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As a story- and character-heavy franchise, the dolls and doll accessories of the Monster High brand come packaged with various messages and notes scribbled on the boxes and pack-in paperwork. The amount and nature of the doll logs depends on the line. Deluxe lines tend to come with a booklet, usually a diary, an in-box quote, and back-of-the-box content. Budget lines and fashion pack lines may come with either a single back-of-the-box quote or nothing at all.

The doll logs are covered on the Monster High Wiki in three ways. Small and incidental specimens can be found on this page's subpages ordered by year of the relevant dolls' releases. Small specimens that are part of a series generally have their own shared page. And large specimens, which usually means the content of booklets, have their own pages each. Below are links to all the material not stored on this page's subpages.


Diary booklets

'Basic' diaries

'School's Out' diaries

'Campus Stroll' diaries

'Between Classes' diaries

Self-standing 'Signature' diaries

San Diego Comic-Con International diaries

13 Wishes diaries

Frights Camera Action - Hauntlywood diaries

Non-diary booklets

Classroom survival guides

Scarily Ever After fairytales

Scaris City of Frights sketchbooks

Classroom notebooks

New Scaremester agendas

Sweet Screams storybooks


Diaries Other
Dawn of the Dance diaries Doll profiles
Sweet 1600 diaries Gloom Beach messages
Dot Dead Gorgeous diaries Student files
Sweet 1600 Q & A
Power Ghouls news articles
Art Class notebooks

Non-doll logs

There are two cases of "doll" logs that have not been published with any doll. The first case is that of the Friends plushie sets, of which each comes with a profile for the included pet printed on the back of the box. Unlike the students' profiles, this is the only place those profiles are published. The second case is that of the Facebook profiles, which are small profiles found on the Monster High Facebook account. They only cover up to the characters introduced by Mid 2011.

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