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Signature dolls

School's Out

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Back-of-the-box blurb

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead... gorgeous!"

Profile art - SO Clawdeen Wolf heel

The diaries that come with the 'School's Out' dolls detail the early months of the school year, ranging from early September to the end of October. The date noted in everyone's diary is October 7, when Spectra and Clawd get into a huge fight as a result of Spectra's disregard for the well-being of others in favor of her gossip career.


The three new characters each have their profile displayed on the back of the box as with the 'Basic' dolls. Meanwhile, the dolls of the older faces—Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeen and Lagoona—have their student files published on the back of the box. Draculaura, who was released in a romance-themed 2-pack with Clawd, has an excerpt from her diary on her feelings for Clawd.

Campus Stroll

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Back-of-the-box blurb

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead... gorgeous!"

Profile art - Toralei Stripe

The 'Campus Stroll' diaries detail the months of the summer vacation a year after the ones spoken of in the 'Basic' diaries, ranging from late July to the end of August. The date noted in everyone's diary is August 31, when a meteor shower occurs.


Most space on the back of the box is taken up by the characters' profiles that can also be found on the Monster High website.

San Diego Comic-Con International dolls

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Box comic

Printed on the front of the box of 2011 SDCCI Ghoulia Yelps's doll is a two-panel comic of Dead Fast giving his 'number one fan' an action figure of himself. Ghoulia swears to keep it in the original package forever.


Printed on the back of the box is a summary of Dead Fast's character. It details how he became a superhero and why his archnemesis is Dr. Igorable.


Printed on the back of the box is a one-page diary entry of Ghoulia preparing to go to Nekrocon.


Included with the doll is a short Dead Fast fancomic made by Ghoulia Yelps.

Other dolls

Dead Tired

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Back-of-the-box blurb

Dish and delve with the ghouls at their scary cool sleepover!

Profile art - DT Cleo de Nile
Check List
Scary human movies
Teen monster magazines
Carrot juice
Eye mask
Extra makeup
"I ADORE makeovers!!!!!!!" (Draculaura)
Check List
Sewing kit
Portable charger
iCoffin docking crypt
Diary (Frankie Stein)
Check List
Dead Fast Graphic Novel
Schedule Keeper
iCoffin (Ghoulia Yelps)
Check List
Extra bandages
Grapes (peeled)
iCoffin (Cleo de Nile)

Dawn of the Dance

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Back-of-the-box blurb

It's the biggest party of the year as every body at Monster High, at least those lucky enough to scare up an invitation, get to show off their most frighteningly fabulous fashions. So if you've got a wicked sense of style and you're not afraid to party, we're just dying for you to join us.

Profile art - Dawn of the Dance Deuce II

The Dawn of the Dance dolls have one-day diaries printed on the back of the boxes, which cover the hours from waking up to being ready to party.


The single-pack dolls come with a DVD of "New Ghoul @ School", the first TV special and one that features the Dawn of the Dance fashion.

Killer Style I

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Back-of-the-box blurb

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead... gorgeous!"

  • Watzit and this fashion are totally voltage! (Frankie Stein)
  • I'll be shocked if we can't generate some fun! (Frankie Stein)
  • FANGORIFFIC fashion and a FREAKY fab pet! (Draculaura)
  • Tonight we're going to visit our favorite haunts! (Draculaura)

Day at the Maul

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If Clawdeen can't come to the Maul we'll bring the Maul to her!


From the diary of Draculaura
In the span of 3 days Clawdeen missed a test in Mad Science, a school dance and a buy one get one shoe sale at the Maul. Frankie and I knew something had to be wrong but Clawdeen wouldn't answer our texts. Finally Clawd showed us a picture he took of Clawdeen on his iCoffin. Her hair... it was... it was... not of this world. Clawd said she couldn't fix it and had to "ctrl+alt+delete" her new 'do' with a pair of electric clippers. He said she was so depressed that she wasn't even growling at Howleen for borrowing her clothes. I suggested we shave our heads too but then Frankie reminded me how fast Clawdeen's hair grows and that we'd be bald a way longer than she would. So she came up with the idea of going to the Maul and buying Clawdeen a fierce fashionista scare package to cheer her up instead and that's just what we did. Check out the scary cute things we put together for her.


