The doll profile quotes are an extra to the doll profiles unique to the versions uploaded on the Monster High website. There are two variations, the first of which ran from October 23, 2013 to March 19, 2015. It was a system whereby any visit to the profile would randomly yield one of five quotes. For unclear reasons, some quotes had a higher chance of appearing than others. Starting on March 19, 2015, the rotating quotes were replaced by one bigger one for each character, though some characters were left without replacement. Profiles added hereafter randomly were or were not given a quote.

Quotes I

Abbey Bominable
  1. "Do not understand why ghouls must wait to be asked to dance. Why can't we just go and dance?"
  2. "Friends never tiptoe on the thin ice round others. Friends always tell beasties "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster" and accept every freaky-fierce flaw."
  3. "Heath Burns is starting to grow on me like moss. What? Is good thing."
  4. "I have poem. Ice storm is like special delivery of falling love from above. Thank you."
  5. "Took Shiver on walk and scared neighbors. Wooly mammoth is not scary."
Amanita Nightshade
  1. "I believe purple and green are the most spooktacular colors. After all, I'm purple and green."
  2. "I'm putting my roots down at Monster High because I need the freedom to bloom."
  3. "After 1,300 years in a dusty old tomb, I'm enjoying the glowing radiance of the sun."
  4. "I love Photography class. After all, I'm the perfect subject for every class project."
  5. "I cannot possibly live in a garden with weeds; I deserve my very own pot."
Avea Trotter
  1. "A nice gallop on the beach always helps me clear my head!"
  2. "I know I can always count on Sirena Von Boo, Neighthan Rot and Bonita Femur—they're the beast herd of friends a ghoul ever had."
  3. "I'm tired of being the odd-monster out. Going to Monster High might be the beast thing to ever happen."
  4. "Neighthan says I'm an interrupter. I'm not trying to be rude, I just have an opinion!"
  5. "Red is my fave color. It looks good on me, so that's what I like to wear."
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
  1. "I always want to encourage my students to be yourself, be unique, be a monster."
  2. "I'm going out for a full-moon ride with my faithful companion Nightmare."
  3. "Monster High is a school for monsters of many different kinds—fire-elemental, werecat, Yeti, mummy, werewolf, vampire and zombie."
  4. "My proudest moments are when I see all types of monsters come together to learn and interact in ways that were thought impossible before the founding of Monster High."
  5. "Some days, it's hard to not lose my head—literally."
Bonita Femur
  1. "A ghoul told me my wings were totes rad today. What a spooktacular compliment!"
  2. "Here's a thought to chew on: If thrift stores started calling themselves "Style Museums" or "Adopt a Fashion" shelters, they might get more customers."
  3. "I have a freaky-fab sweater picked out for my first day at Monster High. Going to do my beast to not get nervous and chew through its sleeve."
  4. "I love art class. I'm really attracted to form and light."
  5. "My friends and I always just assume that we're going to be rejected by other monsters because we are hybrids. I hope things will be different at Monster High."
Casta Fierce
  1. "I love black and purple...especially for my stage costumes."
  2. "I'm lurking forward to seeing my old ghoulfriend Catty Noir. She's a scary-talented ghoul."
  3. "I write all my own lyrics because if I sing the wrong words, my fans don't stay my fans for long."
  4. "My Halloween show at Monster High is gonna be the hottest ticket in the monsterverse."
  5. "Picking the band up at the scareport. Lots of rehearsing to do between now and Halloween."
Catrine DeMew
  1. "Finishing a painting can be torture. I want it to be purrfect!"
  2. "Ghoul la la! I love Scaris. The city is my constant companion."
  3. "I love lurking around the museums of Scaris to see the spooktacular works of art."
  4. "Sketching monster portraits is the purrfect profession for me in this unlife."
  5. "Stroll the streets of Scaris and you'll see the Scarisian ghouls dressed in drop-dead gorgeous haunt couture."
Catty Noir
  1. "A good run of bad luck is coming my way. A black cat crossing my path today!"
  2. "I'm totally craving chilling cheese fries today!"
  3. "My new song "Magic Carpet Ride" is clawing its way to the top of the charts."
  4. "Some say I'm a musical purr-digy, but I think I just really love to sing and purr-form!"
  5. "Wait 'til you see my ghoulishly glitzy new dress, made with tiny pieces of broken mirror!"
Clawd Wolf
  1. "Family time today for the Wolfs. I'm meeting Howleen and Clawdeen at the Coffin Bean after school."
  2. "I'm gonna rule the casketball court and take our team to the championships, but right now I have to plan date night with my ghoul Draculaura."
  3. "I'm howling with excitement over the casketball finals."
  4. "I've got a big test in Biteology tomorrow, so I'm staying indoor for a full-moon study session."
  5. "What should I get Draculaura for our anniversary?"
