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Signature dolls


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Back-of-the-box blurb

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead... gorgeous!"

Profile art - Basic Holt I

The diaries that come with the 'Basic' dolls detail the months of the summer vacation during which Frankie Stein was created, ranging from the very end of June to early September. The date noted in everyone's diary is July 15, when a rainstorm takes place. Only Holt Hyde doesn't write about it because he isn't active during the day.


Most space on the back of the box is taken up by the characters' profiles that can also be found on the Monster High website.

San Diego Comic-Con International dolls

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Back-of-the-box blurb

"All teenagers feel like monsters from time to time. The difference between them and me? I don't just feel that way..."

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind to prove that High School can be a scary cool place, even if you're already scary to begin with.

The mad scientist behind the creation of Monster High is better known as Garrett Sander to those around the lab. Garrett has worked at Mattel for 5 years, beginning his career in packaging, moving onto product design after Monster High was born. Garrett says, 'it has always been my dream to create a toy line and I couldn't be more proud of what came out of the lab. But it wasn't without the help of all the monstrously talented creatures at Mattel that truly put the spark of life into Monster High!

Profile art - Frankie Stein greyscale
  • Stitched together with style!
  • Includes doll stand & diary! - Exclusive "First Day in the Life of Frankie Stein Diary"

The 2010 SDCCI Frankie Stein doll comes with a diary detailing her first day alive, which also contains a unique profile.


On the inside of the box's cover is a print of Frankie's regular profile.

Other dolls

Dawn of the Dance

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It's the biggest party of the year as every body at Monster High, at least those lucky enough to scare up an invitation, get to show off their most frighteningly fabulous fashions. So if you've got a wicked sense of style and you're not afraid to party, we're just dying for you to join us.

Profile art - DotD Clawdeen

You're invited! Shhhhh... it's a secret.

Dawn of the Dance Midnite Dance Party
Friday 13th
Catacombs under MH
Freakishly Fabulous Fashions Required

Packaged with the original three Dawn of the Dance dolls are cards representing photos, with thoughts on the party written on the backs.


The Dawn of the Dance dolls have one-day diaries printed on the back of the boxes, which cover the hours from waking up to being ready to party.

Gloom Beach

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It's spring break at Monster High and everyone's off to Gloom Beach for some frighteningly fabulous fun in the sun!

  • It's my first spring break ever! I'm so excited I could burst at the seams! (Frankie Stein)
  • I've got my 3 S's for the beach: Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Shade - let the scary fun begin! (Draculaura)
  • Spring break makes me want to howl at the sun! (Clawdeen Wolf)
  • Nothing to do and all day to do it. Spring break does make one feel like royalty! (Cleo de Nile)
  • Just because I’m not a monster doesn't mean I can’t party like one! (Jackson Jekyll)

The individually packaged Gloom Beach dolls come packaged with cards addressed to friends not at Gloom Beach.

Scream Uniform

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The scary cool way to show off your team spirit.

Profile art - SU Lagoona Blue
Frankie Stein
Fear Squad Pos. Climber
Being the "new girl" always comes with its share of difficulties but for new girl Frankie Stein, those difficulties haven't followed her to the Fear Squad. Frankie's initial try out is now the stuff of legends at MH as she wowed both Fear Squad captain Cleo de Nile and future teammates with a dazzling, if unorthodox display of high flying acrobatics. When asked about the tryout Frankie humbly deflects the attention. "I only did what came naturally," she says. "I'm just happy it was enough to win a spot on the team."
Deuce Gorgon
Casketball Pos. Guard
With his snake mohawk and trademark shades Deuce Gorgon is instantly recognizable in halls of Monster High but it's his play on the Casketball court that really turns heads. Last season Gorgon led the team in assists, scoring and steals while taking MH to the League Championship. He says, "I love Casketball because you can get the crowd just as excited by making a scary sweet pass to a teammate as you can by scoring a basket yourself." Spoken like a true point guard.
Lagoona Blue
Surf Team
When the killer surf is up and the monster waves are haunting the breaks you'll find Lagoona Blue dropping in to represent the MH surf team. As the daughter of the Sea Monster and the captain of the MH swim team, Lagoona combines a natural affinity for the water with supreme conditioning; it's a combination that usually means second place for anyone competing against her. "It's all good though," says Lagoona. "Cause everybody wins when you get to spend the day at the beach!"
Clawdeen Wolf
Soccer Pos. Forward
What would make a fierce fashionista like Clawdeen Wolf trade in her stylish wedges for a pair of soccer spikes? "I love to compete," she says. "Growing up in a big family you learn to fight for everything: the last steak, your favorite TV channel, the first shower so you can have hot water-so it's easy to transfer that intensity to the field." Clawdeen still manages to add a sense of flair to the soccer pitch with her smooth play and often-acrobatic shots on goal. "Oh, and my spikes," she says. "They're wedges too."


Jewelry Box Coffin

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  • Nothing like a comfy coffin when you're dead tired.
  • I could watch this channel all day!
  • Hmmm...what rhymes with veggie?
  • R.I.P. - Rest in pink!
  • A bed for Draculaura on the bottom... a jewelry box for you on the top.
  • The perfect resting place for your jewelry and Draculaura!
  • Pitcher, Cup & Saucer, Journal & Pen
  • A place for Count Fabulous to hang out.
  • Bow Shaped Pillow
  • Tray to hold my snacks
  • Blanket & Curtain
  • Pop down "TV" tuned to a sunrise channel. (of course)
Box art - sleeping Draculaura Count Fabulous

Mirror Bed

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  • Mirror-mirror on my bed - gotta get some sleep 'cause my battery's dead.
  • Can't sleep, feels like all the electricity is rushing to my head....
  • Ever dream you're standing in front of class without a stitch on?
  • Ahhh that's the spot...
  • A bed for Frankie Stein on one side... a mirror for you on the other.
  • The perfect way to display Frankie Stein & make sure you look your freakishly fabulous best!
  • Stapler, Needle and Thread, Scissors
  • Bed for Watzit
  • Place to store your Comb
  • Handle that flips Bed to Mirror
  • My Pillow & Blanket
  • Cabinet to keep all my things
  • Bolt clamps so I can "recharge"
  • Juice drink, Journal & Pen
  • Pop up "TV" tuned to a sewing channel. (of course)
Box art - sleeping Frankie Watzit