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Back-of-the-box blurb

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead... gorgeous!"

Profile art - Classroom Lagoona
  • I will happily share my suggestions for surviving this class! (Ghoulia Yelps)
  • Follow my advice and you'll never fall apart in this class! (Frankie Stein)
  • Listen to my advice and you won't be left high and dry! (Lagoona Blue)
Back-of-the-box print

Each Classroom doll has the first two pages of their respective survival guide printed on the back of the box.

Survival guides

Each of the Classroom dolls comes with a survival guide linked to the class they're taking. These Survival Guides contain profiles of the classes' teachers, advice on how to deal with the teachers and other students and humorous stories related to the classes.

Gloom Beach

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The 5-pack containing the exclusive Ghoulia Yelps doll has Frankie's card and a text message by Cleo printed on the back of the box.

Go Monster High Team!!!

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School Clubs

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Back-of-the-box blurb

Our fashionable ghoul clubs are looking for dismembers. Sign up today!

Profile art - SC Abbey Bominable
CLUB NAME: Graphic Novel Nexus (Translation - Comic Book Club)
PRESIDENT: Ghoulia Yelps
DESCRIPTION: Our club is open to any monster whose imagination is captured by the deeds of those archetypal heroes and villains that inhabit the various universes, which exist betwixt the covers of the modern graphic novel...
Translation - if you like to read and discuss comic books this is the club for you!
WHEN: Fridays at Noon
WHERE: MH Chess Room
CLUB NAME: Snowboarding Club
PRESIDENT: Abbey Bominable
DESCRIPTION: Tired of dodging the monsters who ski with the two planks and are hogging the mountain with their slowness of speed? Then join with the club who ride the boards! We have secret special area on mountain that is unknowable to pole draggers. Come and have the enjoyment of monster powder and the epic terrain challenge. Our club is open to all and if you do not learn yet we will teach so your expertise will soon build like the snowdrift. We also have the cool that is scary club sticker for your snowboard.
WHEN: Saturdays at 9am
WHERE: On the mountain
CLUB NAME: Fashion Enterpreneur's Club
PRESIDENT: Clawdeen Wolf
DESCRIPTION: If you're the kind of ghoul who knows that there is more to being a Fierce Fashionista than just the fabulous clothes you wear on a daily basis than this is the club for you. So bring your lunch and your opinions, but leave your thin skin in your locker cause then the gloves come off the claws come out; and every monster knows there's no crying in fashion.
WHEN: Wednesdays at Noon
WHERE: MH Theater
CLUB NAME: Newspaper Club
PRESIDENT: Draculaura
DESCRIPTION: Where would we be if there were no newspaper photographers? I have no idea, but there definitely wouldn't be pictures we could cut out later to relive the memory of whatever happened while we were there in that place with no photographers. Our club gives monsters the chance to share scary cool techniques, show off their favorite photos and even get your pictures published in the school news-paper!
WHEN: Mondays at 7:30
WHERE: Fearbook Room

Skull Shores

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Sweet 1600

Main article: Sweet 1600
  • The ultimate Sweet 1600th birthday present! (Draculaura, Roadster)
  • Who's up for a road trip? (Draculaura, Roadster)
  • I love birthday parties and presents...especially the present part. (Draculaura)
  • A totally voltageous birthday present for Draculaura. (Frankie Stein)
  • A furrocious b-day present for my beastie, Draculaura. (Clawdeen Wolf)
  • A moonlit necklace for his ghoul-friend. (Clawd Wolf)
  • A howlingly cool birthday dress for Draculaura. (Clawd Wolf)
  • Love doesn't have to be scary! (C.A. Cupid)
  • Relationship off target? Let my love advice help you with your aim! Taking your questions only on the local Monster High station. (C.A. Cupid)
Profile art - S1600 Clawd
Back-of-the-box messages

Oh my ghoul, oh my ghoul, OH MY GHOUL! I can't believe my father got me a car for my birthday! Well, I mean I guess I can believe it since it is all black and pink and drivable. It's really mine right? It's not like a joke cause that totally wouldn't be funny; no of course it isn't. It's just so perfectly fangtabulously...perfect! Okay who wants a ride first? - Draculaura