Clawdeen Wolf
  1. "I love seeing the furrious designs of other monster designers. Just saw some fierce new fashions from Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras."
  2. "I'm gonna take Howleen and Twyla to the boo-tique today—bonding time with my little sis and her BFF."
  3. "I'm wild about the steak and furry nuggets lunch special in the Creepateria today."
  4. "I've been to Scaris to study haunt couture, and some day soon I'm going to launch my own scary-cool clothing line."
  5. "New classes, new student bodies and new outfits for school—I'm howling with excitement about the new scare-mester."
Clawdia Wolf
  1. "I love Philosophy of Screamplay Structure class. We get to read all the most famous screamplays and see how the masters perfected their craft."
  2. "I'm really missing being able to snuggle up on the couch with my pack of siblings."
  3. "There's something about a blank sheet of paper that's less intimidating than a blank scream with a blinking cursor."
  4. "When I was a cub, I was better at writing stories about my brothers' and sisters' athletic exploits than participating in them."
  5. "You know Londoom is cold when a werewolf has to put on fuzzy wool socks."
Cleo de Nile
  1. "As a member of royalty, it is my duty to set a scary-good example at Monster High, so I always arrive on time, ready for class and dressed drop-dead gorgeous."
  2. "I know my closet rules, but the wraps are coming off if my sister Nefera de Nile keeps borrowing my superior clothing without asking."
  3. "I'm taking Ghoulia Yelps shopping at the boo-tique. With my exquisite taste, we should be able to find her a haunting new outfit."
  4. "I want everything to remain status quo. I will continue to dominate—socially, stylistically and epically."
  5. "Vote for Deuce Gorgon and I to be king and queen of the home groaning dance."
Deuce Gorgon
  1. "Almost left my sunglasses at home this morning...that could have been a stone-cold disaster."
  2. "Cleo commanded me to come to her house for dinner. Sometimes she takes this royalty thing a bit too far."
  3. "I'm lurking forward to meeting my bros for a killer game of casketball after school."
  4. "I'm rocking out to Operetta's freaky-fab new song. The ghoul can write."
  5. "My ghoulfriend Cleo is clawesome, but some times I just want to hang out with my bros."
  1. "Clawd and I saw the beast movie last night. I love a totes romantic monster flick."
  2. "Count Fabulous just flew in to let me know it's time to get up for school. Beast alarm clock ever!"
  3. "Fangtastic news! My dad just told me we are going on a family vacay to fang out with relatives in Transylvania this year."
  4. "I got an A on my Biteology test, so I'm going to celebrate at the maul."
  5. "I'm totes excited to take the meals from my philanthro-party to the homeless shelter today. There's nothing more scary-sweet than doing something creeperific for your community!"
  1. "Draculaura and I used to play together when we were young ghouls back in Transylvania and I still recall monsters mistaking us for sisters."
  2. "I do sometimes tire of playing larger-than-unlife roles, even though my fans really do seem to love the films."
  3. "I'm Elissabat the First, not because I was the first queen to have that name but because I was the first to choose self-imposed exile over the throne."
  4. "It takes a lot of concentration to be Elissabat playing Veronica Von Vamp playing a completely different character on stage or in a film."
  5. "I would love to do a small picture next—something shot on location in Scaris."
Frankie Stein
  1. "Boys are so weird, and kind of adorable."
  2. "I made a wish and threw a coin into the school fountain to help make my screams come true."
  3. "I'm listening to a high-voltage music mix Holt Hyde made me while I clean the lab."
  4. "I'm so charged up to pay-it-forward and help new ghouls at school feel welcome. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met my ghouls."
  5. "I'm totally sparking at the bolts for the Wolfs' clawesome barbecue this weekend."
Garrott du Roque
  1. "I love to ride my scooter around Scaris and visit all my favorite haunts."
  2. "I may be made of rock, but Rochelle Goyle can melt my stone heart."
  3. "Having a total craving for strawscary tart. C'est magnifique!"
  4. "Rochelle Goyle is my muse. She inspires me and brings unlife in my design."
  5. "Heading to the café to sketch and enjoy a coffinccino."
Ghoulia Yelps
  1. "UHHHH! (Translation: Clawculus is not so scary. Just take your time with the freaky formulas and it all adds up.)"
  2. "UHHHH! (Translation: I am reading an uhhh-mazing book about monster scaritage. There is so much to learn about the student bodies who attends Monster High.)"
  3. "UHHHH! (Translation: I love Skultimate Roller Maze so much, I got certified as an official SKRM referee!)"
  4. "UHHHHH! (Translation: I'm not just a comic book fangirl. I'm working on my own comic book series that's UHHHH-mazing!"
  5. "UHHHH! (Translation: Slo Mo and I are meeting up with some friends for zombie dodgeball. Scary-fun!)"
Gigi Grant
  1. "After spending so much time in a magic lantern, Monster High seems scary spacious and full of spirits."
