around her neck.

I Heart Shoes

Doll stockphotography - I Heart Shoes Draculaura Profile art - I Love Shoes Draculaura
Draculaura wears a bright yellow top, and a pink high-waisted knee length skirt with Victorian patterns such as bats, spiderwebs and flowers and four black buttons along the top. She also wears a plaid black, white and pink shawl with white lace trim and black recasts of her Gloom Beach sunglasses. Her hands are painted and styled to look like white gloves. She comes with 2 pairs of earrings, her Picture Day earrings and yellow recasts of her Killer Style ones. Also, as with the line's signature she comes with 4 pairs of shoes. The pair she's boxed wearing are black recasts of her Killer Style shoes, and she comes with pink recasts of her Dawn of the Dance shoes, yellow recasts of her Scaris shoes, and a lighter pink recast of her Dot Dead Gorgeous shoes. She comes with a black purse (Scaris recast) with her skullete on it, and a cardboard shopping bag. Her hair is tied into a low side ponytail and her makeup is pale pink.

Art Class

Doll stockphotography - Art Class Draculaura Profile art - Art Class Draculaura

Doll: The hair is worn tied back in a high ponytail with hard and curled bangs in the front of her forehead. She has bold streaks of hot pink and electric yellow running through her hair and are best shown on her bangs. Her lipstick is a bright red, while her eye shadow is a vivid yellow to match her hair.
Clothes: Draculaura breaks away from her classic black and pink and shakes it up with a fun splash of yellow in this creatively artistic ensemble for class. Her dress consists of two parts. The top is a pale yellow with soft pink horizontal stripes that have paint drip designs. The sleeves end at the elbow and are complimented with pink ruffled tulle. The neckline is covered with a large pink bow that accentuates her look. The dress' skirt is black and made of a stiff material that holds up well. It is decorated in matching pink and yellow paint splatters to give her that 'messy artist' look. The trim of the skirt is the same ruffled tulle from her sleeves except a pale yellow. Tied around the waist of the dress is her hot pink apron that has black intersecting lines going across and a jagged hem.
Accessories: She wears a bright yellow headband with two bows on each side. Her earrings are gummy pink skullettes, and she wears tall white ankle heeled boots with a wafer-like texture and round studs going across in four different rows. The heels are a hot pink in several spots, including the cross-paint brush skullette, the second skullette resting just below, and the heels which are paint tubes that connect to the soles through a squirting-like design. She also comes with a small white paint brush held in her left hand, and a hot pink paint palette (a gift from Clawd) in the other.
Extras: She comes with her framed self-portrait painting, a black doll stand and brush, and a class notebook.
Notes: The earrings pictured in her stockphoto are not the ones included with the doll.

Frights, Camera, Action! - Black Carpet

Doll stockphotography - Frights Camera Action! - Black Carpet Draculaura Profile art - Frights, Camera, Action! Black Carpet Draculaura

Doll: The hair is tied back and worn in a tight swept high ponytail. Her bangs are slicked back and swept to the right of her head. She has her classic pink streaks running through her hair. Her lipstick is a shimmery red, while her eye shadow is a stunning silver with a thin shade of pink just above her eyes.
Clothes: Draculaura is dressed lavishly in Art Deco inspired garb. She wears a glamorous black dress with a jagged cut. The dress has a square neckline with light pink sheer frilly strap accents. It has a decorated print of pink bat designs with spanned wings that connect to one another. Underneath the dress is a hidden layer of a pink metallic looking material with a similar jagged cut.
Accessories: She wears a pair of long black web-like dangling earrings. Her necklace is black and is in the shape of twin bat wings with molded drips. Around her waist is an intricate pink belt that is connected both by beads and chain link, it has a large accent on the front that look like more bat wings with a small black heart fixed into it. Suspended from the chain links are several charms of lips, skullettes, and winged-hearts. She wears pink open-toe heels that are covered in sharp pointed edges resembling wings. Black hearts are fixed onto the tips of the toes. The backs of the heels are linked together by rows of molded lips. Her purse is a matching pink to compliment her look, it is shaped like a large pair of lips and is beaded with hanging drips.
Extras: She does not include any extra pieces.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Sweet Screams

Doll stockphotography - Sweet Screams Draculaura

Doll: Draculaura's hair is tied up into 2 long pigtails with black decorations going around the pigtails. She wears pink eye shadow and red lipstick. Like Frankie, Draculaura's gloves are molded into her hands and arms.
Clothes: Draculaura wears a black crop top with a pink bat done up as a button. Underneath she wears a sleeveless black and pink dress that ends around her knees with a dripping pattern. She wears fishnet socks, and black and pink shoes.
Accessories: Draculaura has a heart shaped handbag, long pink and black earrings, a black belt and a black bow in her hair.
Extras: She comes with a hard candy Count Fabulous and a storybook
Notes: This doll was exclusive to Target


Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Draculaura I Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Draculaura II


Freaky Fusion - Freaky Fusions

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Fusion - Freaky Fusions Dracubecca


Playset: The Draculocker

Doll stockphotography - SSP The Draculocker I Doll stockphotography - SSP The Draculocker II Doll stockphotography - SSP The Draculocker III Doll stockphotography - SSP The Draculocker IV


Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie!

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie! Draculaura



Draculaura wears a black and pink Victorian dress with her hair down and parted.
Despite being announced with the other Classroom dolls, Draculaura was not released with them and to this day there is no word on a release. It is possible the doll has been cancelled, but such would not be a confirmed fact. Logically, if the doll will be or would have been released, it will or would have come with a locker, a little journal and a pen, and two or so items. Also included will or would be a real-life sized brush, real-life sized stickers, a doll stand, and a survival guide on Drama.


For organizational purposes, information on the playsets associated with Draculaura, either because the playsets are made for their dolls or because one of their dolls is included with them, is only available elsewhere on the Monster High Wiki.
Jewelry Box Coffin
Powder Room
Coffin Bean
Jewelry Box Coffin
The Draculocker


For organizational purposes, information on the costumes representing Draculaura is only available elsewhere on the Monster High Wiki.
Party City - 'Basic' V.1
Party City - 'Basic' V.2
Party City - 'School's Out'
Party City - Ghouls Rule
Party City - 13 Wishes - Haunt The Casbah



Friends - Draculaura and Count Fabulous
  • Release: Early July, 2010
  • Assortment number: T1398
  • Model number: T1400


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