Quotation1 You give the color pink a bad name, Dr. Deplorable. Quotation2
Dead Fast
DFcomic - Igorable with bazooka

Dr. Igorable is a character in the Dead Fast universe, namely the human former employer and current enemy of the comic book hero Dead Fast. Dr. Igorable hates naughty and icky stuff, which he considers zombies to be, and wishes to rid the world of them. He doesn't like it when Dead Fast misuses his name by calling him "Dr. Deplorable".



Dr. Igorable is a fan of everything cute, fuzzy, nice, sweet and soft. In fact, he has made it his life's work to make the world a better place by destroying everything not adhering to these standards. And the first target on his list are zombies. To this end, he does, or at least did, employ zombies in his factories to learn more about them. Dr. Igorable also emplys an army of Fuzzies, humans in colorful animal costumes, which assist him in his zombie-destroying schemes and if necessary fight for him, even though Dr. Igorable doesn't like to see them get hurt.


Dr. Igorable only piece of expectable clothing is his labcoat. Under it, he wears blue pajamas and pink slippers. His face is usually obscured by a mask in the form of a yellow smiley face.


SDCCI 2011 comic

Dr. Igorable was at work in his lab, creating a black hole-generator that could be tuned to only absorb a selected species: zombies. It also could be be tuned to absorb other creatures, causing Dr. Igorable to take care he wouldn't accidentally wipe out his Fuzzies. With Ghoulia Yelps's help, Dead Fast gained entry to the lab and proceeded to take out the Fuzzies. Forced to deal with the menace himself, Dr. Igorable came out of the safe chamber and shot Dead Fast with a rainbow bazooka. He was elated to think Dead Fast has passed on, but Dead Fast revealed the thing shot was merely a hologram created by Ghoulia to goad Dr. Igorable out into the open .Dead Fast made a quick run for the apparatus inside the safe chamber and destroyed it, then took off with Ghoulia as Dr. Igorable was given time to cry.



  • "Igorable" is a portmanteau of "Igor" and "adorable".