  2. "I love to think outside the bottle."
  3. "I love to travel and see fangtastic sites and scary-cool new things."
  4. "You never know where the day may take you."
  5. "Your wish is my command, but be scareful what you wish for."
Gilda Goldstag
  1. "Clawesome lunch with Venus McFlytrap today. We sat outside under the oldest living tree at Monster High."
  2. "Marine Biteology is my fave class by far. I don't know very much about the unlife aquatic, so it's all new and exciting for me to learn."
  3. "I've heard people say Golden Hinds are extinct. Obviously, that's totes not true."
  4. "Gold is my fave color, of course."
  5. "I drive like I run, which makes the Driver's Dread teachers kind of nervous."
Gillington "Gil" Webber
  1. "I need some manster time, so I'm meeting Jackson, Deuce and Clawd at the Coffin Bean."
  2. "I need to study hard if I want to make a big splash in my unlife and become a hydro engineer one day."
  3. "I wish my parents could understand how clawesome Lagoona is, then maybe they wouldn't disapprove of her just because she's a salt-water monster."
  4. "Lurking forward to race at Gloom Beach. As a fresh-water monster, I'm clawesome at lake swims."
  5. "Monster High Swim Team practice is creeptastic for two reasons: I love to swim and I get to fang out with my ghoulfriend Lagoona."
Heath Burns
  1. "Abbey keeps giving me the cold shoulder, but I think she's hot for the Heathster."
  2. "I'm hanging out with my bros tonight. No ghouls allowed!"
  3. "I'm playing video games and watching "Die Trying," my fave show!"
  4. "I'm so excited about this weekend, I'm about to burst into flames."
  5. "I was on fire at casketball practice today!"
Holt Hyde
  1. "Do you think Jackson wonders what it's like to be as scary-cool as me?"
  2. "Hey, hey, hey, Holt Hyde here, so let's get this party started."
  3. "I'm adding "We Are Monster High" to my clawesome monster music mix."
  4. "I'm DJing a big party tonight, and Jackson has a test to study for...what to do?"
  5. "Jackson and I don't agree on much, but one thing I can say is, the guy has great taste in ladies."
Honey Swamp
  1. "A ghoul has to look her best, even if I'm more comfortable spending time behind the camera than in front of it."
  2. "Entertaining is a big part of a Southern gentleghoul's repertoire, and you gotta be good at it."
  3. "I want to be a cinema-togre-pher, which means I define the "look" of a boovie. I'll be a director's right-hand-monster for everything that you see on screen."
  4. "Mama Swamp has always said that navigating the waters of New Goreleans gentility is tougher than a cypress stump."
  5. "My scream is to get discovered by Hauntlywood and move out west to work with the monstrously talented SoFeara Gorepola. We'll make a divine boovie-making scream team!"
Howleen Wolf
  1. "Clawdeen said I look furrific today! I love my big sis."
  2. "I'm howling to hit the Full Moon sale at the maul!"
  3. "I might be totally barking up the wrong tree, but I think Romulus is freaky fab!"
  4. "Oh my ghoul, I've got to finish my Biteology homework before class!"
  5. "Twyla and I are going to the Coffin Bean after school. Anyone want to join us?"
Invisi Billy
  1. "Headmistress Bloodgood knows I don't skip class. Teachers just don't always see me when they are taking attendance."
  2. "I can't keep secrets from my ghoulfriend, because she literally always knows what I'm thinking."
  3. "I just designed the sets for Monster High's production of Spooksfeare. They turned out scary-cool."
  4. "It's totally not scary-cool when monsters talk like I'm not there, but sometimes I can't help but overhear the most spooktacular gossip."
  5. "Playing football can be so lame. I'll be like, "Hey quarterback, I was wide open!" and he'll be like, "Sorry I didn't see you.""
Iris Clops
  1. "Sure, I have a clumsy streak, but hello, I only have one eye, so my depth perception is not spooktacular."
  2. "The stars must be aligned, because today Manny asked me to go the movies tonight."
  3. "I love Astronomy. It's creepy cool that there's a class that teaches me more about what I am passionate about."
  4. "I only have eye for Manny!"
  5. "Manny Taur may seem like a bully, but he's really scary-sweet."
Jackson Jekyll
  1. "Being the only normie at Monster High is creepy cool."
  2. "I'm lurking for a new sweater vest. Maybe Frankie will go to the maul with me."
  3. "I'm mortalified that I can't remember what happened last night. What do you think Holt did?"
  4. "It's on! I'm challenging Deuce and Clawd to a little one-on-one casketball today."
  5. "When I hear music with a 4/4 time signature played in excess of 90 decibels, I know Holt is dying to come out."
Jane Boolittle
  1. "Ever since I can remember, I have been able to speak and understand creatures and animals."
  2. "I came to Monster High to learn how to unlive in the real world."