It is the day of my 1600TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! I am so excited that I have to keep reminding myself to breath and then I have to remind myself that I don't need to and then I look at myself in the mirror which doesn't really work for the me... "me" but the dress "me" looks freakishly fab and then I check the clock but it's like still hours away from the party and then I call Clawd to remind him to pick me up and then I get his voicemail but it says it's full. How could that have happened? Who could be calling him so much that his voicemail filled up? I'd better send him a text just in case... - Draculaura

I learned two new lessons today. The first is that I should never wear a pair of dangly earrings when I'm excited about something I totally sparked and melted them down. (X) The second is that it's possible to be as excited for someone else as it is to be for oneself and I can't wait to see how much fun Draculaura is going to have at her Sweet 1600th birthday party! Oh drat, not again! Guess I should have paid better attention to lesson one. - Frankie

I can't believe Draculaura is finally turning 1600! It's been scary fun planning the party and it's definitely going to be a howling good time. Her dress is totally haunt couture and she'll definitely be the center of attention. I'm so excited for her that this will be the first time I'll ever want to walk into a party and not have all eyes on me. Now if I can just get Clawd to relax. You'd think he'd never escorted a ghoul to her sweet 1600th birthday before ;) - Clawdeen

What do you get the ghoul who has everything? I've been asking myself that for weeks now cause I wanted to give Draculaura something really special for her Sweet 1600th birthday. It must have been really obvious that I've been chasing my tail over this because Clawdeen finally cornered me and said "She'll only have one 1600th birthday and only one boyfriend who'll be giving her a present on that day and no matter what you give her every time she wears it or looks at it or thinks about it'll make her remember that day and think about you, so don't be cheap." Thanks little sis. I think... - Clawd


Due to premiering in the Sweet 1600 doll line, C.A. Cupid had a special profile published on the back of her box rather than a message like the other Sweet 1600 releases.

Online content

Unique among the Monster High lines, the Sweet 1600 line contains some material that is published online instead of on the box or in a booklet packaged with the doll. This content can be accessed by going to the Sweet 1600 subsection of the Monster High website and enter the codes given with the original four dolls. The content available is unique to each doll and is divided over four categories: Gossip, Diary, Script, and a Q & A.


Hydration Station

Main article: Hydration Station
  • It's where I hang out to hydrate!
  • Check out my water bed!
  • Why yes, I think I will go soak my head and the rest of me too!
  • It's like an underwater dance party!
  • Good night, sleep tight, don't let the piranhas bite!
  • A bed for Lagoona... ...changing light show for your room.
  • The perfect way to display Lagoona Blue Doll while adding a monstrously chic light show to your haunt.
  • The door opens and eveything is dry...
  • Monsturizer, a water...he he...and makeup.
  • A bubble shelf for Neptuna.
  • A place for my journal.

Room to Howl

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  • The only thing Clawdeen doesn't love about her bunk bed is sharing it with Howleen!
  • I text fashion advice to my ghouls day...or night.
  • Howleen ate my left over barbeque again!
  • ...really all these shoes are mine?
  • A fiercely fashionable bunk bed
  • The perfect way to display Clawdeen Wolf doll while adding a place for her to relax that's claws to her heart.
  • A swing out mirror to check my fierce look.
  • Every ghoul needs her beauty sleep blanket.
  • A mini-fridge to store a midnight snack.
  • My makeup and "razor" close by when I need them.
  • A "straightening iron" to tame my mane.
  • A lamp so I don't go bump in the night.
  • A can of my favorite energy drink.


Main article: Vanity
  • I don't need a magic mirror to tell me I'm beautiful.
  • Ahhh...perfection
  • Time for school...parting is such sweet sorrow.
  • Who says beauty is a curse?
  • The perfect way to display your Cleo de Nile doll while adding a place for her to reflect on what's really important...herself.
  • I am the perfect accessory for every mirror!
  • A real mirror that only shows me what I want to see. Me!
  • A working drawer to store whatever I want.
  • Makeup. I have nothing to hide but much to enhance.
  • looks so lost without me.
  • An iCoffin "player" to serenade me.