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Quotation1 Hey, this is our turf now! Got it, vamp-poser? Quotation2
Dougey in "Fright On!"
Fright On! - obedient Dougey

Dougey is a werewolf who previously went to Crescent Moon High, but now goes to Monster High. He's the werewolves' tough guy, acting as a secondary leader and enforcer to other dominant wolves that use their brains more than their brawn, such as Romulus and Howleen Wolf.


Dougey is the kind of guy who lets his fist do the talking, in such a way that earns him respect from the pack. Through this, he is the quintessential beta wolf, holding authority on his own, but knowing his place compared to others with a balance more favored to their intelligence.



Fright On! - Romulus Dougey plotting

Dougey is a close friend of Romulus and can usually be found hanging out with him.


Fright On! - Toralei Dougey dance

Dougey isn't dating or looking to date anyone as far as it is known at the moment. However, during the first party scene in "Fright On!", he was seen dancing with one of the backgrounder girls. Moments later, Toralei Stripe ends up stealing him away from her, which he didn't seem to mind.


Fright On!

Dougey led the Crescent Moon High werewolves onto the Monster High grounds when the group got in a conflict with the Belfry Prep vampires led by Bram Devein. Frankie Stein tried to calm them down by pointing out that Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf didn't think being of different species was a reason to not be best friends. This only made the situation worse, until Romulus joined in and ordered the werewolves not to get into fights on their first day at Monster High.

Romulus's orders notwithstanding, the werewolves were threatened by the vampires and vice versa, prompting Monster High to organize a party in hopes of bringing the two groups together. With some pushing from the welcoming comittee, the party became a success. Dougey got to dance with a a background girl, but was pulled away from her by Toralei Stripe, with whom he then danced.

The good vibes between the joint student bodies wouldn't last though, as the human Van Hellscream feared that monsters at peace with one another would be a threat to humans. Manipulating werewolves and vampires alike, old hatred was revived. While Romulus focussed on getting Clawd Wolf to give up his vampire girlfriend, Howleen Wolf organized the werewolves in "Were Pride". Dougey worked to back up both of their efforts, which ultimately resulted in what would have been a huge fight between werewolves and vampires had some students not discovered Van Hellscream's plans. They warned both groups and urged them not to let their differences blind them to each other's good sides. The students agreed, swiftly setting up a party to show the Skullastic Superintendents that would arrive in a few hours that Monster High's all-monster project had a chance.

Volume 3

Dougey was one of the students watching the casketball game between Monster High and the West Valley Mages in "Super Fan". He is also among the audience with Romulus during the fashion show in "Unearthed Day". He also appears in "Fierce Crush" giving his flea collar to a backgrounder who is presumably his girlfriend.


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