  3. "I never go on a hike without my walking stick! It connects me to my mysterious past."
  4. "It's against the law of the jungle for you to read my diary."
  5. "The idea of socializing with monsters my own age is pretty scary."
Kiyomi Haunterly
  1. "Long day at school...I'm orange with exhaustion!"
  2. "Don't tell anyone, but I've learned how to open portals to other worlds."
  3. "I'm discovering haunt couture and other spooktacular fashions, thanks to a new friend."
  4. "I love calligraphy class. The art of writing is a fangtastic skill and can soothe a troubled spirit."
  5. "It's hard to disguise my feelings, since I change colors with my moods."
Jinafire Long
  1. "Don't make me mad. I have a fiery temper."
  2. "I love lurking through Teen Scream Magazine at all the scary-cool fashions."
  3. "I'm dragging my tail today, literally."
  4. "I'm haunted by design ideas for my scary-cool new line."
  5. "I was honored to receive a postcard from my youngest brother in Fanghai."
Lagoona Blue
  1. "Gil and I had the most spooktacular kelp lunch today."
  2. "I'm scary proud to be a salt-water monster, but it has its complications—especially when your boyfriend's a fresh-water monster."
  3. "I've been feeling waves of homesickness today. Must be a high tide."
  4. "I swam my beast time ever at the swim meet today."
  5. "Venus McFlytrap and I are planning a Haunted Forest clean-up day. Who wants to join us?"
Lorna McNessie
  1. It's picture day at Monster High! So many photo bomb opportunities!
  2. Whenever I feel a little homesick, I just wear something plaid to remind me of home.
  3. Going for a swim in the Monster High pool is the next beast thing to swimming in the loch at home.
  4. I don't want tae draw pictures, I want tae be in 'em.
  5. I love Home Ick. I like tae bake, and the classroom is always warm, which is nice.
Madison Fear
  1. "Going to the maul with Draculaura to find something scary-sweet and pink!"
  2. "Singing and performing is my un-life!"
  3. "The cookies in the Creepateria were to-die-for today!"
  4. "Wanna go behind-the-screams of my new music video? Watch The Making of "We Are Monster High" Music Video!"
  5. "We are monsters, we are proud. We are monsters, say it LOUD!"
Marisol Coxi
  1. Dragonomics is my least favorite class. You have to be so quiet while everyone is concentrating.
  2. One of the most clawesome parts of being accepted to the Monster Exchange program at Monster High is I get to fang out with mi prima segunda Abbey Bominable.
  3. I am an excellent casketball player, and I use being loud and tall to great advantage. I also can dunk, which is creepy cool.
  4. I love bright green and bright pink. These two colors are as big and loud as me!
  5. I'm loud and proud!
Meowlody & Purrsephone
  1. Meowlody: "My fave game is cat and mouse. It's furriciously fun!"
  2. Meowlody: "Time to nap!"
  3. Purrsephone: "I don't know howl ghouls get Meowlody and I mixed up."
  4. Purrsephone: "Some would say we are lurking for trouble, but I think we are just having a little feline fun."
  5. Purrsephone: "Toralei is our werecat sister, even though we aren't technically related."
Nefera de Nile
  1. "I love my baby sister Cleo, just so long as she remembers how she ranks."
  2. "I may be a royal diva, but that's because I'm fierce and flawless when it comes to beauty, fashion and style."
  3. "Of course, I'm superior. I'm a world-famous supermodel with a royal bloodline."
  4. "Some ghoul must be talking about me. My gorgeous perfectly shaped ears are burning."
  5. "The Monster High Fearleading Squad will never be as freaky-fabulous as it was when I was the captain."
Neighthan Rot
  1. "I have a crush on the most beautiful ghoul I've ever seen. She has pale green skin, black-and-white streaked hair and bolts coming out of her neck."
  2. "I love monster psychology. I want to help monsters heal on the inside, because the wounds that take the longest to heal are often the ones we cannot see."
  3. "I've never been to a school where the inner-monster is more important than the outer-monster---until Monster High."
  4. "My dad's a zombie and my mom's a unicorn, which makes me what I like to call a... ZombiCorn!"
  5. "Took an epic fall in the hallway at school today and three monsters offered to help me up. Think I'm going to like it here at Monster High."
  1. "I just made a freaktacular fried peanut butter and banana sandwich and ate the whole dang thing."
  2. "I'm ready to roll at SKRM practice today!"
  3. "I reckon I'm due for a visit to New Goreleans."
  4. "Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs and I will be jamming in the lower catacombs after school."
  5. "My music can whoop y'alls music any day!"
Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss
  1. "Apparently creativity and science do not mix. At least that's what I was told when I redesigned the Feariodic Table of the Elements to make it 100 percent less boring."
  2. "When an idea comes to me, I have to paint it. It's instinctive."
  3. "I got caught in the middle of my latest creation, so now I'm weighed down with detention chains. Those Hall Moan-itors have no appreciation for art."
  4. "I love to try things other than painting. There are so many art mediums!"
  5. "I love drawing my friends, like Vandala sailing the deep boo sea or Kiyomi changing colors."
River Styxx
  1. "I love the Dead Languages. It's so freaky fun to be able to talk to ghosts from all around the world!"
  2. "Oh. My. Ghost! I have such a craving for sugar skulls right now!"
  3. "I'm an R.I.P. (Reaper in Training)."
  4. "I love the Dead Languages. It's so freaky fun to be able to talk to ghosts from all around the world!"
  5. "I don't think my dad is going to be super thrilled about the confetti canon I ordered for his ship."
Robecca Steam
  1. "Deary me, I'm running late for class."
  2. "I felt a little rusty in Biteology today. Must be time to freshen up my bolts."
  3. "I like to think I'm a scaredevil with style."
  4. "I'm afraid I got so steamed up at SKRM practice that steam came streaming out my ears."
  5. "It's such a lovely compliment when people say I have a riveting personality."
Rochelle Goyle
  1. "As Monster High hall monitor, it is my duty to protect the student bodies."
  2. "I'm a freaky-fierce blocker on the SKRM track. Running into me is like hitting a wall of stone."
  3. "I'm missing my beloved city of Scaris. I must send Garrott a letter."
  4. "Monster High is my stepping stone to life beyond the rooftops."
  5. "My grandmother says my timeless beauty is set is stone. Such a tres magnifique compliment."
Scarah Screams
  1. "I just got home from Telepathy camp. I had the beast time ever."
  2. "I'm a frightfully good listener, and I love good story."
  3. "I'm lurking forward to see a movie with Invisi Billy tonight!"
  4. "Me mom lives in Ireland, but we may meet for a scarecation in Londoom."
  5. "When I say I know what you're thinking, I actually really do."
Sirena Von Boo
  1. "Archaeology class is like a new adventure every day because you never know what's going to wash up on the tide."
  2. "Head in the clouds, tail in the water: that's pretty much how I feel most days."
  3. "If I was just a mermaid or just a ghost, maybe I wouldn't feel so divided all the time."
  4. "I like to coast along and take things as they come and lose myself in my imagination."
  5. "What would I do if I could only be on the land OR in the sea? It would be so boring!"
Skelita Calaveras
  1. "Art class is my favorite. It's where the classwork and homework are all things I love to do."
  2. "I'm dying to try the sugar skulls in the creepateria."
  3. "I'm so thankful for my spirited time in Scaris. It improved my mad skills as a designer."
  4. "My family scare-itage is creeptastically important to me."
  5. "Unlife is all about family and celebrations."
Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch
  1. "UHHHHH! (Translation: As Student Disembodied President, I represent every monster who feels like he or she doesn't have a voice.)"
  2. "UHHHHH! (Translation: Clawculus can be a brain burner at times, but it's my fave class.)"
  3. "UHHHHH! (Translation: Deuce and I are a clawesome team on the casketball court. He's fast, and I've got a killer hook shot.)"
  4. "UHHHHH! (Translation: I don't do well on short notice. I like it when I have time to prepare—for everything!)"
  5. "UHHHHH! (Translation: I'm going knock 'em undead at zombie dodgeball!)"
Spectra Vondergeist
  1. "Being able to float through walls makes it possible to overhear all the school gossip."
  2. "I love a little chaos. It makes for spooktacular headlines."
  3. "I would never plant a fake story. It could ruin my reputation."
  4. "My pet Rhuen is lurking forward to her playdate with Shiver and Sir Hoots A Lot today."
  5. "Sometimes I only hear half of what you say, and it's up to my creative side to figure out the rest."
Toralei Stripe
  1. "I'm only on my first unlife, so I've got plenty of time to claw up trouble."
  2. "I rule the halls of Monster High with an iron paw."
  3. "Meowlody, Purrsephone and I are furrious felines with scary-cool style."
  4. "My purrfect day: raising a little fur and then taking a killer nap."
  5. "This kitty knows how to scare up monster mischief."
  1. "Dustin, my pet dust bunny, is always happy to see me when I come home from school."
  2. "I just got a dreamy new blurple outfit. It's so shadowy and fangtastic!"
  3. "I know I can be shy, but that doesn't mean I'm scared to tell you what I'm thinking."
  4. "I wish my GFF Howleen would like herself more. I think she's clawesome!"
  5. "There's nothing better than a scary-sweet nap when you dream spooktacular dreams."
Vandala Doubloons
  1. "My fave color is sea foam green. It reminds me of cruisin' around the haunted seas."
  2. "Going for a swim in Haunted High pool. It's the one disembody of water where I don't get seasick."
  3. "I LOVE maps, especially the ones where "X" marks the spot."
  4. "My pet cuttlefish Aye is my most trusted mate, but he sometimes really knows how to rock the boat."
  5. "I'm not a troublemonster, but I do like my adventures -- like every good pirate ghost should!"
Venus McFlytrap
  1. "Don't be a loser, be a re-user!"
  2. "I'm a shrieking violet when it comes to protecting the environment."
  3. "It didn't take long for Monster High to grow on me. I love that I got to put my roots down here."
  4. "It's not scary being green!"
  5. "Planning a clean-up day at Gloom Beach. Who wants to join me?"
Viperine Gorgon
  1. "I don't know why I can't seem to be anywhere on time."
  2. "I love art. Painting, sculpting and color theory skills all come in handy when doing makeup."
  3. "My new makeup palette arrived today! It has the ghoulest colors I've ever seen in my unlife!"
  4. "Picked up a casketball jersey from the Barcelgroana team for my cousin Deuce."
  5. "Veronica von Vamp may be a fangtastic client, but she's also one of my beast ghoulfriends."
Wydowna Spider
  1. "Just spun an extra-soft web so I can take the beast afternoon nap ever!"
  2. "Feeling fierce in a freaky-fab red dress today that I made myself!"
  3. "Working on a clawesome sewing project while I clean my room. Having six arms definitely comes in handy sometimes."
  4. "Doing homework for Art, Home Ick and Geometry at the same time-- and making them all work together."
  5. "Had the nicest chat with Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs today! Did you know he rocks on the standup bass?"

Quotes II

Abbey Bominable "I try to not make icy first impressions...but can't help being honest. Don't understand the games ghouls play, like why I'm not to like Heath Burns. He is funny. I like to laugh. Done."
Avea Trotter "I'm a scary-stylish hybrid monster, who's part centaur, part harpy. I transferred to Monster High with my three hybrid beasties Bonita Femur, Neighthan Rot and Sirena Von Boo. While I know I can be stubborn, a nice, long gallop always helps me rein in my opinions."
Bonita Femur "I'm a part moth, part skeleton monster hybrid who transferred to Monster High with my beasties Neighthan Rot, Sirena Von Boo and Avea Trotter. I love freaky fab vintage fashions, but because I get nervous sometimes, I tend to chew on them—especially if they are wool or silk."
Catrine DeMew "I grew up on the streets of Scaris, where I sketched purrrfect portraits of tourists. I came to Monster High to continue my education and work on becoming a more clawesome artist."
Catty Noir "I always wondered what it would be like to put my pop music career on hold and go to school like a normal teenager. So now I'm a member of the Monster High student bodies. I may go on the road some times, but when I'm not performing, you can find me haunting the MH howlways, trying to blend in."
Casta Fierce "Even though I only perform live once a year on Halloween, I'm still one of the biggest stars in the monster world. My band The Spells and I played Monster High on Halloween 2014, and thankfully I got all my lyrics right so I didn't turn anyone in the audience into...something else."
Clawd Wolf "I love football and casketball, but you can't be a fierce superstar athlete forever, so I'm also scary focused on my studies. I'm furrriously busy playing sports and studying, but I always have time for my ghoul Draculaura."
Clawdeen Wolf "I'm a confident, no-nonsense werewolf who screams of becoming a fashion designer. I'm fiercely protective of my friends and family, so don't even think about messing with my pack, especially my best ghoulfriend Draculaura and my kid sis Howleen."
Clawdia Wolf "Before heading to Hauntlywood to pursue my career as a screamwriter, I studied drama in Londoom. I miss my pack at home, especially Clawd, Clawdeen and Howleen. While I don't get to visit as often as I'd like, I'm a clawesome pen pal, especially to Howleen."
Cleo de Nile "As a descendent of Egyptian royalty, I reign over the student bodies of Monster High. I'm captain of the Fear Squad and my boyfriend, Deuce Gorgon, is the fiercest manster in school. My older sister Nefera and my frenemy Toralei bring out my competitive side, but I’m not a diva without feelings. I'm a true friend, too. Just ask my beastie Ghoulia Yelps."
Deuce Gorgon "To keep from literally turning everyone into stone, I have to wear shades all the time, but I think I make them look scary cool. I love fanging out with my bros--Clawd Wolf, Gil Webber and Heath Burns. But my favorite monster to be with is my ghoulfriend Cleo de Nile."
Draculaura "I'm not exactly your typical vampire. I love gossip, freaky-fab fashion and fanging out with my friends, especially my boyfriend Clawd Wolf, who happens to be the brother of my beast ghoulfriend Clawdeen Wolf. I'm also a strict vegetarian who faints at the sight of blood."
Elissabat "When Draculaura and I were growing up in Transylvania, I always screamed of becoming an actress. But it turns out I'm also the rightful heir to the Vampire Queen throne. When I'm not home ruling the vampire world, you can find me on the set as my alter ego, movie star Veronica Von Vamp."
Frankie Stein "I was brought to unlife as a teenager, so I'm still a scary-bit naïve about the ways of the monster world. That's why I'm always reading Teen Scream magazine...I'm trying to get caught up on teen unlife. I put every spark of energy into school and my extrascarricular activities, like being a member of the Fear Squad, so I can enjoy every second of being a monster teen."
Ghoulia Yelps "UHHHHH (Translation: I may not be the fastest ghoul in school, but I am definitely the smartest. I am a freaky-fab problem solver, and I love to help out my friends, especially my beastie Cleo de Nile. I am a comic books fan ghoul; Dead Fast is my favorite. I also like to fang out with my boyfriend Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch.)"
Gigi Grant "I've lived most of my unlife in a lantern, only coming out to grant wishes. But now that my shadow sister Djinni "Whisp" has taken over my wish-granting duties, I'm free to do as I wish, which means I can attend Monster High. It's weird not having my powers, but now I know work hard is another way to make your wishes and screams come true."
Gillington "Gil" Webber "My fresh-water monster parents don't approve of my salt-water girlfriend, and the ocean gives me the chills, but I'm not going to let a few haunting obstacles keep Lagoona Blue and I apart. That may seem like a lot of work for a ghoul, but she's worth it."
Gilda Goldstag "I'm living proof that Golden Hinds aren't extinct. After all, here I am. While I can run like the wind to escape danger, I also enjoy slowing down for some dead quiet time."
Heath Burns "The Heathster might burst into flames at the worst possible moments, but that's because I'm hot! Just ask the ghouls. They love me, especially Abbey Bominable. We have a fire and ice thing going on. Whatever trouble I might create, it's not on purpose. It usually starts when I'm just trying to help."
Holt Hyde "Music brings me to unlife—literally. When Jackson Jekyll hears a few notes from any fierce song, he is transformed into me, the hottest DJ at Monster High. The only thing the two of us have in common, though, is we both have a crush on Frankie Stein."
Honey Swamp "I'm a proper Southern ghoul from the swamps of Honey Island. My mama always taught me if you work hard and follow your screams, you can be anything you want to be. Well, I want to be a world-famous cinema-togre-pher in Hauntlywood."
Howleen Wolf "I'm dying for my older siblings to stop treating me like I'm a baby. Clawdeen is always telling me how to dress, and I just wish she'd let me figure out my own killer style (including my constantly changing hair). Thankfully, I have my beastie Twyla, and we are navigating the horrors of high school together."
Invisi Billy "If I concentrate hard enough, I can disappear on least some of the time. Even when I am invisible, though, my ghoulfriend Scarah Screams knows I'm there, because she can read my mind."
Jane Boolittle "I spent my formative years in the jungle, so I learned early howl to talk to animals. However, I never really got to interact with monsters my own age. That's why I came to Monster become more accustomed to unlife with other teenagers. But truth be told, I still enjoy hanging out with animals, too, especially the Secret Creeper pets."
Jackson Jekyll "I may seem like a responsible normie, but all it takes is a few notes to transform me into Holt Hyde...and all bets are off. I hate not being reliable, because I never know when I'm going to become Holt. Worst of all, I never remember what happened when I regain my identity."
Lagoona Blue "I'm a sea monster from the Great Scarrier Reef and captain of the swim team. My boyfriend Gillington "Gil" Webber is a fresh-water sea monster, but that's a whole other complicated story. I'm pretty laid-back, except when it comes to scary important causes I believe in, like protecting the environment."

Quotes III

Aery Evenfall "The darkest nights bring out the brightest stars, and there's nothing better than to watch the twinkling herd galloping across a midnight sky."
Astranova "According to my new earthmonsterling friends, my Comet Alien scaritage gives "out-of-this-world" a whole new meaning! It's kinda freaky being lightyears from home, but I'm having a stellar time adapting to my new surroundings."
Batsy Claro "I'm a nature-loving bat who's fiercely passionate about protecting the environment. Rescuing an endangered plant may be what brought me to Monster High, but my mission to teach monsters how to care for the planet is what will keep me rooted here."
Bay Tidechaser "I unlive for the ocean wind in my mane and the waves on my hoofs. I mean is there anything better than a gallop on the beach at dawn?"
Catrine DeMew "Catrine is the personification of the teenaged girl who is artistic and sees the beauty in even the most mundane things in unlife. She is a French ghoul who is slightly older and more mature, but she still enjoys every moment of fanging out, even if she can hardly wait to get back to her paints to capture the event."
Elle Eedee "I'm constructed from a long lineage of Robots, which means my latest system upgrade always gives me a total edge on the electronic music circuit. Monster High is the perfect place to beta test my clawesome compositions and state-of-the-art dance moves."
Fawntine Fallowheart "My friends say I'm a little bit quiet and a little bit shy, and I suppose they're a little bit right. Although I prefer to think of myself as gentle, which suits me right down to the ground."
Flara Blaze "Even though I've often been accused of fanning the flames of chaos, I like to think what I really do is provide the sparks of transformation that turn old sticks-in-the-mud into Roman candles of celebration."
Frets Quartzmane "It's all about the hoofbeats for me. I'm always trotting out the latest tunes and I love it when one of my friends yells, "Hay, I know that song!""
Gilda Goldstag "I'm living proof that Golden Hinds aren't extinct. After all, here I am. While I can run like the wind to escape danger, I also enjoy slowing down for some dead quiet time."
Gooliope Jellington "Gooliope is the personification of a teenaged girl who doesn't always feel like she fits in. She is a monstrously tall ghoul who grew up in the circus, not knowing her biological family. In the circus, everyone is different, so at least she had that in common with them. She feels lucky to have found Monster High, where differences are also celebrated. The one place Gooliope always feels at home is the stage – she is a natural performer!"
Isi Dawndancer "I come from a long line of Boo Hexican Deer Spirits who have learned through the centuries to trust in our mysterious visions. Mine recently brought me to Monster High, where I hope to connect with students through the dance of my ancestors."
Kala Mer'ri "I may keep my sea monster heritage a secret, but that doesn't mean I'm likely to fade into the shadows. Actually, I like to think of myself as pretty bold - from my bright threads to my freaky-fab dance moves, I love to be the one who's always swimming circles around the competition."
Kjersti Trollson "Go ahead and call me a gamer-ghoul… I'm totally cool with that! Let's just say I know how to keep my eye on the prize and plan on pulling off a few fangtastic level ups now that I'm enrolled at Monster High."
Mouscedes King "I may come from Boo York royalty, but I'm no Upper Beast Side snob. Yes, I'm a rabid shopper with a talent for finding all the best sales, but what really gets my tail tapping is a beat I can dance to and furrrocious friends by my side."
Penepole Steamtail "I'm a finely tuned Fright-Mare who's geared to trot like a top. I believe precision makes the world go round and that includes getting my name right. It's P-E-N-E-P-O-L-E! Please pronounce it precisely."
Peri & Pearl Serpentine "We're a two-headed Hydra with two times the personality! We don't always see eye-to-eye, in fact most of the time we're butting heads over something, but hey… isn't that what sisters do? Luckily, having a twin sister attached to your hip means one scary-cool thing: your beast friend is always by your side."
Posea Reef "I'm a Great Scarrier Reef sea goddess in training and, if you ask me, a real "go with the flow" kinda ghoul. I'm fiercely passionate about tending to the scary-cool seascape my dad has created and am honored that he trusts me with it's care."
Pyxis Prepstockings "I'm a classically trained trotter and I love precision mixed with artistry. Watching me go through my paces is like spending a night at the ballet."
Skyra Bouncegait "I've been accused of being "perky" but I prefer to think of myself as energetic, and it's a good thing too, because it takes a lot of energy to cheer on the herd and encourage them to…Go! Fight! Win!"
Toralei Stripe "Toralei is the personification of the mean girl with her own posse. She is over-confident in her own abilities and tends to put other ghouls down. However, that doesn't mean she lets other monsters get away with bullying; she will often stand up for the underdog. She has a sarcastic sense of humor."
Zomby Gaga "Zomby Gaga is a ghoul who loves to celebrate bravery, kindness and acceptance! Monsters from all over the world are drawn to her welcoming personality, clawesome talent, and fangtastic sense of style, which changes with her mood. Her fave outfit is a sleek black tux that makes her feel elegant and sophisticated while still rocking her tattoos and scary-cool accessories; however, she believes every monster should wear what makes them feel most like themselves. Zomby Gaga is on a mission to spread love throughout the world, and invites every monster to join her."


  • Catrine DeMew is the only character whose singular quote got changed after a while.
  • Those characters who did not receive second series quotes on March 19, 2015 are: Amanita Nightshade, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, Garrott du Roque, Iris Clops, Jinafire Long, Kiyomi Haunterly, Lorna McNessie, Marisol Coxi, Nefera de Nile, Neighthan Rot, Operetta, Porter Geiss, Purrsephone, Meowlody, River Styxx, Robecca Steam, Rochelle Goyle, Scarah Screams, Sirena Von Boo, Skelita Calaveras, Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch, Spectra Vondergeist, Twyla, Vandala Doubloons, Venus McFlytrap, Viperine Gorgon, and Wydowna Spider. Or in short, when the change took place, every monster alphabetically listed after Lorna did not receive a quote. The only one who got one at a later time after all is Toralei Stripe.
  • Those characters who did not receive quotes at all are: Ari Hauntington, Dayna Treasura Jones, Luna Mothews, Moanica D'Kay, Silvi Timberwolf, and Treesa Thornwillow.